The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha Chapter 92 PDF Download

The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha Chapter 92 PDF Download

Chapter 92 

“About what?” Bessie asked. 

“I guess I am going to start by apologizing.” 

Bessie frowned, 

“I am sorry for all the mean things I must have said as a result of you upsetting me.” 

“Why? Shouldn’t I be the one apologizing?” Bessie confessed because she was the one fond of triggering her. 

“Glad you accepted your fault. That being said, I appreciate your genuine thoughts towards Oscar as a friend but I want you to stay away from him.” 


Tm sure you heard what I said. Bessie. I respect you but I don’t trust you. I’m glad Oscar has you as a friend but I don’t joke with what’s mine so you need to keep your distance.” 

Bessie chuckled, ‘Are you feeling threatened?” 


“Then why are you coming for me? You think I wouldn’t have fucked Oscar long ago if I wanted to.” 

“I’m not here to listen to your blackmail. I’m just here to preach to you that you can’t eat your cake and have it.” 

“How nasty were you to me for always being around Ashton despite me telling you I have no feelings for him?” Bessie said nothing but continued staring. 

“Stop making a big deal out of nothing. This scenario is different.” 

“How is it different?” 

“I have mutual respect towards Oscar and we are just friends!” 

“I am not going to go back and forth about this with you. But you and Oscar can’t be friends while I’m there and you caused it. So stay the hell away from my man!” Vee said after which she made her way towards the direction of the elevator. 

She decided to stop by Kathie’s office before going straight to hers. 

After knocking on the door, she helped herself in, not caring that she wasn’t told to. She met Kathie on a phone call as she was seated by her desk. 

“Something very important just came up, please can I call you back?” She heard Kathie say over the phone. 

“Right, thank you!” She said, finally tossing her phone aside. 

“Christ!!! Vee, where the hell were you?” 

“What do you mean? Vee said w 

a knowing smile, approaching her desk and sitting opposite her. 

“Didn’t you check your phone? I’m sure I called you almost 8 times.” 

“Sorry about that. I had no idea it rang.” She responded in all honesty. Her phone had been in her handbag since she got home from work last night. 

“I knew you might be worried, that’s why I came to report myself before I leave for my office.” 

“You are glowing!” Kathie said, staring suspiciously. 

“Probably because of the baby.” 

“No, you have a different kind of glow and you look cheerful. And I can also count the amount of times you’ve been to my 


Vicky chuckled, “Stop overthinking!” 

“I know I’m not. Something is definitely going on. Speak!” 

Too excited to keep the good news to herself, she finally decided to let it out. “Oscar is around. We made up!” 

“Are you for real?” 

Vicky nodded, smiling. 

“‘s crazy how I was planning a trip to him but he beat me to it by coming over. I got home to him by my door last night. A lot of confrontations went on but we are good now. Sophie loves him so much and he is thrilled to know that we are having another baby together.” 

“Oh my God, Vee, really?” 


“Don’t tell me you are about to cry!” Victoria laughed. 

Kathie rose to her feet from where she was seated and came over to where Victoria was. She had tears in her eyes already. “Im so happy for you, darling.” She pulled her into a hug. 

“Thank you!” Vicky smiled, returning the hug. 

“God, this is amazing! The best news I have heard all month.” She sniffled, wiping tears off the corner of her eyes with her finger. She rested her back against her desk while staring at her Victoria. 

“Thank you, babes. Thank you for your kindness towards me.” 

“You are welcome. I knew the glow had to be sparked by something really good. I am so happy for you, Oscar, and Sophie.” 

“You can invite him tonight to the party if it’s okay with you.” 

“Yeah, we will see about that.” 


“Have you had breakfast? I can get you something to eat before I go over the diary to see what’s on the list for today.” 

“Oscar made sure I ate before I left the house, so I’m fine. We can get straight to work.” 

Victoria was in her superpower mood as she got lost in her work, trying to beat up deadlines, especially as she was trying to fight for some time off to go on vacation with her family. 

She had no idea how long she worked for until a knock came through on her door. 

“Come in,” She said absentmindedly, not looking up from her lappy until she heard a voice. 

“You’ve got a package.” 

Victoria’s lips instantly curved into a smile when she saw Kathie holding a bouquet of red roses in one hand and a small basket of food in the other hand. 

“For me? Who sent them?” She asked even when she could almost swear that she knew who it was 

“I’m not sure but there is a note in there,” Kathie said, handing her the roses, and then placing the food basket on the table. 

Vicky took out the note from the middle of the roses and opened it 

“Couldn’t stop thinking about you, my queen. I hope this puts a smile on your face. Kisses to you and our son. I can’t wait to see you after work. Love, Oscar!…. 

