The Bound Between Us ( Anastasia ) Chapter 417

The Bound Between Us ( Anastasia ) Chapter 417

Chapter 417 

If it was true, then this baby certainly couldn’t stay. 

Grannie Anita watched Anastasia with affection-filled eyes, especially when her gaze fell on Anastasia’s baby bump. Her acting was so convincing that she deserved an Oscar for 

Anastasia glanced at Herman, her eyes questioning his intentions. Despite being married into the Salstrom family for quite some time, she hadn’t really spent a night well in the Salstrom house. 

Sensing Grannie Anita’s desire for Anastasia to stay, Herman nodded in agreement. “Alright, Anastasia and I will stay the night.” 

On hearing this, Grannie Anita, overjoyed, instructed the housekeeper to prepare the room. Flynn chimed in, “Herman, Ana, Grannie hasn’t been this happy in a long time. Why don’t you just move back in? The house will be livelier.” 

Herman diverted the topic. “When are you bringing a girlfriend home, Flynn? The house will be even more vibrant then.” 

Flynn laughed, “Why are you dragging me into this? I’m not as lucky as you, bro, to have found a wonderful wife like Anastasia. I’m going to bed before I become a third wheel.” 

After Flynn left, Grannie Anita, wearing a warm smile, advised Anastasia, “Pregnant ladies should walk a bit after meals. It helps with the delivery. Stand up and take a stroll.” All of Grannie Anita’s words were centered around Anastasia and her unborn child’s well-being. Anastasia, with a faint smile, replied, “Sure. After every meal, Herman and I will take a walk in the yard.” 

“That’s good,” Grannie Anita responded. “Stay active, and rest well.” 

Anastasia wasn’t quite used to Grannie Anita’s sudden affectionate attitude. It was unsettling to see Grannie Anita’s smiling face when Anastasia remembered how she usually behaved. Grannie Anita’s concern for her that night was somewhat overwhelming. 

However, Anastasia didn’t let it show, thinking she was probably overthinking. 

Herman took Anastasia for a walk in the yard, and Anastasia glanced at Katelyn’s room on the second floor. The room light was on, and the sound of Feiman talking to Katelyn could faintly be heard. Feiman’s voice was a bit loud. Anastasia looked at Herman: “Are they arguing?” 

Herman said, “Don’t worry about it. The more they argue, the better.” 



Anastasia was pelplexed, “Who would wish for their parents to fight?” 

Herman said, “My mother has been holding it in for these few months. If she doesn’t vent this anger, there will always be a grudge between the two.” 

The fact that a husband cheated and even had an illegitimate child is not an easy hurdle for anyone to overcome. In a marriage that she thought was loving and honest, she found out that she’s deceived from the very beginning. Who can accept this? 

Anastasia didn’t say anything more, refraining from commenting. 

After taking a stroll in the yard, Anastasia and Herman went to their room. 

Pregnant women’s feet tend to swell. Anastasia would soak her feet in warm water every night before bed. As Herman was helping her with this, Grannie Anita spotted them from the hallway. The sight of Herman caring for Anastasia agitated her. Never had she seen her grandson so attentive to someone. He even washed a woman’s feet. It was quite unbecoming. 

Anastasia, used to Herman’s care, was glowing with happiness. The happier Anastasia looked, the more upset Grannie Anita felt. 

Upon noticing Grannie Anita, Herman called out, “Grannie, why are you still up?” 

Seeing Grannie Anita, Anastasia quickly pulled her feet back, feeling slightly embarrassed. “I was just heading to bed,” Grannie Anita responded. Her demeanor was changing rapidly. She wore a loving smile and said, “Pregnancy can cause swollen feet. Herman, pregnancy is not easy for women. You must take good care of Anastasia.” 

Herman nodded, “Mhm.” He too found Grannie Anita’s sudden change of heart quite 


After Grannie Anita left, Herman went to dispose of the water while Anastasia pondered 

over Grannie Anita’s words. Her unease was growing. 

Even if Grannie Anita cared for her great-grandson, seeing Herman wash Anastasia’s feet couldn’t possibly make her cheerful. This was highly irregular. 

Was this the same Grannie Anita who used to chew her out? 


The Bound Between Us ( Anastasia  )

The Bound Between Us ( Anastasia )

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The Bound Between Us ( Anastasia ) A romance novel is a genre of fiction primarily focused on the development of a romantic relationship between its central characters. These novels explore the emotional and often passionate connection between individuals, typically featuring themes of love, desire, and intimacy.

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The Bond Between Us Summary Anastasia found herself reluctantly agreeing to a blind date, only to be swept off her feet by Herman, the influential patriarch of the esteemed Salstrom family in the charming town of Riverdale. Unbeknownst to her, he was far from the ordinary man she had imagined, living a humble existence. Little did she know, their lives were about to take an extraordinary turn. As Anastasia delved deeper into Herman's world, she made a startling discovery that brought back forgotten memories-a truth she couldn't ignore. She had been a mother once. Their daughter, a striking resemblance of their shared past, became the living proof. Confused and astounded, Herman confronted her, seeking an explanation. Anastasia, caught off guard, could only manage, "I don't know what to say." While she pondered the twists and turns that...

The Bound Between Us


  • Book Title: The Bound Between Us
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"The Bound Between Us" is a poignant novel that delves into the complexities of human relationships, written by Anastasia. The story revolves around the lives of two protagonists, Emily and James, whose paths cross under extraordinary circumstances, leading to a deep and unbreakable connection. Emily, a talented but emotionally scarred artist, is struggling to find her place in the world after a traumatic past. James, a compassionate and introspective therapist, becomes Emily's client, seeking help for his own inner demons. As their therapeutic journey unfolds, an undeniable bond forms between them, blurring the lines between therapist and patient. Anastasia explores themes of healing, vulnerability, and the power of human connection throughout the narrative. Emily's art serves as a symbolic outlet for her emotions, and James's empathetic guidance helps her confront her past. In turn, Emily's courage inspires James to confront his own unresolved issues. However, their evolving relationship faces ethical dilemmas and societal judgments, raising questions about boundaries and the consequences of unconventional connections. Anastasia skillfully navigates these complexities, keeping readers engaged with well-developed characters and a beautifully crafted narrative. "The Bound Between Us" is a heartfelt exploration of the healing potential found in genuine connections. Anastasia's storytelling captivates readers, inviting them to ponder the profound impact of human relationships on our journey towards self-discovery and emotional well-being.


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