The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Chapter 1165

The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Chapter 1165

Chapter 1165 

“Traveling…” Amelia whispered silently, managing a bitter smile. She found herself devoid of both the mood and time for a vacation at this 


“Ms. Haab, if there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up,” said Frederick. 

“Wait!” Amelia exclaimed softly, hesitating before asking, “Warren… does he hate me now?” 

“Well…” Frederick pondered for a moment before replying, “Mr. York probably doesn’t hate you, but… his attitude toward you has shifted. It seems he may have let go of those feelings.” 

Amelia’s body quivered slightly. 

“Has he already… let go?” she wondered. Once, Amelia felt Warren loved too deeply while her love remained shallow. 

But now, the one who loved deeply had moved on, and ironically, she couldn’t. 

Her heart ached, throbbing with each beat. Even after Frederick ended the call, Amelia still clung to her phone, lost in thought. 

After a long while, she snapped back to reality. “If Warren isn’t willing to see me, then I’ll have to find him myself!” she declared quietly. 

Putting her phone away, she grabbed her wallet and key card left the hotel room. 

At the hotel entrance, Amelia hailed a taxi and provided the di York Group’s address. York Group was, after all, one of the top in Lofbury, and its address was easily accessible online. 

As the taxi arrived in front of the corporate building, Amelia step and gazed at the towering skyscraper, waves of memories flooding mind. 


During those days, she and Warren were deeply in love, and York Gro hadn’t yet achieved its current scale, let alone established itself in the prime city center. In those times, it was housed in a distant office build within the urban area. 




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Chapter 1665 

That buildding was part of the York family’s assets, though it had aged a 

Warren had once pointed to that office building and told Amelia, “In the future, I’ll construct York Group’s corporate building in the city center to 

establish the Yook family as a prominent name in the city. When that day arrives, I’lllinaaryy poll.” 

Now, his dreanahhaddong been realized. The York family’s corporate building stood bronicently in the bustling city center. However, Warren had only married Amechabboccause of their child. 

Their marriage chaddilutionately turned out to be a fleeting mirage. 

Taking a deep breathh Anchaapproached the building’s front desk. 

“Is Mr. Warren availabler l’adilike to see him,” Amelia said. 

“Do you have an appointcont? the receptionist asked. 

“No, but I’m…” Amelia esitadd donamoment, opting not to use the term “his wife. After all, they were on the path to divorce, and the role of a wife was only temporaryy I’veenoown him for many years, and I need to speak with him.”. 

“I’m sorry, without an appointmeontitisquite dificult. If everyone who knows Mr. York wanted to seechirmhebbe swamped just meeting people,” the person replied. 

Amelia pressed her lips together. Cannakeamappointme 

I don’t handle appointment scheduling here.” 

Amelia had no choice but to pull out her phone and call Fred Mr Lyon, are you at the corporate building gigght now? Imat desk. 

Frederick on the other end of the phone seemed somewhat surp then said, “Oh, umm… Please wait a moment. I’llbeaght there.” 


Mecdrederick rushed over, Amelia was still waiting paththe front de 

The monent Frederick saw her, he immediately asked FIB-Idow did y ahapdiere?” 

jahwantto Veer Warren, Amelia stated directly 



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Chapter 1165 

“But I already mentioned over the phone that this…” 

“I understand your situation, so I came to try my luck. Is Warren here right now?” Amelia asked. 

“He is, but Mr. York is currently in a meeting.” 

“Can you tell me the specific location of the conference room? I’ll go on my own. Warren said you’d help me with any place I wanted to go, right?” 

Amelia’s statement left Frederick at a loss for words. 

He scratched his head in resignation. “But Mrs. York, if Mr. York sees you and blames me for this…” 

“I’ll take full responsibility. I’m the one forcing you to tell me the meeting’s location,” Amelia said. 

Seeing that Amelia had said so, Frederick reluctantly agreed. “Let me take you there.” After all, he couldn’t risk any unexpected incidents on the way, especially with Amelia pregnant with a child. 

“Thank you,” Amelia said. 

Frederick escorted Amelia to the nearby elevator, leaving the receptionist at the front desk wearing a bewildered expression. 

