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Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 329

Chapter 329 Don’t Call Me Until He Dies!
Jack, who was standing outside the door, was stunned to hear the nurse’s words.
Jamie didn’t care about his health, but Jack had never heard of any other problems with
him other than pneumonia.
He never thought that Jamie would be at death’s door because of Ellen’s words.
He asked the nurse in a trance.
“I am his assistant. Can I sign this on his behalf?”
The nurse said seriously, “The signature has a legal effect, so it’s best to tell his family to
sign it.”
“Mr. McBride has no family.”
“He’s not married?” the nurse asked.
Jack shook his head.
“Where are his parents?”
“They passed away.”
The nurse frowned, without expecting the attractive man to have no family.
Jamie was good–looking and did not look like he could not find a wife.
The nurse wondered why he didn’t get married and have children.
The nurse handed the notice to Jack and said, “He can’t be left alone in this situation.
Sign it first and see if he has any relatives
or friends who will come. You’d better inform all of them.”
After all, heart failure was a sudden disease, and no one could predict the
The nurse just wanted to remind Jack in case of any regrets.
The door of the operating room was closed again.
Jack held the critically ill notice in panic, his heart beating fast.
He thought of someone who needed to be there.
He quickly picked up his phone and dialed a number.
In Lakeside Apartment.
Ellen took a shower, casually wrapped herself in a bathrobe, and walked barefoot on the
On the windowsill, there was a bottle of red wine she had just opened.
She poured some wine into the glass and looked at the colorful neon lights not far away
through the glass.
This was a prosperous city.
It was a stark contrast to her terrible life.
She took a sip of the red wine and then drank it all in one gulp.
She couldn’t taste it but felt a little drunk
She liked to be in a relaxed environment. In that case, she wouldn’t be clear–headed.
If she was lucky, she would even have the illusion of her parents being alive and living
happily with her.
Without these memories, she did not know if she would be able to survive now.
At the height of the apartment, she would feel dizzy when standing by the window and
looking down.
This was the height where Chris jumped down.
Every night she came back, Ellen would stand there to remind herself.
She had to remember her motivation for being alive.
In fact, she might be lucky to die like that back then.
It might not be a good thing for her to survive until now.
Those experiences exhausted her like a heavy burden….
Ellen stood on the window, lost in thought. Her phone suddenly vibrated.
She picked it up and found that it was an unfamiliar number.
“Ms. Robbins, can you come to the hospital? Mr. McBride was given a critically ill notice.”
Jack’s flustered voice came over the phone.
Ellen’s corners of her mouth were raised as she asked, “Isn’t it a death notice?”
Jack was in a daze because of Jamie’s sudden breakdown. He was stunned for a
moment and said hoarsely, “No, he is critically illl…”
Ellen did not want to continue listening and added, “What a pity!”
She wished it could be a death notice.
She poured some red wine and shook the glass. She had thought that she could find an
excuse to reward herself with the wine.
Jack thought about her words.
He finally realized what Ellen meant after a while.
In an instant, his face sharpened.
He couldn’t beg Ellen.
But he was sympathetic and felt that it was unfair to Jamie.
“Ms. Robbins, you might not want to hear what I said, but no matter what, Mr. McBride
kneeled in the rain for eight hours and suffered heart failure because of your words. You
should come to take a look at him, shouldn’t you?
“Moreover, he knew that he was wrong and regretted it very much. How could you be so
heartless to someone who was on the brink of death…”
“Jack, if I had known that Jamie would do what I said, I wouldn’t have let him kneel.”
Ellen could not help but laugh.
Despite Ellen’s weird laugh, Jack felt that she softened her tone and said,
“Ms. Robbins, I’m not blaming you. It’s just that Mr. McBride is currently in a terrible
situation, but he has no family with no
one signing his first–aid consent. I know that the person he wants to see most is you.‘
Ellen’s lips curled into a smile. “Jack, you misunderstood what I meant. I mean…”
She paused and said unconcernedly.
“If I had known that he would listen to me, I would have asked him to die. For someone
like him who should go to hell, death
is the best for him.”
Jack did not expect Ellen to say this.
She hated Jamie so much that she wanted him to die.
Ellen continued, “Jack, if your sister suffered all this, would you ask her to forgive him?
Would you think that she’s heartless by saying those words?”
Jack didn’t know what to say.
Ellen was right. He just pitied Jamie as an outsider.
But if these things happened to someone close to him, Jack might only want to kill Jamie
and wouldn’t forgive him at all.
Ellen was tired of hearing these unpleasant messages.
She said impatiently, “Next time if you say something I don’t want to hear, don’t say it.
What I like to hear most is the news of Jamie’s death!”
She was indifferent.
After saying that, Ellen hung up directly.
She couldn’t help but burst out laughing.
She wondered what was wrong with the world.
Jamie made her suffer so much and caused the Robbins Group to go bankrupt.,
Because of him, her father jumped from a building with hatred, and her mother died of
depression. He even humiliated her
several times.
She couldn’t understand why he could say that it was just a misunderstanding and use it
as an excuse to hurt others.
In her mind, he was an extremely terrible man!
He regretted doing those things and didn’t live well, but that couldn’t be the reason why
she should forgive him.
If she did not forgive him, would that mean she was heartless and vicious?
But had anyone thought about what she had suffered?
Ellen smiled bitterly, her heart aching, but her face was expressionless.
Even if she was sad, she wouldn’t shed tears.
Because of her despair towards human nature, and lack of love, she couldn’t love others
or accept their love.
It was all because of Jamie.
He shattered all of her beautiful dreams.
Only the pain was left with her for life.
Therefore, no one was qualified to ask her to forgive the demon who made her live in
misery step by step.
Alcohol gave Ellen a splitting headache.
At this time, her phone rang again.
She closed her eyes and picked it up, saying angrily, “How many more times do you
want me to say it? Don’t call me until he
“What’s wrong, Ellen?”
A clear voice came over the phone.
Ellen was stunned for a moment and replied before she calmed down, “Well, nothing.”
The caller fell silent and did not continue to ask
“I’ve booked a flight back home next week”
“Are you coming back?” Ellen calmed herself down and asked in surprise.
“Yes, don’t you want me to go back?”
The man sounded a little disappointed.
Ellen quickly said, “Yes, I was just a little surprised.”
“Ellen, I’ll go back, anyway. I won’t let you fight alone.”
“Kenyon, I…”
Kenyon had made up his mind. He interrupted Ellen and directly said, “Let’s talk about it
when I get back.”
Ellen felt that she had no right to decide where Kenyon should stay.
She said, “Okay, I will wait for you to come back.”
“Bobby will also go back with me.”
The name was like Pandora’s box, which was suddenly opened.
Ellen suddenly felt an intense headache, and her forehead was covered with sweat.
Kenyon explained, “The doctor suggested that Bobby return to a familiar environment
and relax. It’ll help treat his illness.”

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