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Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 331

Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 331
Observing the man in bandages looking pale, Dorothy hooked her lips and approached
“Mr Quinton, how are you?”
The man, however, did not even look at her. He was still looking out of the window
Dorothy clenched her fist and teeth.
She could not believe Zac was still so arrogant in such a state.
She stepped forward on her high heels and walked to the window. Then, she looked at
him with her beautiful eyes burning with hatred. “Zac, do you have to be like this? I came
to visit you out of kindness, yet is this how you treat me?”

Zac looked at her in disgust and turned his head aside again.
Dorothy was pissed off, and she walked to another side. “Zac, don’t push it!”
He knew what she was talking about, even if he could not hear her.
“I don’t want to see you. Get out.”
He was asking her to get out?
Was he kidding her?
Dorothy did not give up. She stared at him and said, “Zac, aren’t you canceling your
wedding? Where is your wife now that you’re in such a state? Is she dumping you?”
Then, she sneered. “I am a more generous person. If you regret everything now and
want to marry me, I will let bygones be bygones.
“Anyway, we both benefit from this, don’t we?”
Watching her mouth opening and closing, Zac felt for the first time that being deaf was
At least he did not need to hear Dorothy’s disgusting and discordant voice.
Getting no reaction from Zac, Dorothy grabbed his arm and threatened “Zac, no one
would benefit from this if you chose to be so stubborn!”
Zac shoved off her hand and frowned as he said, “You are very noisy, you know?”
Dorothy’s face was ashen as her body trembled in anger. “How dare you say that! I gave
you a chance, yet you refuse to take it. I can’t do anything about it since this is your
“Get out of here then!”
Ever since she became Miss Jameson, everyone treated her with respect.
Only some dared to talk about her behind her back and would never show their faces
before her..
However, Ken, Zac, and John never treated her with respect. They humiliated her by
speaking to her rudely
However, she would never stop!
The men who loved Olivia should not be alive even if Olivia were dead.
She refused to believe that Zac would never yield.
She tried to suppress her anger and sat beside Zac. She touched his face and made him
look at her
“Zac, I know I might have been a little rude just now, but your bride had run away. If you
cancel the wedding now, the Quinton family’s reputation will be affected, and so will
yours. Isn’t that true? If I was your bride, you and the Quinton family wouldn’t need to
worry about your reputation. It’s a win-win
Zac tried to read Dorothy’s lips, but Dorothy spoke so fast that he could only grasp the
gist of it.
He shoved off the woman’s hand in disgust and said, “Dorothy, who told you my bride
ran away?” Dorothy’s smile froze, and she looked at him in disbelief. “You must be
kidding me. You’re already crippled, yet someone who only cares about your money will
stay by your side? If she didn’t run away, why are you alone in this ward?”
“Cares about money? Aren’t you after the Quinton family’s money too?”
Dorothy panicked when Zac saw through her. “What are you talking about? The
marriage of the Jameson family and the Quinton family is a win-win situation. It’s
different from that woman’s situation. Is she better than the Jameson family?”
Zac peered at her and sneered as he said, “I have none of Quinton Group’s shares with
me. You can investigate if you don’t believe me. I’m just a lawyer.”
What? No shares?
Dorothy froze.
That was impossible.

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