Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 777

This is…?

Candice had a bad premonition when she saw the situation.

“Dad, Uncle… Uncle Jonathan. What’s happening?” Candice asked as she musked up her courage.

But to her surprise, right after she spoke, an adjutant of Jonathan switched on the TV that was moved out.

Afterward, the party scene at the Oceanic Estate appeared on the screen. The scene where a silhouette had sneaked into the kitchen and put something into the soup that was on the stove, was played clearly.

“Uncle Jonathan!”

Connor was a wimp. When he saw this, he quickly kneeled in front of Old Mr. Jadeson. He was so fast that Candice couldn’t even catch him.

Upon seeing this, Jonathan clenched his teeth with rage!

“How dare you guys! I spent all my efforts resolving your conflicts. But even in my territory, you guys tried to harm my grandson.”

“No…No, Uncle Jonathan. That day we… we thought you were not going to help us. We were afraid that he was going to attack us. We weren’t in our right mind when we thought of the idea.”

“Uncle Jonathan, we didn’t do it on purpose. We didn’t want his life either. We only wanted to punish him a little so that he won’t touch us anymore.”

In order for Old Mr. Jadeson to let go of him, this man even said such words at the end.

Sadly, that was the truth.

That day, the poison they put in the soup was not to kill Sebastian. Instead, it was for him not to cause any more chaos.

They wouldn’t dare to take his life at Oceanic Estate.

However, Old Mr. Jadeson suddenly laughed upon hearing him.

“Punishment? You mean this?” He threw something over.

Connor froze in his tracks and looked in that direction. After a while, when he finally saw what the thing was, he yelled uncontrollably, “No… this was not the thing I gave. It’s not!”

Screaming with all his might, it sounded like a ghost’s scream had filled the entire Jade Court.

Candice was stunned too.

She was the mastermind so she knew clearly that this was not her intention.

But why did the poison turn into this? Also, if he were really poisoned by our drug, it would have taken effect on the day itself instead of three days. So what is the truth behind this?

The woman was still shocked at the turn of events. When she finally thought of a possibility, her face turned pale and she trembled all over.

This lunatic!

“I’ve told you. We, the Jadesons, were in the military for generations. We will not ask for your contributions to the country, but you should never ever have done something illegal. But you two dare to touch something like this? Who gave you the guts to do that!”

The whole Jade Court buzzed with the roar of his anger.

Upon seeing this situation, Candice couldn’t care less about saving herself and kneeled. “Uncle Jonathan, it was our fault. But we would never touch this. Please believe us.”

“Believe you?” Jonathan sneered.

He waved his hands, and two of his guards came in swiftly. And together with them, was a man who was detained by them.

That person fell onto the ground lifelessly after seeing Connor.

“You’ve seen it? Have you seen him?”


“Let me tell you. Devin and the others couldn’t find any lead even after spending half a year risking their lives on the investigation. This is the latest model, even those people couldn’t get their hand on it yet. What is he trying to do? Huh? You b*stard!”

Jonathan growled furiously, he then drew his gun out and fired a shot at each of Connor’s arms.


The Jade court was once again filled with horrifying cries.

But this time it was Connor!

Candice was dumbfounded. Never had she ever thought that her younger brother would hide such a big secret from her.

This b*stard.

Candice trembled all over. She didn’t beg for forgiveness; instead, her body went limp and slumped on the ground.

Indeed, nothing could be more heartbreaking than this.

Devin was part of the Jadesons. His main duty in the military was to lead the elite troops in arresting criminals who were disrupting the orders of the country. They fought with their lives and there was always a risk that they may not even make it home every time they went on a mission.

But Connor?

He was also a Jadeson, but he became the most unforgivable criminal for his gain.

In the end, both Connor and Candice were brought away together with Jocelyn, the accomplice. Since then, Jared’s side was left with no one besides the two young sons who only knew how to live lavishly.

Sebastian woke up that night.

The hospital gave him medication but because it was a new drug, the effect was not as strong. Thus, it took some time before he woke up.

But it clearly didn’t affect the fact that someone gave him a slap right away!

“What are you doing?”

Instantly, having just awakened, a hint of darkness rose in the pair of cloudy eyes.

However, this person had no fear.

She walked over and looked down at him expressionlessly. “I’m waking you and myself up. Sebastian, am I masochistic? Why am I spending my efforts on someone who doesn’t want to live?”

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