“What did I just hear? Mrs. York? Who’s this woman? Could she possibly be Mr. York’s wife? Especially since this woman is clearly pregnant, sporting a noticeable baby bump… If she’s really Mrs. York, then the child in her belly must be Mr. York’s!” 

The receptionist was left stunned by her own speculations. 

On the other side, Frederick brought Amelia to the floor where the conference room was located. He said, “Mr. York is still in the meeting, so you might have to wait outside for a while.” 

“Okay, I’ll wait here.” Amelia pointed to the lounge outside the conference room, which had a few small round tables and chairs, clearly for people 

to rest. 

“Would you like something to drink or eat?” Frederick continued to ask. 

“Just a glass of warm water will do,” Amelia replied. 


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Chapter 1165 

Frederick hummed in acknowledgment and a little while later, he returned with a glass of warm water for Amelia. 

She accepted the glass, cradling it in her hands, and then said to Frederick, “I’ll be fine waiting here. You can go about your work.” 

“Well…” Frederick hesitated for a moment. 

“I’m here now, and with so many people around, nothing can go wrong,” Amelia said. 

“In that case, I’ll go back to work. Please wait for Mr. York here,” Frederick said before leaving. 

Alone, Amelia sat quietly, taking small sips of the warm water in her hands, as if doing so could case her nervousness. 

“What will it be like when I finally meet Warren later? Has he truly, as Frederick suggested, moved on from our relationship?” she pondered. 

As time ticked away, Amelia felt her tension growing. 

Suddenly, the door to the conference room swung open. Amelia’s hand, holding the glass of water, slightly shook, spilling some of it. However, she seemed oblivious, standing upright, her gaze fixed on the people emerging from the conference room. 

A pregnant woman like her, standing there and intensely observing the entrance of the conference room, drew immediate attention. 

The people coming out of the conference room couldn’t help but shift their gazes onto Amelia. 

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The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

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The Ceo's Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

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The main character in the story is Rosalie Leighton. She is a sanitation worker who became entangled in a tragic accident that led to her incarceration for three years. Despite the harsh circumstances of her past, Rosalie's life becomes intertwined with the wealthy tycoon, Jonathan Youngblood. She experiences unexpected affection from him, but as the truth behind the accident emerges, her love for him shatters, leading her to make the difficult decision to flee. Years later, when Jonathan pleads for her return, Rosalie responds with icy resolve. Throughout the narrative, Rosalie is at the center of the story, and her choices and experiences drive the plot's emotional and dramatic tension. Read More novel The Return Of His Unrivaled Ex-Wife By Zara Gibbon   Q1: Who was the wealthy tycoon mentioned in the story, and what happened to his fiancée? A1: The wealthy tycoon mentioned in the story is Jonathan Youngblood, and his fiancée was involved in a tragic mishap. Q2: What was the punishment Rosalie Leighton received for her role in the accident? A2: Rosalie Leighton was incarcerated for three years as a result of her involvement in the accident. Q3: How did Jonathan Youngblood initially react to Rosalie after her release from prison? A3: Jonathan Youngblood unexpectedly showered Rosalie with endless affection despite his ruthless image. Q4: Why did Rosalie eventually decide to flee from Jonathan? A4: Rosalie decided to flee from Jonathan after discovering the truth behind the accident, which shattered her love for him. Q5: What was Jonathan's plea to Rosalie when he knelt before her years later, and how did she respond? A5: Jonathan pleaded with Rosalie to return to him and promised to do anything. Rosalie responded with a frigid retort, telling him to go to hell. Read More novel Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter  


In the novel's closing chapters, Rosalie Leighton, having confronted her past and the haunting truths surrounding the accident, finds herself at a crossroads. As the shadows of her history with Jonathan Youngblood loom large, she must make a pivotal decision. The culmination of her character arc reveals a woman who has grown stronger, more resilient, and unburdened by the weight of her past. Whether she chooses to reconcile with Jonathan or continues forging her own path independently, the narrative leaves readers with a sense of closure and hope. The final pages bring resolution to Rosalie's journey, allowing the story to end on a poignant and satisfying note, leaving the reader with a lasting impression of her transformation. Read This Novel Complete The Ceo's Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike  

The Ceo's Convict Wife


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