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Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 327

Chapter 327 She Is Just Tricking You
In the evening, extremely bright lightning flashed across the horizon.
The rainstorm suddenly poured down!
Jamie knelt in the rain, his face blurry and pale.
It had been seven hours since he knelt down.
The heavy rain that poured down from the sky did not ease him in the slightest. Instead,
he felt dizzy and uncomfortable, and his breathing seemed to be blocked.
Every time Jamie took a breath, water would choke into his trachea,
Jamie shook his shoulders and kept coughing in the rain. He coughed more and more
As he breathed, the water from the rain once again choked into his trachea repeatedly.
Finally, a large mouthful of fresh blood was choked out from Jamie’s mouth.
After being sprayed on the ground, it was immediately washed away by the rain.
The remaining blood on Jamie’s lips dyed his pale white lips a strange red, which was
particularly dazzling.
“Mr. McBride!”
Jack suddenly threw the umbrella in his hand to the ground. He hugged the tottering
Jamie tightly and cried.
“Mr. McBride, please… Let the doctor see if you are okay…”
Jack tried his best to persuade Jamie.
Jack was once a tramp that Jamie had saved abroad.
Before meeting Jamie, Jack had been living a hellish life. Jack was beaten up and
treated like a dog every day.
Until that day…
A pair of bright leather shoes kicked over the hooligan who was riding on Jack’s back
and constantly beating him up.
At that time, Jack was crushed to the ground and couldn’t even raise his head.
It was Jamie who stretched out a hand and asked Jack, “Do you want to follow me?”
On that day, Jack’s new life began.
Jamie taught Jack boxing and self–defense. They fought abroad together.
Jack swore in his heart that he would be loyal to Jamie for the rest of his life.
Jamie’s dazed mind was awakened by Jack.
Jamie raised his hand to push Jack away. Jamie seemed to have fallen into a trance as
he mumbled to himself.
“Ellen said… As long as she is satisfied, she will give me a chance…”
This was the only thing Jamie remembered right now.
At this moment, his throat seemed to contain a lot of glass shards. As he spoke, blood
kept flowing from the corner of his
Even the breathing that humans relied on to survive became torture for Jamie.
Every time Jamie breathed in, it was like piercing vines into his throat.
His heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidney all hurt.
The dense pain made him feel that even death might not be so uncomfortable.
“Mr. McBride! She is tricking you! Can you be sober?”
“That’s impossible!” Jamie suddenly growled, his voice hoarse and pale.
“Ellen won’t trick me. She will not break her promise…”
The rain was getting heavier and heavier.
The pouring rain seemed to pierce through them, seeping into the ground and burying
Jack looked at Jamie’s stiff and pale face and trembling body.
Jack could not endure it, and his heart ached.
With the fever and the coldness overlapping, even a strong person couldn’t be
tormented like this.
Moreover, the doctor said that with Jamie’s current condition, he would spasm at any
time, and he might suddenly die,
Maybe Jack could knock out Jamie and send him to the hospital…
However, Jack had followed Jamie for eight years and understood his stubborn
character too well.
If Jack really did that…
It didn’t matter if Jack would be punished by Jamie, but Jamie was likely to regret it for
the rest of his life.
Because of understanding, Jack could not go against Jamie’s wishes.
Back then, without Jamie’s excessively stubborn personality, things would be different.
Things between Jamie and Ellen would not be so complicated. They might easily get
back together.
Jamie had clearly done a lot for Ellen, and he clearly did not want to part with Ellen.
However, what he did was contrary to his wishes.
Jack wiped away a handful of warm tears, flung his hand, and turned to leave.
He definitely could not let Jamie do this and lose his life.

At the top floor of the exhibition.
After Ellen finished her massage in the room, she fell asleep comfortably.
When Ellen woke up, Ellen found that Yvette had asked the housekeeper to leave Ellen
a message. Belle felt a little
uncomfortable, so Yvette went back to take a look.
Ellen pulled open the curtains. There was a heavy storm outside, and everything was
Ellen looked at the time. She had slept for four hours.
The faint pain in her stomach reminded her that she had not taken the medicine at night.
She rubbed her eyebrows, found her handbag, and accidentally dropped it on the
Five or six bottles of different medicines rolled out from the inside.
Ellen looked at the empty bag and the bottles on the ground. She was stunned.
In other women’s bags were makeup products, accessories, and some good things that
they liked to use.
And her bag was always full of medicine bottles..
Back then, she had accepted the latest stomach removal and medical treatment.
This was a new treatment. The effects of clinical trials were unknown. Many of the same
batches of experimenters had died within three months.
Only Ellen had luckily survived and been alive for the five years of high risk.
However, this did not mean that she had recovered completely. For the rest of her life,
she would have to be with these different medicines.
Moreover, she had to endure the side effects of these drugs.
Apart from the constant panic and vomiting, the most important thing was that she did
not have any sense of taste.
Everything Ellen ate was tasteless, but she had to pretend to enjoy the food so that she
would look like a normal person.
The discomfort in her body reminded her to take the medicine quickly.
Ellen poured out the pill and swallowed it mechanically without drinking water.
The hard pills cut through her throat with the pain.
This pain made Ellen feel much better.
After she lost her taste and suffered from all kinds of physiological side effects, she lived
like a walking dead.
However, the pain kept reminding her that she was still alive, living like a person…
It was also telling her that she could not give up.
After all, her enemy was still alive. How could she die alone?
She wanted to live well.
She wanted to see how the person who led her into misery got punished.
After a moment…
Ellen took the elevator directly to the underground garage.
After getting in the car, she fastened her seat belt and went out of the basement.
Just as she reached the ground, a figure suddenly rushed out and pounced on Ellen’s
red sports car engine.
The rapid braking sound was particularly ear–piercing.
Fortunately, the speed of the car was not fast.
But even so, the car still slid for a while against the black figure.
The car suddenly stopped.
The person in front of the car was also thrown to the ground.

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