Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 779

Although he always loathes me and speaks ill of me every now and then at Oceanic Estate, he has never chased me out. He even took the liberty of bringing in my daughter.

Sasha was overwhelmed with disappointment.

“If so, then conduct a thorough investigation into his funding account. By the way, if you’re worried, you can ask Sabrina to take care of him.”

“Ms. Sabrina?” Karl was stunned momentarily.

Sasha nodded.

“Yes. Since he is addicted to drugs, Jonathan will force him to rehab. No one would be able to reach him during this period, so you don’t need to worry. But if you really can’t stop worrying, we can let Sabrina stay with him when she comes over.”

Sasha explained the whole situation to Karl patiently.

Not to mention, this was also the reason why she decided to recover her face in such a hurry.

As Karl finally comprehended the situation, his worry faded right away, and he left with his luggage.

If I want Sabrina to come over, I’ll just need to ask the favor from Devin.

With that, Sasha left with her child.

Two days later, Sabrina arrived at Jadeborough.

As usual, she was dressed stylishly in a one-shoulder top, displaying her fair and beautiful collarbone, with a short black leather skirt below. Along with her gothic makeup, her wild sexiness caught massive attention from people around her.

It caught Devin’s attention as well.

He furrowed his brows with slight displeasure upon seeing her overdone makeup and her excessive pieces of metal jewelry.

“Devin, you’re here!”

Sabrina was beyond excited to see him as she waved at him among the crowd and shouted.

Devin was rendered speechless by that.

As he tried hard to suppress his embarrassment, he walked over and asked, “How’s the journey? Is everything okay?”

Letting out a smile, Sabrina tossed her luggage to Devin. “Not bad. But Solomon didn’t want to let me go. I actually sneaked out while he was not around.”

Devin gulped in response.

Naturally, Devin, who grew up in a traditional and strict family, was not particularly impressed by Sabrina’s unrestrained behavior.

He felt a lady should be more well-behaved and disciplined.

Yet, she was everything he thought a lady should not be.

As Devin noticed Sabrina was about to hug his arm, he deliberately walked faster

“Hurry up. Let’s go see your brother.”

A dark expression loomed over Sabrina’s face as she stared at the man in front of her who was walking away coldly.

After so many years, he still keeps his distance from me!

Helplessly, she caught up with his pace, and both of them headed to the city center of Jadeborough.

“By the way, how’s Sebastian? Why does he get addicted to drugs suddenly? Is he all right now?”

Sabrina asked her first question abruptly while they were on the road.

She still cared about her brother after all.

Devin furrowed his brows. “He was set up by others, and his condition is not so promising. His mood has been terrible these two days. Plus, his addiction is getting out of hand. Thus, almost no one dares to enter his room now.”


At that moment, Sabrina’s expression changed totally.

Is it that serious?

Her eyes filled with exasperation instantly. “How does your grandfather take care of him? If he doesn’t care, why does he want to keep Sebastian? I can take care of him myself!”

She sounded extremely arrogant as usual.

Upon hearing that, Devin lifted his head and glanced into the rearview mirror.

That was indeed the only thing that he admired of her. Regardless of how arrogant and proud she was, she had never forgotten that she was one of the Hayes.

She was a responsible woman and she always wanted to protect her loved ones.

Devin swiftly cleared his thought. “It was only an accident. Grandpa treated him quite well.”


Sabrina found it hard to believe.

However, she did not further push on the subject as she took out her phone.

Sasha texted: Are you there already?

Utterly pissed, Sabrina texted back: Yes!

By that time, Sasha was getting ready for her facial recovery surgery in Jetroina. Seeing Sabrina’s reply, she could imagine the latter’s foul mood.

With that, she let out a smile.

Sasha texted again: What’s wrong? Are you not happy that I arranged your crush to fetch you?

Feeling utterly offended, Sabrina replied: Bullsh*t! Who tells you that he’s my crush? He’s been kicked out of my list. He’s nobody to me now!

Sasha was rendered speechless as she thought in her heart.

How could this woman change her heart so quickly?

The doctor came in just when Sasha wanted to text again to ask about Sebastian.

“Nancy, I’ve checked the scar on your face. Even though it got a little inflamed under the mask, it won’t affect the recovery.”

A clean-looking gentleman walked in and displayed a faint smile.

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