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Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 330

Chapter 330 Someone Else’s Fiancé
“Okay,” Ellen held her forehead in pain and replied.
Her voice was obviously much deeper than before.
“Ellen, do you want to hear Bobby’s voice?” Kenyon asked.
Ellen couldn’t speak as if someone had seized her throat, and her heart ached.
After a long time, she said in a heartless and cold voice, “No.”
She hung up directly.
Her eyes were cold and empty.
Soon, she felt something cold on her face.
She failed to conceal her emotions at this moment.
She never thought that there would come a day.
She would love and also hate a child…
She curled up and put her head on the ground, crying helplessly.
She didn’t make a sound, but she was heartbroken.

After the video of Yazmin and Aylin fighting each other was released that day, as
expected, it became the top trending topic for a few days.
After all, what was involved was breaking news.
All the old men Aylin used to be with were exposed, who were all married.
In particular, some of them were simply immoral, which disgusted the fans a lot.
Almost all of Aylin’s fans chose to unfollow her overnight.
All the brands she cooperated with also announced to cancel their contracts with her.
What faced her was not only a life of being scolded by others but also a huge sum of
All the money she earned wasn’t even enough.
The following news was that Aylin’s husband, the president of Freshness Entertainment,
was detained for attempting to molest a woman.
In this way, the situation was completely reversed.
Some of the fans who blindly criticized Belle’s kindergarten were detained
administratively or posted an apology on the
This also made Yvette and her studio a trending topic.
Many big companies tried to contact her for cooperation, and for a time, her studio was
overwhelmed by orders.
Some regular customers of Tide Studio also turned to Lunare which focused more on the
national style.
As the director of Tide Studio, Yazmin was greatly affected by the scandal this time.
Although she had found a loophole to prove that she was not directly involved in
Pearce’s sexual assault, it still caused the
share prices of Tide Studio to hit a limit.
The studio even declared that night that Yazmin was no longer part of the board of
directors, but they were still unable to get
back their customers.
It was known that custom–made high–end clothes were mostly needed by famous stars,
wealthy ladies, and CEOs. They
advocated the national style, which would help them gain more benefits.
After all, America was becoming more powerful, and the American people didn’t want
influential figures to admire foreign
The slogan of Lunarc was to make the American style popular in the world.
Yvette had been very busy these past two days. Fortunately, Susana was in the studio.
She was very good at designing and management and helped Yvette a lot.
Belle was frightened that day and would sometimes cry at night.
Yvette accompanied her for two nights and got dark circles in the morning.
Kamila asked her to rest for a while, but it was rare that she could rest today, so she
promised to take Belle to the amusement park
Belle was very excited and began to choose clothes early in the morning.
She took out a stack of princess dresses and compared them, asking Kamila which one
was the most beautiful.
Kamila picked a red one for her. With a small cape and hood, Belle looked as cute as
Little Red Riding Hood.
Kamila teased, “Are you so happy about going to the amusement park?”
“Because I can see the person I want to see.”
Kamila asked, “Who is the person you want to see?”
Belle said in a sweet voice, “Daddy Lance, he promised me last time that he would go to
the amusement park with me.”
Kamila was surprised.
She didn’t know Yvette had invited Lance.
She touched Belle’s hood and said, “Belle, you play with the doll first. I’ll go and see if
your mom is ready.”
She then went to another room.
Kamila told Yvette what Belle had just said.
Yvette was also stunned.
She remembered that Belle and Lance had made an appointment when saying goodbye
last time.
But Belle was young and did not know that she should make an appointment with adults
in advance. She just thought that as long as she went to the amusement park, she would
go with Lance.
This put Yvette in a difficult position.
After all, Lance might not be free.
Moreover, she did not want to go to the amusement park with her ex–husband, feeling it
was a little strange.
Yvette knocked on the door and tried to talk to Belle.
“Belle, only the two of us will go to the amusement park today. What do you think?”
Belle’s expectant face instantly looked frustrated.
She was much more sensitive than other children.
Therefore, her first reaction was to think that Lance did not want to take her to the
amusement park
She turned down the corners of her little mouth and was about to cry, but she held back
her tears.
Then, she nodded gloomily.
She didn’t blame Yvette. It was just that Lance had promised to go with her..
She was just a child and couldn’t hide her disappointment.
She took off the red cloak she had picked excitedly and walked to the corner with the
rabbit doll in her arms.
Soon, Kamila noticed that her shoulders were twitching.
Yvette also saw it and felt a little sad.
She knew Belle must be thinking too much.
Kamila could not bear it and asked Yvette, “Why don’t you call Mr. Wolseley and ask
Yvette did not know if it would work, so she tried to make a phone call.
The phone rang for a long time, but nobody answered.
Yvette had wanted to give up, but thinking of Belle’s disappointed expression, she called
The call was finally answered after a few beeps.
Yvette suddenly felt a little nervous, and her heart shot upwards into her throat.
“Hello, I want to ask if you have time…”
Before she could finish speaking, a female voice sounded over the phone.
“Sorry, Lance is in a meeting.”
Yvette was stunned, and the woman asked, “Is that Ms. Thiel?”
Yvette said yes.
“I am Juliette. We met last time.”
Yvette remembered her and was in no mood to chat with her, saying lightly, “Since he is
busy, I will hang up first.”
But Juliette had no intention to hang up.
She chuckled, “Ms. Thiel, I remember you said last time you didn’t like Lance.
“Since that’s the case, shouldn’t you ask your male friends about some private matters?
“After all, it’s inappropriate to call someone else’s fiancé. Don’t you think so?”

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