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Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 328

Chapter 328 I Will Attend His Funeral
Ellen hurriedly got out of the car and was slightly stunned when she saw the person on
the ground. It was Jack.
She was just about to call the hospital when she saw Jack limping over.
“Ms. Robbins, I’m fine.”
Ellen saw that there was no obvious blood on his body, but his legs were slightly lame..
Maybe the rain had made a buffer so that he did not fall so seriously.
Ellen narrowed her eyes slightly and said coldly, “You should go to the hospital and have
a check. I will call the police now to make a record so that there will be no more
problems in the follow–up.”
“Ms. Robbins!”
Jack suddenly knelt down with a bang.
“Ms. Robbins, I’m really fine. I came here to ask you to visit Mr. McBride.”
Ellen looked at Jack indifferently and did not say anything.
Jack’s eyes were red, and he swallowed, “Ms. Robbins, Mr. McBride has been kneeling
for eight hours. He almost had a heat stroke at noon and was washed by the heavy rain
now. He just vomited a lot of blood. It seems that he will lose consciousness
Jack wanted Ellen to go over. Of course, he had to say something miserable.
However, Jack did not lie. If Jamie kept waiting like this, he might really faint.
“Does it have anything to do with me?” Ellen said lightly.
Jack’s face froze.
The rest of the words were stuck in his throat, unable to be said.
After a while, Jack said, “Ms. Robbins, Mr. McBride knelt there because of your words.”
Ellen sneered, “Is he a dog? Why is he so obedient?”
Jack was stunned.
“Ms. Robbins, do you know how Mr. McBride is in the five years?”
Jack said in pain, “In addition to work, Mr. McBride goes back to accompany the ‘you‘ at
home on time. He also stays with her for a long time and has been infected with
breathing for a long time. Therefore, he suffers from serious pneumonia. From time to
time, he will cough up blood and can’t breathe. In the past five years, I have advised him
countless times, but he is unwilling to go to the hospital for treatment. He is punishing
himself every day.”
Thinking of Jamie’s life in the past five years, Jack couldn’t stop crying even if he was a
cold person.
Jack had never seen anyone who tortured himself for fun, as if only those discomfort and
pain could make Jamie live.
“Ms. Robbins, I am not begging you to forgive him, but right now, only you can save Mr.
Jack knocked his head against the ground.
When he looked up again, his forehead was covered in blood.
He cried, “Ms. Robbins, Mr. McBride has been living a life worse than death all these
years. I beg you to show mercy, give him
a chance, and save him.”
“A chance?”
Ellen had a mocking smile on her face and said coldly.
“Let me ask you. Will you give the person who forced your father to die a chance?
“Will you give the person a chance who destroyed your family?
“Will you give the person a chance who pushed you to hell a chance?”
It was just a few simple questions, but each word was enough to show her misery.
Even Jack could not refute it.
He had always been a bystander to what happened to Ellen all those years ago.
Jack could clearly see Jamie’s tangled and unbearable feelings, but as the person
involved, Ellen only felt endless despair.
Jack was unable to persuade her and could only beg, “Ms. Robbins, I beg you. He might
Ellen felt that it was a little funny. “Well, my family has died.”
These words made Jack choke.
Although Jamie did not kill Ellen’s family with his own hands, in the end, Chris and
Bailee’s endings greatly related to his step–by–step pressure.
However, no one expected that Chris would choose to commit such an extreme act as
Jamie’s father in the past.
“In this world, everyone is equal. Everyone’s life matters and everyone has to pay the
price for what he has done wrong!”
After Ellen finished speaking, she pulled out the door and got into the car.
The car window was lowered. She looked down at Jack and said coldly.
“Jack, you have no idea about my misery. Back then, you chose to be silent and watch
coldly. Now, please keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite
next time when you do these irrational things.”
When she was about to leave, Ellen suddenly remembered to send a message to Jamie.
“Jack, pass a message to Mr. McBride for me. If he dies, I will attend his funeral.”
After that, the lights of the red sports car lit up.
