The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha Chapter 91 PDF Download

The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha Chapter 91 PDF Download

Chapter 91 

“Hi sissy” Oscar’s cheerful voice came through the moment Fedora answered his call. 

“Oh my God, I love the tone of your voice so much. Let me guess, you’ve just been laid?” 

Oscar chuckled, “Stop being crazy!” 

“Tm not, baby brother. God knows it’s been like forever that I witness you talk this way. Please let the cat out of the bag, I want to hear all of it.” 

“You and Vicky are cool right?” 


“How cool?” 

“I think this might just be it. There is nothing that can separate us anymore.” 

“I literally have tears in my eyes right now, Oscar. I’m so happy for you.” 

“Thank you, ma’am.” 

“So tell me, how did it happen? 

“She and Sophie were meant to come see me this weekend but I beat her to it. We had deep conversations about us, I got to bond with Sophie and Yeah, the sex was heavenly. 

“I wish I could hug you right now, dude. I am so glad you are happy and that you are with the people you love most.” “How’s Sophie? She has grown bigger, isn’t it?” 

Oscar smiled, “She’s amazing. I still find it hard to believe that Vicky had I gave birth to an Angel. She’s beautiful, smart, intelligent, and every other thing anyone would pray for in a daughter. She will be turning 5 soon.” 

“Is there going to be a party? I am definitely going to be there. My first trip to Australia.” 

“Let Sophie know that her Aunty and Cousin will be attending and we will bring gorgeous gifts for her” 

Oscar smiled, “I’m sure she would be so excited. I feel so happy that I almost cannot believe this is my life. I don’t want this happiness to fade away. Never! 

“It’s not going to fade away, honey, I believe your happily ever after is here and I want you to enjoy every moment of it.” “Thank you. I performed my first Daddy duties today and it was amazing. Sophie insisted that I took her to school.” “Oh my God, I’m loving this! Oscar Wayde in a school setting” Fedora chuckled. “How did it go?” 

“I was really tense about it but it went well. I got to meet her teacher and her friends at school. It was indeed a very amazing feeling and everyone spoke of how adorable Sophie was. I couldn’t be more proud to be her Dad.” 

“I am so proud of you too. Oscar. Your resilience has brought you this far and I pray your happiness lasts a lifetime.” 

“Since you are on good terms with Vicky, when are you going to make it official with her?” 

“There’s no way she is going to leave me again. She’s forever tied to me.” 

“Okay? You renewed your proposal to her?” 

“Not yet!” 

“Vicky is pregnant! Our second baby is on the way.” 

Oscar chuckled, taking his phone away from his ear for a while due to his sister’s scream. 

“My brother is now a father of two?! Holy shit, Oscar!!! This is huge, Congratulations!” 

Oscar blushed where he stood. He was glad it wasn’t a video call because Fedora would have seen him and teased the hell out of him. 

Thank you. 

“Never have I wished so much to be near you. I want to hug you and shower your face with kisses.” 

“Nah, you wouldn’t do that to me. I am no longer a kid.” 

Fedora laughed out loud. 

“Tye got no words, baby brother, I am so happy for you and Vicky. This baby on the way is a sign that nothing can separate you both again. I really wish you and Vicky all the love and happiness in the world. 

“Thanky you. I feel even more motivated to get my shit together and do the needful,” 


“I know I control a billion-dollar company but it is nothing compared to the feeling I get from my daughter. The way she looks up to me and asks me to help her with stuff makes me feel like I finally got my purpose.” 

“Look at you in your Daddy’s tone!” 

“Yeah, it’s crazy how certain experiences can change one’s life.” 

“How is everything going over there?” 

“I told you not to worry about work. Ive got everything under control. Your time, thoughts and attention should be devoted to your family.” 

“I know. I am not going to bother about things that don’t have to do with Vicky, Sophie, or the baby but I just want to have an idea of how things are fairing over there.” 

“The company is still in one piece, and as you know, Mother wouldn’t stop calling me.” 

“What the hell does she want?” 

“I don’t know how she manages to know all that is going on in our lives but she is aware of your fight with Greg.” 

“Yeah, for once I almost forgot about that bastard’s existence. You all should have allowed me to murder him.” 

“And tell your kids what? That their father is in jail because he killed his Betrayal ex-best friend.” 

