The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa Chapter 1368

The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa Chapter 1368

Chapter 1368 

“What? i’ll be right there!” David, a man who had weathered many storms, felt his head buzz with shock upon hearing Thalassa’s words. 

Lysander was injured, and not just a scratch – he was in the emergency room fighting for his life! 

The severity of being in the ER meant it had to be grave. 

Wasn’t Mr. Sinclair abroad on business? How on earth did he end up at Thalassa’s doorstep and severely injured? 

David didn’t have the chance to voice these questions, but he felt he already knew the answer-Lysander must have been so desperate to see Thalassa that he flew back from overseas and went straight to her place. 

After hanging up the phone, Thalassa, her voice choked with sobs, handed the cell phone back to the nurse. “Thank you…” 

“No problem. Maybe you should change clothes when you get a chance; you’re covered in blood. The hospital can provide a gown,” the nurse suggested gently. 

Thalassa shook her head. Changing clothes was the last thing on her mind. She just wanted to hunker down by the ER doors and wait for any news of Lysander. 

Seeing her resolve, the nurse didn’t press further. She was about to leave when Thalassa suddenly grabbed her hand, her voice laced with anxiety and panic. “Nurse, my aunt was brought here too. How is she doing?” 

Thalassa had been preoccupied with Lysander whose wounds were distressingly severe. She feared he might slip away at any moment and hadn’t had the time to inquire about 


The thought of Astrid tightened the knot in her stomach again. Astrid’s ambulance had arrived at the hospital first, and Thalassa still had no clue about her whereabouts. 

“What’s your aunt’s name?” the nurse asked, her voice filled with concern. 

Normally, nurses only manage their own emergency rooms and don’t answer questions about other areas to avoid giving out incorrect information and facing the family’s wrath. 

However, seeing Thalassa’s distress and knowing she wasn’t the type to cause trouble, the nurse decided to help without a second thought. 

“Astrid Pendleton,” Thalassa replied, her tear-swollen eyes filled with a mixture of nervousness and hope, her lips pale and trembling. 

She dreaded the possibility of a devastating answer. 

“Astrid, you say? There’s a man with her. She wasn’t as badly hurt, and she’s been moved 




Chapter 1368 

to a ward after treatment,” the nurse informed her. 

Relief washed over Thalassa as she learned Astrid was safe and in a ward. Her heart, which had been lodged in her throat, finally settled. 

A kind-hearted local had called the ambulance for Astrid and accompanied her to the hospital. 

Knowing that this good Samaritan was looking after Astrid allowed Thalassa a moment of peace to focus her entire being on Lysander who was still in the ER. 

“Hurry, family members! Has your relative arrived yet? The patient urgently needs a blood transfusion, or he won’t make it much longer,” an urgent voice called from behind. The ER doors swung open, and a doctor appeared, his expression taut with urgency. 

Hearing the doctor’s words, Thalassa’s briefly eased heart clenched tight once again. She paced helplessly, her mind racing with worry. 

She had called Isabella, but there was no sign of her yet. A delay in a blood transfusion was serious, and it could mean life or death. 

The doctor was racing against time, not a second to lose. 

Missing the golden hour for treatment could mean Lysander’s vibrant life would vanish from hers forever. Her children would lose their father. 

The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa

The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa

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Thalassa fell victim to a malicious scheme, her purity taken away, and the man from that night left her a keepsake. Unfortunately, she lost it and couldn't find him, leaving her with nothing and an uncertain future. Five years later, she made an impressive comeback with her four adorable children. Through a twist of fate, she accidentally caught the attention of a powerful figure who held control over life and death. Atticus, her eldest, exclaimed, "Mommy, I hacked the big shot's company. He'll come to apologize to you." Dorian, the second child, chimed in, "Mommy, I inadvertently tricked the big shot into visiting our home." Elowen, the middle child, shared, "Mommy, the big shot wants me to travel abroad and taste delicious food." Sophia, the youngest, revealed, "Mommy, the .. Read More Whispers Of Betrayal by Camile Emest   The Billionaire's Secret Quartet by Thalassa

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The main character in the provided text is Thalassa, a woman who endured a traumatic incident five years ago, resulting in the loss of her purity and an uncertain future. Despite the adversity, she made a remarkable comeback with her four children. Thalassa's resilience and strength are evident as she navigates life's challenges. Her children, Atticus, Dorian, Elowen, and Sophia, also play significant roles, each contributing uniquely to the unfolding narrative. Thalassa's unexpected encounter with a powerful individual who controls life and death propels the story forward, introducing a mysterious and potentially life-altering element to her already complex journey. Read More The baby Contract by Mizzy   Question 1: What happened to Thalassa in the past that left her with an uncertain future? Answer 1: Thalassa fell victim to a malicious scheme where her purity was taken away, and she was left with nothing by a man from that night, and she couldn't find him. Question 2: How did Thalassa make an impressive comeback after five years? Answer 2: Thalassa made an impressive comeback with her four adorable children. Question 3: Who is the powerful figure who caught Thalassa's attention, and why? Answer 3: The powerful figure who caught Thalassa's attention held control over life and death, and it happened through a twist of fate. Question 4: What did Atticus, Thalassa's eldest child, claim to have done? Answer 4: Atticus claimed to have hacked the big shot's company, saying that he would come to apologize to Thalassa. Question 5: How did Dorian, the second child, get the big shot to visit their home? Answer 5: Dorian inadvertently tricked the big shot into visiting their home. Question 6: What did Elowen, the middle child, reveal about her interaction with the big shot? Answer 6: Elowen shared that the big shot wanted her to travel abroad and taste delicious food. Question 7: What did Sophia, the youngest child, start revealing before it was cut off in the text? Answer 7: Unfortunately, the text was cut off before Sophia's revelation could be completed.. Read More Novel A Billion-Rich Woman Was Chased by Her EX-Husband  


To conclude this novel, the story could culminate in a dramatic confrontation between Thalassa, her children, and the powerful figure who entered their lives. During this confrontation, the truth behind Thalassa's past could be revealed, including the identity of the man who had wronged her. This revelation could lead to unexpected alliances, forgiveness, and healing. Thalassa and her children may find closure and a sense of justice. The novel could end on a hopeful note, emphasizing the importance of resilience, family bonds, and the power of redemption in overcoming life's darkest moments.  Read More Novel Tangled in His Obsession ( Seraphina )


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