The Bound Between Us ( Anastasia ) Chapter 418

The Bound Between Us ( Anastasia ) Chapter 418

Chapter 418 

The more Anastasia thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong. 

“Let me give you a massage. I’ve learned a few tricks.” Herman filled a glass of water and rolled up his sleeves. 

Anastasia chuckled, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were gearing up for a fight.” 

In front of Anastasia, Herman had no airs about him. 

To be precise, since the day she met him, she had never seen Herman as a CEO. What kind of down-to-earth billionaire would live with her in a small apartment, drive a cheap car, and eat instant noodles? 

Only after really getting to know Herman, did Anastasia realize what a gem of a man she had found. At home, he was a doting husband; in the business world, he was an authoritative tycoon. Everyone in Riverdale respected him? 

Who would’ve thought the cold, aloof CEO would give his wife foot massages at home? 

Herman rubbed some essential oils on his hands, saying, “A massage will help you sleep 


Anastasia had some difficulty sleeping at night and could only sleep on her side. Smiling, Anastasia leaned back against the headboard. “My dear husband, let’s get started.” 

Herman chuckled and got to work. 

Anastasia teased him, “So, how much is a membership here?” 

Herman played along, “A monthly membership costs a kiss. Annual membership requires a kiss plus an ‘I love you’, and our VIP service is exclusive to you.” 

Anastasia laughed, “Aren’t you going bankrupt then?” 

“The reward is a gentle wife, so no matter how you look at it, it’s a profitable deal. A good wife brings prosperity for a family.” 

Anastasia felt a warmth spread through her heart. Watching Herman massage her feet, she thought even the discomforts of pregnancy were worth it. 

Herman never let her worry during her pregnancy. His careful attention made her feel good every day. Negative vibes? Not a chance. 

After becoming pregnant, Anastasia joined a group for expecting mothers, many of whom were full of anxiety and complaints. Most of these anxieties and complaints came from having an inattentive and unsupportive husband. 

Anastasia chuckled, “Gianna said today that I should hold on tight to a good man like you. You being such a great example has raised her standards. Now she finds everyone else 



Chapter 418 


Herman smirked, “Tell her next time. There’s only one good husband like me in the world, and he’s yours. No substitutes.” 

Anastasia grinned, “Isn’t that just asking for envy? Bragging about my own husband… ouch, be gentle…” Herman had pressed too hard, causing Anastasia to cry out in pain. 

Herman immediately said in a worried tone, “I’ll be gentler.” 

Grannie Anita hadn’t gone to bed yet. She was eavesdropping by the door. Hearing Anastasia cry out in pain and asking for gentleness, Grannie Anita’s face darkened. She muttered to herself, “Still so horny even while pregnant, exploiting my grandson.” 

Grannie Anita pressed her ear against the door, straining to hear. Anastasia’s voice came again, “Herman, I told you to be gentle. What if you hurt the baby? A little higher… no, that’s perfect. Feel so good…” 

Grannie Anita was furious. She thought, “What a shameless slut. No wonder my grandson is so smitten.” 

Grannie Anita gritted her teeth. Her face was flushed. She couldn’t listen anymore and stomped away. 

Inside the room, Herman was applying lotion to Anastasia’s belly to prevent stretch marks. Herman’s touch was gentle. He was slowly spreading the lotion with his thumb. The lotion was cool and refreshing, bringing comfort to Anastasia. 

Suddenly, Anastasia felt the baby move and was overjoyed. “Herman, the baby kicked 


Herman saw it too. He was applying lotion and saw the baby kick Anastasia’s belly. It looked like a tiny foot was poking out. Anastasia’s belly bulged, marking the spot where the baby had kicked. 

This was the first time Herman had seen the baby move so clearly. His heart was filled with joy. He reached out to touch the bulging spot, and the baby kicked again. 

This kick hit Herman right in the softest spot of his heart. 

Herman smiled. His eyes were full of tenderness. “This little one seems to be quite the mischief-maker.” 

The Bound Between Us ( Anastasia  )

The Bound Between Us ( Anastasia )

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The Bound Between Us ( Anastasia ) A romance novel is a genre of fiction primarily focused on the development of a romantic relationship between its central characters. These novels explore the emotional and often passionate connection between individuals, typically featuring themes of love, desire, and intimacy.

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The Bond Between Us Summary Anastasia found herself reluctantly agreeing to a blind date, only to be swept off her feet by Herman, the influential patriarch of the esteemed Salstrom family in the charming town of Riverdale. Unbeknownst to her, he was far from the ordinary man she had imagined, living a humble existence. Little did she know, their lives were about to take an extraordinary turn. As Anastasia delved deeper into Herman's world, she made a startling discovery that brought back forgotten memories-a truth she couldn't ignore. She had been a mother once. Their daughter, a striking resemblance of their shared past, became the living proof. Confused and astounded, Herman confronted her, seeking an explanation. Anastasia, caught off guard, could only manage, "I don't know what to say." While she pondered the twists and turns that...

The Bound Between Us


  • Book Title: The Bound Between Us
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"The Bound Between Us" is a poignant novel that delves into the complexities of human relationships, written by Anastasia. The story revolves around the lives of two protagonists, Emily and James, whose paths cross under extraordinary circumstances, leading to a deep and unbreakable connection. Emily, a talented but emotionally scarred artist, is struggling to find her place in the world after a traumatic past. James, a compassionate and introspective therapist, becomes Emily's client, seeking help for his own inner demons. As their therapeutic journey unfolds, an undeniable bond forms between them, blurring the lines between therapist and patient. Anastasia explores themes of healing, vulnerability, and the power of human connection throughout the narrative. Emily's art serves as a symbolic outlet for her emotions, and James's empathetic guidance helps her confront her past. In turn, Emily's courage inspires James to confront his own unresolved issues. However, their evolving relationship faces ethical dilemmas and societal judgments, raising questions about boundaries and the consequences of unconventional connections. Anastasia skillfully navigates these complexities, keeping readers engaged with well-developed characters and a beautifully crafted narrative. "The Bound Between Us" is a heartfelt exploration of the healing potential found in genuine connections. Anastasia's storytelling captivates readers, inviting them to ponder the profound impact of human relationships on our journey towards self-discovery and emotional well-being.


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