The Bound Between Us ( Anastasia ) Chapter 343

The Bound Between Us ( Anastasia ) Chapter 343

Chapter 343 

The moment Tavon stepped into the grand banquet hall, his eyes instinctively searched for Salma. He spotted her in a sumptuous evening gown, seated in the front row with little Pattie by her side. His heart swelled at the sight of Anastasia, his daughter, on stage. 

“Grammy, I need to use the restroom.” Pattie chimed. 

“Okay, darling, hold on a bit. I’ll take you there.” Salma replied, guiding Pattie towards the restrooms. 

Meanwhile, Herman, hand-in-hand with Anastasia, descended the stage, signaling the commencement of the banquet. Herman was every inch a gentleman, attentively holding up the train of Anastasia’s dress. He was meticulous about every detail. 

Lauren sauntered up and complimented, “Anastasia, you look absolutely stunning tonight.” 

“Thank you.” Anastasia replied, blushing slightly under the attention. 

She was the center of attraction, with almost everyone’s gaze fixated on her, making her feel the pressure. Any minor slip or faux pas would become a topic of discussion, particularly since there were numerous women who coveted Herman. As his wife, she needed to display convincing grace and etiquette. 

Prior to the banquet, Herman had sent Anastasia for etiquette lessons to ensure she wouldn’t embarrass herself on such an important occasion. Throughout the banquet, Herman and Anastasia were inseparable. While Herman was engrossed in conversation with the CEOS, the topic would invariably steer towards his sudden marriage. 

Jarod, the head of WOW Corporation, jested, “Mr. Salstrom, you’ve indeed kept us all in the dark. Marrying a radiant beauty like Mrs. Salstrom, you’re a lucky man.” 

Others chimed in, “I bet a lot of young ladies are heartbroken tonight. Mr. Salstrom, you’ve become the heartthrob of the nation.” 

Herman chuckled, “You’re exaggerating.” 

“Not at all, Mr. Salstrom. You underestimate your charm. We’ve had millions tuning into the live stream tonight.” The others said, “I remember when Mr. Reid made his appearance on a live stream, he barely crossed a hundred thousand viewers.” 

Mr. Reid, the owner of a prominent electronics company, laughed, “I’m past my prime. Can’t compete with the young blood. But in my heyday, I was quite the charmer.” 

As the men bantered, Anastasia played her part of the perfect accompaniment, making Herman the man every other man envied. 

When it was time, Herman excused himself, led Anastasia away, and asked softly, “Hungry?” 

Anastasia smiled, “A bit. I’m too conscious in this dress to really enjoy the food.” 

Herman laughed softly, “Don’t worry about it. Let’s go grab something to eat.” 

As they walked towards the buffet section, Anastasia scanned the room for Pattie and Salma. Instead, she spotted Tavon nearby. 

Anastasia’s face paled, “Herman, Tavon’s here.” 

Following her gaze, Herman spoke in a neutral tone, “Seems like he knew about this all along.” 

Regardless of whether Tavon was aware or not, he’d inevitably find out after tonight. With their very public appearance, Tavon would definitely get wind of it. 

Tavon waved enthusiastically at Anastasia and Herman. However, they didn’t approach him, choosing instead to head to the buffet. 

Wherever they went, people respectfully cleared a path. No one would dare to encroach within a few inches radius of them, except for one man. Tavon approached them, smiling warmly, “Ana, Herman, my son-in-law.” 

The term ‘son-in-law’ made Anastasia frown. She hadn’t expected Tavon to be so audacious. However, she had to keep her displeasure hidden. Herman, adept at handling such situations, responded, “Mr. Tavon, let’s catch up after the banquet.” 

With that, he skillfully distanced himself from Tavon. 

Having been dismissed by Herman, Tavon wisely chose not to create a scene at the banquet, “Of course, I just wanted to say hi. Ana, you look beautiful tonight.” 

Anastasia felt a pang of discomfort at Tavon’s sudden change in attitude. Despite everything, he was still her father.

The Bound Between Us ( Anastasia  )

The Bound Between Us ( Anastasia )

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The Bound Between Us ( Anastasia ) A romance novel is a genre of fiction primarily focused on the development of a romantic relationship between its central characters. These novels explore the emotional and often passionate connection between individuals, typically featuring themes of love, desire, and intimacy.

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The Bond Between Us Summary Anastasia found herself reluctantly agreeing to a blind date, only to be swept off her feet by Herman, the influential patriarch of the esteemed Salstrom family in the charming town of Riverdale. Unbeknownst to her, he was far from the ordinary man she had imagined, living a humble existence. Little did she know, their lives were about to take an extraordinary turn. As Anastasia delved deeper into Herman's world, she made a startling discovery that brought back forgotten memories-a truth she couldn't ignore. She had been a mother once. Their daughter, a striking resemblance of their shared past, became the living proof. Confused and astounded, Herman confronted her, seeking an explanation. Anastasia, caught off guard, could only manage, "I don't know what to say." While she pondered the twists and turns that...

The Bound Between Us


  • Book Title: The Bound Between Us
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"The Bound Between Us" is a poignant novel that delves into the complexities of human relationships, written by Anastasia. The story revolves around the lives of two protagonists, Emily and James, whose paths cross under extraordinary circumstances, leading to a deep and unbreakable connection. Emily, a talented but emotionally scarred artist, is struggling to find her place in the world after a traumatic past. James, a compassionate and introspective therapist, becomes Emily's client, seeking help for his own inner demons. As their therapeutic journey unfolds, an undeniable bond forms between them, blurring the lines between therapist and patient. Anastasia explores themes of healing, vulnerability, and the power of human connection throughout the narrative. Emily's art serves as a symbolic outlet for her emotions, and James's empathetic guidance helps her confront her past. In turn, Emily's courage inspires James to confront his own unresolved issues. However, their evolving relationship faces ethical dilemmas and societal judgments, raising questions about boundaries and the consequences of unconventional connections. Anastasia skillfully navigates these complexities, keeping readers engaged with well-developed characters and a beautifully crafted narrative. "The Bound Between Us" is a heartfelt exploration of the healing potential found in genuine connections. Anastasia's storytelling captivates readers, inviting them to ponder the profound impact of human relationships on our journey towards self-discovery and emotional well-being.


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