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Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 336

Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 336
On the way to the hospital, Olivia felt a tightness in her chest. It was as if she was
holding her breath.
Sometimes, she had no idea what was attractive about her that made them like her.
In particular
The person she did not love looked so reluctant. When she was in love, her lover
ruthlessly abandoned. her
People could never get what they wanted, right?
Or would her life have been different if she had loved Zac or Xavier instead of John?
She smiled mockingly at the thought. She was getting increasingly imaginative.

There were not many ifs in this world.
If there was, she wanted to go back in time and save everyone who died because of her,
even if it cost
her her life.
However, she could not go back.
With that in mind, she drove to the hospital. She ran into Ken as soon as she parked her
Ken froze when he saw her Then his eyes darkened, and his expression grew solemn.
“Liv, there’s something I need to tell you.”
Olivia’s heart shuddered, and she could not help tensing when she saw this.
“Did something happen to Zac? Hurry and take me to him.”
With that said, she hurried inside, but Ken yanked her back.
“Listen to me. There are no changes with Zac’s illness, but…”
Olivia was worried, but Ken was so hesitant that she got impatient and urged, “Just say
it, but what? Don’t
beat around the bush.”
“There might be something wrong with him mentally.”
Olivia stiffened and snapped, “Aren’t you a psychologist? Why don’t you help him?”
“I’ve tried. He’s resisting me now. I think he probably only listens to you.”
“What nonsense are you talking about? How can I know more about psychology than
Ken knew she was worried, but he was not omnipotent.
A psychologist’s job was not as straightforward as surgery. If the patient needed brain
surgery, he would handle the rest after the patient signed the consent form.
However, it was not the same for psychology.
It was hard to get into someone’s head if they kept it shut, and Zac was one of those
people who kept things to themselves.
Some people seemed optimistic, but they did not have a solid world in their minds. It
would not be enough to support them the moment they broke down.
Zac was currently at that stage and could break down if they were not careful.
“Liv, calm down and listen to me.”
Ken gave Olivia an idea of what had happened during the day.
“He wants me to lock you up. He doesn’t want to get married.”
After hearing that, Olivia shuddered, and the lunchbox fell to the floor with a thud
It was a long time before she said with trembling lips, “Did… Did he really do it?”
“Yeah, glass and blood were all over the floor when I walked in. Liv, he couldn’t get past
himself. He’s concerned about his condition.”
Ken frowned. “I shouldn’t tell you because you’ll get upset again if I do.
“But I had no choice but to tell you. After all, he only listens to you. If you persuade him,
perhaps I can find an opportunity where I can play a part.”
With that said, he pressed his lips together. “Liv, you’re the key to his heart.”
Olivia’s face was ghastly pale. Her eyes were red as she trembled, her mind blank.
In all her years of knowing Zac, she had never seen him like this.
It was also a joke that she said she wanted to protect him. She never even thought
about what he truly felt. She presumptuously thought he was all right.
“Oh, by the way, there’s one more thing I think you should know.”
“”What is it?”
“Dorothy came to see him.”

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