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Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 335

Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 335
Olivia froze when she heard the voice. Then, she answered calmly. “Sorry, I’m not free
“I know Mr. Quinton had a car accident. You must visit him in the hospital. That’s why I
want to talk to you.”
She licked her dry lips. “Are you trying to talk me out of marrying him?”
After a moment of silence, the person on the other end of the call admitted it.
“Yes. I never wanted you to marry him. Now that he’s had an accident, I am even
reluctant to let you marry him. I don’t plan to hide my thoughts from you.”
Maybe she felt Xavier’s action had overstepped her boundaries. She distanced herself
from him.

“No matter how much you try to persuade me, I won’t change my mind.”
Then, she paused. Her voice sounded serious. “Xavier, I want to marry him no matter
what his condition. is like ”
“Pheebs, why? Why would you choose him even if he is already like this?”
Xavier could see her determination in her answer and felt sad. “Pheebs, am I not better
than him? Do you really love him?”
Olivia scoffed. “How interesting indeed. Everyone asks me why I’m marrying Zac and if I
love him. What do you expect me to say?”
“Pheebs, you don’t love him at all! If you want to return the favor, why aren’t you
choosing me?”
Startled, Olivia only realized Xavier wanted her to repay him with her love.
“I’m sorry, but I owe him five more lives. I can only repay you after I repay him.”
She did not want to make the situation so nasty, but she had no other choice.
However, she was afraid Xavier would hurt Zac and reminded him. “Xavier, I don’t want
you to go looking for Zac or hurt him. Do you understand me?”
The man on the other end did not answer.
She could feel the tense atmosphere through the phone, and Olivia’s heart skipped a
After a long pause, Xavier asked, “Does he know you have a daughter?”
“Yeah, he knows.”
“Whose daughter is Lyla?”
Olivia pursed her lips. “Lyla is Zac’s daughter. Are you satisfied with that answer?”
“What did you say? Is he your ex-husband?”
Xavier shook his head again. “No, it can’t be. If he is your ex-husband, who is John? He
said he and you
are still married. What is your relationship with him?”
Xavier was confused. He had no idea who the woman he liked was.
However, Olivia intended to make everything sound messy.
“Xavier, there is no need to explain too much to you about what happened between us.
All you need to know is that if anyone hurts Zac, I will risk my life to protect him!”
The words caught Xavier’s breath.
Perhaps because he felt there was no room for negotiation, he smiled bitterly. “Pheebs,
are you forcing me to snatch the bride at her wedding?”
“You wouldn’t do that. You are a rational man.”
“I’m not rational!” The more Xavier laughed, the louder his voice. “It’s just that I’ve been
too patient with you before, which is why things turned out like this. Pheebs, I really don’t
want to endure it anymore.”
“Sorry, I have to bring dinner to my husband. I have to go.”
Before Xavier could say more, Olivia hung up the call.
She was doing this for his sake. No matter how persistent or how much he liked her, he
had to let her go. After all, he deserved better.
It was better to feel the pain now than prolong it.
However, on the other side, Xavier threw the phone and kicked the chair in front of him.
Helpless, he sat by the bed and cried.
This was the first time he had sincerely liked a woman. He was not willing to give up!

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