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Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 332

Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 332
Zac scoffed upon seeing Dorothy looking at him in disbelief. “It’s impossible for you to
get anything from my dad!”
That was true
Wanting to get benefits from Jimmy was like snatching food from a tiger’s den.
Jimmy only ever wanted to snatch others’ things. He would never give anything away
“So, if you think you can get the Quinton Group’s shares because you are Mrs. Quinton,
you have chosen. the wrong path. Maybe my father will even scam something from the
Jameson family. Just think about it.”
Zac said that deliberately.

If he could provoke the relationship between Jimmy and the Jameson family, he could
watch them fight from afar.
After all, he was now crippled and could not do any things.
Dorothy was still doubtful about what Zac said, thinking he was only trying to brush her
She stood up and glared at him as she mocked. “Olivia had only been dead for four
years, and you are marrying another woman. Aren’t you afraid she will come to you in
the night to seek revenge?”
“She will go looking for you first.”
That left Dorothy with nothing to retort with.
The worst part was Olivia’s spirit did come looking for her.
When she recalled that, she had goosebumps and did not have the mood to argue with
Zac anymore. Then, she left in frustration.
Watching her leave, Zac heaved a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, Dorothy knew nothing about him being deaf.
He could not let the outside world know about his condition, or there would be more
Meanwhile, Dorothy angrily kicked the bin in the corridor when she walked out of the
Who the hell was Zac’s bride?
She must be impressive to be able to make Zac forget that woman!
It hurt her ego and made her want to see who she was.
What concerned her was whether Zac had any of the Quinton Group’s shares. If he had
none, then he was useless
Now it was different from before. She would never get her fantasy of loving any man she
wanted like four years ago.
She wanted status, money, power, and the ability to get out of trouble in the future.
Then, Dorothy hooked her lips and smiled. “Since marrying Zac didn’t work, why don’t I
try his father?”
She had heard rumors that Jimmy was a playboy However, he did not marry any of the
women he kept after his wife died.
Those women were only his playthings. If he liked her status, she would probably be
able to marry Jimmy
and be Zac’s stepmother.
At this thought, her mood brightened.
Elegance Gardens.
Olivia did not know how long she had been asleep, but she had slept soundly.
She sleepily opened her eyes and climbed out of bed, rubbing them and walking
When she walked into the kitchen, she saw Mrs. Simmons cooking.
“Mrs. Simmons, what time is it now?”
Mrs. Simmons turned around and looked at her. “Miss, you are awake.”
Then, she went out and looked at the clock in the living room. “It’s 4 p.m., miss.”
“It’s already so late? Why didn’t you wake me up? Zac hasn’t eaten anything yet.”
Mrs. Simmons quickly appeased her when she saw how anxious Olivia was. “Mr.
Quinton called and told Mr. Lucas to bring him food at noon and even employed a
caretaker. Don’t worry.”
As if afraid Olivia might misunderstand, she explained. “The caretaker is a man.”
Olivia was startled and smiled. “Mrs. Simmons, what are you thinking?”
“I was afraid you might misunderstand. Mr. Quinton is not a playboy.”
Then, Mrs. Simmons sighed. “It’s just that the situation now is serious, and we aren’t
sure when it will get. better. Although Mr. Quinton was kind to me, I…

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