Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled Novel
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Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled Novel

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Synopsis Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled Novel

Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled Novel” must have a central focus on the development of a romantic relationship between two people. The other criteria for a romance novel is that it must have an emotional throughline and build to an optimistic conclusion. Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen

Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled Series of steamy, romantic shorts Book 1

In a previous life, I was merely a supporting character, highlighting Neil’s deep love for another woman. Tragically, my story unfolded with devastating consequences, leaving my family in ruins and my life shattered.
Upon my rebirth, I chose to adopt a carefree attitude, ignoring the situation and waiting for Neil to ask for a divorce. But something peculiar happened. The man who used to disappear for weeks suddenly started showing up every few days.
“Do you think there will come a time when you’ll want me to disappear?” I queried. “Do not indulge in fantasies.” he retorted, “We’ll continue to torment each other until the end.” I sighed, as a reincarnated soul, confident that his destined soulmate would soon cross his path.
Finally, he encountered her, and I believed freedom was within my grasp. Yet, he quietly… Read More Novel Tangled in His Obsession ( Seraphina )


Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled


Review: Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled Novel


Read.Mom.Repeat:  ” Rosemont, is a master at creating characters so real, lovable, and funny.”

Liber Lady ~ Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled “It’s a long story, you gotta take your time to get involved with all these characters, see the relationships develop and grow, you get ALLLL THE LITTLE MOMENTS that would make you Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled”

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About That Story ~ ~ Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled “There’s that moment when you finish a really incredible book when you just have to take a second to take a deep breath and absorb all your feelings because it was so tremendously good and you can’t voice all the good it made you feel. You feel it in your soul. That’s what Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled Novel did for me.”

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Stacey and Paige Love Books ~Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled  “I loved the small town of Knockemout VA and the people who live there are perfectly written in a way only Rosemont Score can do. I had all the feels in this book from tender moments, hot Romance to laughing my butt off!”

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Cassie Reading ~ Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled “The way the characters grow and entangle into each other’s lives is one of the author’s many talents. Especially with the side characters.”


A Book Lovers Playlist ~Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled “As with most of Rosemont Novel I laughed, I cried, sometimes I laughed until I cried, and I loved every single second of it. Reading her books always feels like coming home to me. The writing, the characters, it’s always so special

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Read with Rach ~ Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled” I loved Knox and Rosemont and found myself really rooting for them.


Reading, Willing & Able ~ Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled  “The small-town characters were plentiful and colourful! This well-written story made me laugh, as well as pulled at my heartstrings with its excellent plot. Fabulous read!”

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Love Shack Romance ~Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled  ” This book is addictive reading with its lovely, kind heroine in Rosemont and the combative grump with a heart of gold in Knox. With hot times, wit and banter, a wonderful cast of characters, brother duking it out over anything, a talented, blossoming pre-teen and a growing problem, and you have a wonderful read which goes straight onto my reread shelf.”

Kiss the Pages~Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled “I absolutely loved the humor but even more I loved the depth of emotion as these characters grew and learned from their mistakes.”


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Romance Reviewed ~Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled “It made me laugh, it made me cry, but most importantly it left me feeling happy and hopeful.”

Ruth’s Romances Blog ~Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled “The writing is so entertaining that it’ll have you breezing through the pages. I felt all the feels. Laughed out loud (so many times). My kindle sizzled. And my gosh all the characters were just so fun and likeable.

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  1. Kari says:

    No man is sane and faithful int this story.. the female lead is reborn only to be pushed by everone

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