Jack did not dare to block the car anymore and moved sideways to avoid it. He watched
as the red taillights ran further and
further away.
He returned to the square.
In the rain, Jamie knelt even straighter than a statue,
When Jack approached, Jack saw Jamie’s thumb digging deep into the wound on
Jamie’s leg.
The flesh there had already been washed pale by the. If not for the blood still seeping
out, it would look like soaked dead meat.
Jamie was obviously unable to distinguish right from wrong. His lips kept squirming, but
he could not make a sound.
Jack imitated the shape of Jamie’s lips and pieced together a word.
Jack could no longer bear it. He knelt on the ground and cried loudly.
“Mr. McBride, I’m sorry. I didn’t find Ms. Robbins.”
Jack lied.
Jack was not sure if Jamie could not hold on with his current physical strength after
hearing the truth.
“It’s not that you didn’t find her…”
Jamie’s lips moved as he struggled to speak.
He had trained Jack
Since Ellen had already appeared, it was impossible for Jack to not find her.
However, this was the first time Jack had lied to Jamie. However, Jamie did not want to
punish Jack.
He curled his lips and revealed a smile that was uglier than crying.
“She didn’t want to come,
Jack lowered his head in shame and said, “Mr. McBride, I’m sorry. I can’t persuade Ms.
“What did she say?”
Jamie’s thin lips moved, and fresh blood came out.
As if he could not feel the pain, Jamie continued in an extremely weak voice.
“Don’t lie to me. I am not that weak. I want to hear what she said to me…”
Jack only dared to lie once. He did not dare to lie a second time.
He repeated what Ellen said in full detail.
Ellen’s endless hatred could be heard from Jack’s plain description of the forceful
Back then, although it was Fiona who had stolen the contract and handed it over…
Jamie kept the contract out of selfishness.
If Jamie had followed Ellen’s wishes and destroyed the contract at that time, perhaps
Chris would not end up so miserably.
But at that time, Jamie had no other choice.
Other than coercion and bribery, he could not think of any other way to make Ellen
obedient and stay by his side.
The dangerous life abroad had long made Jamie forget how to love someone.
He could not express his love, nor could he learn to love someone.
He could only use the most time–saving method to force her to stay by his side.
It turned out that all of this was wrong.
The raindrops fell on Jamie’s face, body, and hands. A bone–piercing cold invaded his
If what he did was wrong, then what was right?
After his parents passed away with hatred, no one in this world taught him about right or
Jamie’s eyelashes were wet from the rain. He asked in a hoarse voice, “Is that all?”
Jack stammered, not daring to look Jamie in the eye.
However, facing that sharp gaze, Jack had to say in a low voice.
“Ms. Robbins said that if you die, she will attend your funeral.”
This strong hatred could be felt through the rain.
Jamie began to cough up blood again. Blood came out of his lungs and dyed his shirt
red from the corner of his mouth.
Then, Jamie suddenly began to convulse all over.
He had been kneeling straight. Now he fell down suddenly like a landslide.
“Mr. McBride!”
Jack was terrified and caught Jamie in time.
Jamie was nearly 6.5 feet tall, and his body was heavier than before.
Jack carried Jamie’s heavy body on his shoulder, stuffing Jamie into the car in a flurry.
They arrived at the hospital.
The doctor looked at Jamie, whose face was extremely pale. The doctor said nervously,
“Hurry up and send him to the emergency room!”
Inside the operating room…
Jamie was lying on the operating table, twitching unconsciously. A pool of blood flowed
out of the corner of his mouth, which was shocking.
The clinical doctor diagnosed, “The patient is coughing up blood, twitching. His lower
limbs are swollen, and he couldn’t breathe.
“Consider it as the heart failure caused by the patient’s previous lung disease.
“Get the family members to sign the critical illness notice and prepare for rescue.”
At this time, the assistant nurse at the side exclaimed.
“The patient is in shock!”
The next second…
A long beep came.
Next to the hospital bed, the connected instrument made a cold, ear–piercing noise

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