“Okay! I know that smile,” Kathie teased. 

Before Vicky could respond, her phone buzzed on the table beside her. 

“We will talk later.” Kathie blew her a kiss and took her leave. 

“Hey,” Vee smiled, the moment 

“How did you know it’s me?” 

answered the call. 

“I sensed it. Besides, who else would call me with a foreign number if not you.” 

“How are you? How is work? I miss you!” 

“I miss 



Thank you for the flowers and the food.” 

“No need to thank me, my love. It is my duty to take care of you. Figured out you might be too busy so I sent you food.” 

Vicky smiled, taking a glance at the basket which contained lunch as well as fruit juice, bottled water, and some fruits. 

“I hope you are taking it easy with work?” 

“Yeah, I don’t do heavy lifting.” 


you been able to speak to your boss about the vacation?” 

“Not yet but I’ll talk to him before I leave the office. How did it go with Sophie?” 

“Amazing. I will leave to pick her up shortly.” 

Thank you!” Victoria said before she could even stop herself. 

Th Sophie’s Daddy and it is my responsibility.” 

“Sorry, I’m just yet used to people helping out. It has always been me or the nanny doing her school runs.” 

pter 92 

“I understand. I am here now and I’m sure you will get used to me helping out.” 

*Kathie said I can bring a plus one tonight. You want to come with me to the dinner party?” 

“Of course, I was already having panic attacks as to how I would let you go to the party all alone.” 

Victoria chuckled. 

“How about the doctor, Did you get through to her?” 

“No baby, I was only able to get through to her assistant who informed me that she’s all booked for today and would get back to me on a date we can come for the check-up.” 

“Okay. Hopefully, she will get back to you soon.” 

“Yes, I don’t know how it slipped my mind but there is a sonogram at home. Will show it to you when I get back, so you can have an idea of what your baby looks like in my belly” 

“I can’t wait.” 

“Don’t let me disturb your afternoon. We will talk more when you get back” 

“And don’t forget to get yourself a very sexy dress.” 

Vicky smiled. “I won’t.” 

“Take care, love you.” 

“I love you too. She ended the call. 


The rest of the day went by really fast and before Vicky knew it, she was in one of the best boutiques in the city in search of the perfect dress to wear for her party tonight. Once she found the dress, she paired it with matching heels and a purse. 

Vicky paid for these items after which she exited the store and approached her car where it was parked. 

Tossing the shopping bag in the back seat, Vee buckled her seatbelt, started the car engine, and continued her journey home. 

It didn’t take long when she noticed a car behind her, following her. Her heart started beating faster but she tried her best to focus on the steering. 

Confused as to who to call for help. Vicky decided that it was best to stay away from her phone and focus on the road. 

Victoria heaved a sigh of relief the moment she didn’t see that particular car behind her again but her joy was short-lived. when a truck appeared before her out of nowhere. At this point, Victoria knew that there was nothing she could do.

The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha PDF Download

The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha PDF Download

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Download The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha PDF Free" is a perfect novel for those who love to read the Romance-blowing, engaging, thrilling and superb fiction novel of all times.

The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha Summary

After a secret engagement with his long time lover; Victoria, Oscar had the nerve to publicly declare his love for his Childhood friend, Ingrid. Not knowing Victoria was pregnant with his heir, he humiliated her and fired her from the company, leaving her homeless and helpless. Five years later, their paths crossed again when Victoria rose to be a powerful woman in the business industry. Not only did Oscar find himself feeling too attracted towards her, he also discovered she had a Five year old daughter who looked so much like him. Do you know anything about your dad? He asked the little girl who nswered without hesitation, Mommy said he’s Dead.     The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha


  • Book Title: The Billionaire’s Regret
  • Author:  Symplyayisha
  • Genre: Romance
  • Publish Date: 22 August 2023
  • Language: English
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What is The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha PDF Download about?

  This is a book full of Romantic Fantasy  

Is The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha on a true story?

  No, all the stories in this novel are fictional.  

Where can I read The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha?

  You can get a free copy of the book from the bottom of the page. A PDF and ePub copy is attached and you can also request the book in any other format.  

What is the best time to Read The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha?

  The best time to read a book depends on your personal schedule and preferences. Here are some suggestions:
  1. Early morning: Some people find that reading in the morning helps them start their day with a positive and productive mindset.
  2. During the day: If you have a flexible schedule, you may find it helpful to take breaks during the day to read a book.
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Ultimately, the best time to read a book is whenever you have a chunk of time available and are in the right mindset to focus on reading. Experiment with different times of day to see what works best for you.  

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