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Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 333

Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 333
Olivia took some food calmly and said, “Of course.”
Mrs. Simmons was startled. “Miss, are you serious? Mr. Quinton’s situation…”
“Do you love Mr. Quinton, or is it just… because you want to return his favor?”
Olivia glanced at her “Is there any difference?”
“Of course there is.”
“Mrs. Simmons, four years ago, when I was the most down and out, he was with me
during my vulnerable moments, even when I was in despair.”

Olivia smiled. “When I was dying in prison, he took the risk to rescue me and send me to
Murica. He gave me a house and helped me open an atelier. He supported my dream
and looked after me.
“Mrs. Simmons, if it was not for him, I would have died four years ago when John locked
me up in the room.”
Her eyes glistened with tears, and she smiled bitterly. “Mrs. Simmons, the man I loved,
decided to give Dorothy, who was perfectly fine, the last bag of blood and leave me to
“It was Zac who donated blood for me, and I survived because of him.”
Olivia felt that love was a joke when she thought of her past.
Love did not matter anyway
John was like a simp, begging her not to marry Zac and asking her to give him a chance.
That was ridiculous.
What was the point of pretending to be affectionate now?
Four years ago, he threw her on the edge of death numerous times and ignored her. Her
life was not what John had rescued more than twenty years ago. He had no right to get a
second chance.
“Mrs. Simmons, since Zac did not give up on me years ago, why would I give up on him
Tears shimmered in Mrs. Simmons’ eyes. She hugged Olivia. “It’s my fault for hiding.
That’s why you suffered so much.”
“Mrs. Simmons, it’s not your fault. I was foolish and fell into their trap a few times.”
It was all because she was reluctant to give up.
She always thought John loved her. Otherwise, she would not have ended up so
After a long time, Mrs Simmons lifted her head and said thoughtfully, “Four years ago,
when something happened to you, I wanted to help you seek revenge, but… I couldn’t
do it when I looked at Mr Larson in the bed.
“I’m afraid if I die, lan will be alone and have no food to eat”
She clenched her fists “So, I’ve been enduring it, but now you aren’t dead, and Mr.
Larson has you. You are no longer alone, and i can seek revenge at ease now
Startled, Olivia grabbed Mrs. Simmon’s hand. “What are you talking about? What
“Miss, I know all about it. I know who killed Wallace and Mrs. Larson.”
Mrs. Simmons sniffled She clenched her teeth, and her eyes were red. “Young Mr
Larson would not have ended up like this if Mrs. Larson had not died early. You and
Young Mr. Larson would not have to suffer all this.
“I should have died with Uncle Wallace. I’m relieved that you are back, and I’ll take
revenge You don’t have to do it.”
“Mrs. Simmons, don’t do anything silly”
“Miss, I know you’ve been scheming and agonizing. You always think you’re guilty
because Dorothy is still alive. I know that.”
Then, Mrs. Simmons grabbed a knife and walked out menacingly. “I’m going to kill that
bad woman now and help everyone get their revenge!”
Olivia stopped her quickly. “Don’t go! You’re no match for her! It’s not that simple.”
It was not as simple as killing Dorothy.
However, Mrs. Simmons refused to listen, pushed her, and rushed out of the kitchen.
Olivia cried out loud when she knew he could not stop Mrs. Simmons. “Mrs. Simmons, I
have cancer. Terminal lung cancer. I only have a short life. Please don’t leave lan alone.”

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