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Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 334

Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 334
Mrs. Simmons stopped and was at a momentary loss. “Miss, hasn’t your illness been
Olivia squeezed out a smile and snatched Mrs. Simmon’s knife. “This is cancer, not other
diseases. It won’t cure just like that. Even if it’s removed, it could come back. I’m a
ticking time bomb, and there’s no way I can guarantee how long I’ll live.”
She threw the kitchen knife aside and held Mrs. Simmons’s hand. “Miss Simmons, lan
needs you. Please accompany him on my behalf.”

“Don’t let lan know I’m still alive. Only with that can I ensure he is safe. Mrs. Simmons,
please look after him on my behalf.”
Mrs. Simmons’s hands trembled and were at a loss for words.
Why did someone young like Olivia have incurable cancer…?
The Larson family was lovely, yet each one of them had a tough life. She did not
understand why God was being unfair.
Olivia took Mrs. Simmons to the sofa and said patiently, “Mrs. Simmons, I am selfish,
and it’s not worth it for you all to sacrifice anything for me.
“For four years, I have enjoyed happiness alone and have been very selfish. I will not be
so selfish in the future. I must do what I have to do.
“No matter what happens to Zac in the future, I will stay with him until all the dangers are
removed, and he doesn’t want me to stay with him.”
Then, she looked up at Mrs. Simmons and smiled. “Mrs. Simmons, you will support me,
won’t you?”
Mrs. Simmons nodded slowly. “Yes, miss.”
“Okay then. Let’s eat. I have to take dinner to the hospital for Zac later.”
“Okay. You must be starving.”
Olivia’s stomach grumbled when Mrs. Simmons mentioned that.
“Yeah. Look! It’s growling.”
Mrs. Simmons wiped off her tears. “Sorry, miss, I’m too impulsive.”
Olivia shook her head “Don’t apologize. However, you are a little impulsive. I want you to
live a long life.
With that, you can watch lan get married and have children. And watch…”
She did not want to continue with the sadness and said, “Come on. I love your cooking
the most.”
Looking at Olivia smiling made Mrs. Simmons feel sorry for her
Mrs. Simmons had brought up Olivia. She had such a beautiful family, yet Dorothy ruined
It broke Mrs. Simmons’s heart to see Olivia like this.
When they had their meal, Olivia looked for something to say to divert Mrs. Simmons’s
attention. She said so many interesting things that it made Mrs. Simmons laugh.
“Mrs. Simmons, you seem to have packed too much. I’m not sure even Zac could finish
“His appetite is good.”
Olivia carried the lunch box and smiled. “By the way, Mrs. Simmons, where does lan live
“He is still living in the dormitory Mrs. Quinton has arranged it with the school, and they
said he can have a separate room for as long as he wants.”
“Will he come here on the weekends?”
“No. He will go back to Larson’s Residence, saying he feels like he belongs there. It is
quiet, and he likes to be alone.”
“Mrs. Simmons,” Olivia called out. “You spend more time with him over the weekend and
talk to him.”
Mrs. Simmons nodded. “Miss, have you thought about how the media will report your
marriage? I’m afraid lan will see it, and we might be unable to hide…”
T’ll keep it a secret no matter what. I’m willing to do this even if he hates me. He’s going
to college soon. and shouldn’t be affected anymore.”
When lan was vegetative and when he returned to school to retake his classes, Olivia
felt sorry for him.
It would not have happened if she had not wanted to see him all the time.
Mrs. Simmons could say nothing and nodded.
Olivia was about to head to the hospital with the lunch box, but her phone rang.
“Pheebs, shall we meet? I want to talk to you.”

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