The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa Chapter 1450

The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa Chapter 1450

Chapter 1450 

Alaric fought to suppress the rising tide of anxiety and concern within him, struggling to sound composed when he finally found the words to ask. His heartbeat thundered in his ears, fearful of hearing the worst possible news. 

After all, a car accident can range from a minor scrape to a major catastrophe. In the worst-case scenario, it could mean a one-way trip to the morgue. Best case, it might involve a few broken bones or some scrapes and bruises. 

The very thought of the word “morgue” made Alaric’s blood run cold, and he silently prayed he wouldn’t hear it from the nurse’s lips 

The nurse, her collar crumpled from Alaric’s anxious grip, tried to compose herself despite the imposing presence of the man before her. 

Alaric, with his striking looks and noble demeanor, was clearly a man of wealth and influence, exuding an intimidating aura that was both frightening and inexplicably thrilling. 

The nurse, barely in her twenties, had never encountered such a handsome man in the flesh. Stealing a glance at Alaric, she felt her heart flutter with a mix of fear and 


Though he had been somewhat rough with her moments before, she was still eager to assist him. “Sir, please come with me. I’ll help you find the information you need,” the nurse said, leading Alaric to the surgical ward. 

Upon inquiring at the nurse’s station, they learned that a woman named Hertha was in the 

intensive care unit. 

“Intensive care?” Alaric’s entire body tensed, his complexion turning ashen, his heart constricting as if caught in a vice. 

“The patient’s file is here. Take a look,” the head nurse said, handing over Hertha’s medical 

records to Alaric. 

The doctor’s handwriting was a scribbled mess, indecipherable to Alaric, especially in his current state of mind. He flipped through the pages haphazardly, then, unable to discern the medical jargon, demanded, “Please, just tell me how she’s doing.” 

The head nurse, taken aback by his commanding presence, replied, “The patient sustained a head injury. She was bleeding profusely upon arrival, but thankfully, we managed to stabilize her. She’s been in intensive care for observation. If she doesn’t develop a fever or any other complications, she’ll be moved to a regular room.” 

She’s alive! 

Clutching onto those words, Alaric’s heart, which had been wound up tight, finally began 




to uncoil. 

“As long as Hertha’s alive, that’s all that matters,” he thought. 

“I need to see her,” he said, moving to leave. 

“Sir, you can’t go in just yet,” the head nurse called after him. “The ICU has strict regulations. Patients are off-limits to visitors during observation. Give it half an hour; she’s due to be transferred to a regular room soon, and then you can see her.” 

Understanding the gravity of ICU restrictions, Alaric paused. Bringing in outside germs or viruses could be disastrous for the patients. 

“By the way, sir, there’s still the matter of Ms. Hertha’s medical bills. If you’re a relative, would you mind settling the account?” the head nurse asked, handing Alaric the billing 


Without hesitation, Alaric took the paperwork. “I’ll take care of it.” 

Half an hour later, Hertha was transferred to a regular ward. 

Alaric entered the room to find her lying on the bed, her head wrapped in bandages, an IV dripping into the back of her hand, and a heart monitor beeping steadily on the 


The vivacious, lively woman he knew lay silent and still, a stark contrast that unsettled Alaric. A heavy ache settled in his chest-this must be what heartache felt like. 

He approached the bedside, watching Hertha’s peaceful face. Her pale complexion was a grim reminder of her ordeal. Her long lashes lay motionless over her closed eyes. If not for the reassuring rhythm of the heart monitor, she could have been mistaken for dead. 

The sight twisted Alaric’s heart in agony. 


The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa

The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet by Thalassa

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The Billionaire's Secret Quartet by Thalassa" is a suspenseful novel written by Kray, exploring themes of trust and deception. The story unravels a web of secrets and hidden agendas as characters grapple with the consequences of betrayal. With vivid prose and intriguing plot twists, Kray delivers a captivating tale of intrigue and mistrust.  Read More novel Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen

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Thalassa fell victim to a malicious scheme, her purity taken away, and the man from that night left her a keepsake. Unfortunately, she lost it and couldn't find him, leaving her with nothing and an uncertain future. Five years later, she made an impressive comeback with her four adorable children. Through a twist of fate, she accidentally caught the attention of a powerful figure who held control over life and death. Atticus, her eldest, exclaimed, "Mommy, I hacked the big shot's company. He'll come to apologize to you." Dorian, the second child, chimed in, "Mommy, I inadvertently tricked the big shot into visiting our home." Elowen, the middle child, shared, "Mommy, the big shot wants me to travel abroad and taste delicious food." Sophia, the youngest, revealed, "Mommy, the .. Read More Whispers Of Betrayal by Camile Emest   The Billionaire's Secret Quartet by Thalassa

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The main character in the provided text is Thalassa, a woman who endured a traumatic incident five years ago, resulting in the loss of her purity and an uncertain future. Despite the adversity, she made a remarkable comeback with her four children. Thalassa's resilience and strength are evident as she navigates life's challenges. Her children, Atticus, Dorian, Elowen, and Sophia, also play significant roles, each contributing uniquely to the unfolding narrative. Thalassa's unexpected encounter with a powerful individual who controls life and death propels the story forward, introducing a mysterious and potentially life-altering element to her already complex journey. Read More The baby Contract by Mizzy   Question 1: What happened to Thalassa in the past that left her with an uncertain future? Answer 1: Thalassa fell victim to a malicious scheme where her purity was taken away, and she was left with nothing by a man from that night, and she couldn't find him. Question 2: How did Thalassa make an impressive comeback after five years? Answer 2: Thalassa made an impressive comeback with her four adorable children. Question 3: Who is the powerful figure who caught Thalassa's attention, and why? Answer 3: The powerful figure who caught Thalassa's attention held control over life and death, and it happened through a twist of fate. Question 4: What did Atticus, Thalassa's eldest child, claim to have done? Answer 4: Atticus claimed to have hacked the big shot's company, saying that he would come to apologize to Thalassa. Question 5: How did Dorian, the second child, get the big shot to visit their home? Answer 5: Dorian inadvertently tricked the big shot into visiting their home. Question 6: What did Elowen, the middle child, reveal about her interaction with the big shot? Answer 6: Elowen shared that the big shot wanted her to travel abroad and taste delicious food. Question 7: What did Sophia, the youngest child, start revealing before it was cut off in the text? Answer 7: Unfortunately, the text was cut off before Sophia's revelation could be completed.. Read More Novel A Billion-Rich Woman Was Chased by Her EX-Husband  


To conclude this novel, the story could culminate in a dramatic confrontation between Thalassa, her children, and the powerful figure who entered their lives. During this confrontation, the truth behind Thalassa's past could be revealed, including the identity of the man who had wronged her. This revelation could lead to unexpected alliances, forgiveness, and healing. Thalassa and her children may find closure and a sense of justice. The novel could end on a hopeful note, emphasizing the importance of resilience, family bonds, and the power of redemption in overcoming life's darkest moments.  Read More Novel Tangled in His Obsession ( Seraphina )


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