“Stop talking like that, Dora. You all know that bastard doesn’t deserve to live any extra second” 

“You are right about that but you must always keep in mind the fact that he has always been evit and he won’t stop now. He has never had your interest at heart and everything he does is to trigger you to harm him so he can have something to use against you” 

“You hit him really hard and he’s in terrible shape already. That should keep him on a low profile for a couple of weeks.” 

“You think he reached our to Mom and she is now aware that I know about their evil deeds?” Oscar couldn’t help but ask. 

“I don’t know if he reached out to her but mom is aware. She really wants to talk to you.” 

*She can go fuck herself! 

“Let’s not talk about her. I don’t want anything that will ruin your mood. But one thing you should know is the fact that you would eventually have to sit and talk things out with her. She might have done very hurtful stuff but she is still your mother.” 

“And before you curse me over the phone, I’m not saying you have to forgive her. I just know you both will eventually have to sit and let out the pain in your hearts.” 

“That’s never going to happen. She should forget she has a Son called Oscar. I’m totally done with her.” 

“I don’t blame you, she has been so unfair to you 

“Let’s not talk about her anymore, we’ve got more important things to drool about. Do you think you would have to permanently relocate to Australia’ 

“Even if I want to, you know how almost impossible that is going to be and I can’t afford to be away from Vicky and Sophie. Not even for a day. I missed so much in Sophie’s life and I’m not willing to do that to my second child.” 

“I don’t know what’s going to happen but I know I will figure it out.” 

“I know you would too. You don’t have to be stressed about anything, things will definitely fall in place.” 

“Yes, thank you” 

“You freaked out when she told you about the baby, didn’t you?” 

“And how would you know?” 

Fedora laughed out loud. “Of course I guessed right! You don’t like to be taken unawares, remember?” 

Victoria literally had smiles on her face throughout her ride to the office. She was so freaking late but heaven knew she wasn’t bothered about it 

After what felt like forever, She pulled up in the parking lot of the office building, then got down from the car with her handbag, making her way into the building. 

The smile on Vicky’s face faded when she sighted Bessie at her desk area, doing some work on the desktop before her. 

Usually, Vicky would mind her business and head straight to her office but that was not the case for today. She felt She and Bessie had something to discuss so instead of going in the direction of the elevator, Vee went to Bessie’s desk corner. 

“Good morning” Bessie said, not looking at the face of the person before her as she continued typing away. She had no idea who that was but she knew someone was waiting to be attended to, 


Bessie finally looked up and came face to face with Victoria. 

“How may I help you?” She finally voiced out after staring at each other for a few minutes. 

“We need to talk.”

The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha PDF Download

The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha PDF Download

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Download The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha PDF Free" is a perfect novel for those who love to read the Romance-blowing, engaging, thrilling and superb fiction novel of all times.

The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha Summary

After a secret engagement with his long time lover; Victoria, Oscar had the nerve to publicly declare his love for his Childhood friend, Ingrid. Not knowing Victoria was pregnant with his heir, he humiliated her and fired her from the company, leaving her homeless and helpless. Five years later, their paths crossed again when Victoria rose to be a powerful woman in the business industry. Not only did Oscar find himself feeling too attracted towards her, he also discovered she had a Five year old daughter who looked so much like him. Do you know anything about your dad? He asked the little girl who nswered without hesitation, Mommy said he’s Dead.     The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha


  • Book Title: The Billionaire’s Regret
  • Author:  Symplyayisha
  • Genre: Romance
  • Publish Date: 22 August 2023
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 1 MB
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What is The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha PDF Download about?

  This is a book full of Romantic Fantasy  

Is The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha on a true story?

  No, all the stories in this novel are fictional.  

Where can I read The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha?

  You can get a free copy of the book from the bottom of the page. A PDF and ePub copy is attached and you can also request the book in any other format.  

What is the best time to Read The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha?

  The best time to read a book depends on your personal schedule and preferences. Here are some suggestions:
  1. Early morning: Some people find that reading in the morning helps them start their day with a positive and productive mindset.
  2. During the day: If you have a flexible schedule, you may find it helpful to take breaks during the day to read a book.
  3. Before bedtime: Many people find that reading before bedtime helps them unwind and relax, which can promote better sleep.
  4. During your commute: If you take public transportation or have a long commute, you may find it helpful to use that time to read.
Ultimately, the best time to read a book is whenever you have a chunk of time available and are in the right mindset to focus on reading. Experiment with different times of day to see what works best for you.  

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