Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 778

“Then you can get lost now!”

Sebastian finally found out about her true color; his handsome face turned cold as he roared wrathfully.

Sasha nodded her head and said, “Yeah, I’m about to get out. I waited here just to tell you one thing. Sebastian, I hope you’ll still be alive the next time when I come here.”

With that, she turned and left.

Sebastian was beyond exasperated as he tossed the overbed table to the floor.

“Macy West, don’t you come back then!”

Even though Sasha had walked far from the ward, she could still hear his roar. She twitched her lip, displaying a bitter smile on her pale little face.

Yes, I won’t come back. Not for a while.

Walking out of the hospital, she spotted Karl waiting outside in his car.

“Madam, have you told him everything?”

“Yes,” Sasha replied with a grim look before getting into the car.

Having noticed that, Karl did not ask further questions. He started the car and left. Back at Karl’s newly rented apartment, Sasha dragged her packed luggage out.

“Madam, how long will you be leaving this time?”

“At least three months, perhaps. I have to take out some of the screws in my body. I reckon it will take this much time for my face to recover fully.”

Sasha replied while she held up Vivian who had already finished packing as well.

When Vivian heard that Sasha would repair her face, she clapped inside the latter’s embrace.

“Yay, I’ll be able to see beautiful Mommy again! Mommy, please become prettier than before.” Vivian looked at Sasha’s face seriously while uttering in a childish voice.

Sasha let out a smile while rubbing Vivian’s little nose.

Karl was delighted. After all, it was good news that his madam would regain her beauty.

But, if she’s not here, what will happen to Mr. Hayes? Even though Jared’s family may not be able to stir up any more trouble after getting defeated by Mr. Hayes, no one can guarantee that there’ll be no other crisis.

After hesitating, Karl cast another question before Sasha left the house. “Then… what should we do with Mr. Hayes when you’re away?”

“What do you mean? His behavior was completely unacceptable! Let him clear his mind and repent his own mistake. So many people had sacrificed to save him. Some even threw away their lives for him. He should appreciate his life more.”

Sasha was still enraged when they talked about this matter.

That was exactly why she had decided to leave this place so abruptly.

She was truly scared as she never thought this man would fall into such a state of madness after his disorder.

Last time it was Heron Hill, and now it happened again at Oceanic Estate. Why couldn’t he just live in peace? Did he not realize how difficult it is to have his life back?

Sasha got overwhelmed with frustration.

Upon seeing that, Karl quickly comforted her. “You’re right, Madam. I agree with you. He has crossed the line this time. Even till now, I cannot figure where he got those drugs from?”

“Even you don’t know?” Sasha’s expression turned grim instantly.

Karl nodded, as he truly had no idea.

Not to mention, what scared him the most was that Sebastian knew those stuff came from Connor.

Connor was one of the Jadesons; yet, Devin failed to discover that after investigating for so long.

How did he know about it then?

Plus, even till now, he failed to figure out how Charles got killed in the detention chamber.

“There is only one possibility!”


“He has someone outside.”

Startled in bewilderment, Sasha’s eyes flashed with fury.

Karl was left speechless as well, unable to speak for a few seconds.

“He’s either pretending to be insane, or he has someone who helps him from the outside. Maybe it’s Calvin who is still missing or even his current personality that consists of all the plans for revenge. These plans include all the material supplies from the previous character, such as his original fund account.”

Sasha was analyzing again.

As she mentioned the first possibility, the thought of it made her so infuriated till her fingers squeezed her luggage handle forcefully.

Upon seeing that, Karl immediately denied the possibility.

“The first hypothesis is impossible. If he is faking it, he would have discovered you based on how well he knew you. Then he would have never let you stay in such a dangerous place like Oceanic Estate.”

“What do you mean?”

Sasha could not wrap her head around it for a brief moment.

Karl explained again in detail, “Mr. Hayes will never put you in danger. Do you remember how he insisted on divorcing you by all mean?”

Sasha froze on the spot.

Finally, there was nothing she could say.

Yes. In order to stop me from getting involved in the war with the Jadesons, he tried so hard to keep his distance from me.

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