The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Chapter 128

The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Chapter 128

Chapter 128 

“No one has found out which brand the scarf and gloves belong to. Some people said that it may be specially customized by a famous brand.” 

Some colleagues were talking about it, and Rosalie was so restless. She didn’t know what they would think if they knew that they were made by her. 

After seeing Jonathan’s scarf and gloves from those colleagues, Yulissa couldn’t help muttering. “These gloves look like those made by Rosalic.” 

After all, when Rosalie was weaving those gloves before, Yulissa was watching beside her. And Rosalie had even consulted Yulissa when she met some problems, so it made sense that Yulissa had an impression of those gloves. 

But as soon as Yulissa said that, the crowd immediately ridiculed her. 

“Yulissa, even if Rosalie has woven gloves, can they be what Jonathan was wearing?” 

“Even the gloves that Jonathan wore are handmade, they’ll be made of masters. How could he wear the gloves made by a sanitary worker?” 

“Alright. Yulissa is telling us a joke!” 

Hearing this, Yulissa stopped talking awkwardly. She just turned back and whispered to Rosalie, “Rosalie, the gloves Jonathan wore look like the ones you made. They said they were customized by a famous brand. But I think they look quite similar to what you’ve made!” 

Rosalie didn’t know what to say. She thought. “No, they’re exactly the same!” 

When Rosalie got off work in the afternoon, she received a call from Jarvis saying that Jonathan had asked him to pick her 

Rosalie could only carefully ask Jarvis to wait 1,640 feet away from the Environment and Sanitation Administration. Then she avoided others and got in the car. 

After getting in the car, Rosalie took a long breath. It would be a burden if she went to work like this every day. 

When Rosalie arrived at the Youngblood residence. Jonathan hadn’t come back yet. Gary said that Jonathan still had a meeting at the company and would come back later, so he let Rosalie eat first. 

-Sitting at the huge dining table, Rosalie was eating all kinds of dishes alone. 

Although the dishes were hearty. Rosalie felt an indescribalile loneliness while sitting alone at such a large table. 

Suddenly, Rosalie thought of Jonathan. It was said in the newspaper that Leonard had been hospitalized and rehabilitated in the hospital for a long time. She thought, “That means Jonathan often sits at such a big table and eats alone?” 

Thinking of this, Rosalie somehow felt depressed. 

At the same time, in the Leighton residence, Loretta was eating absent-mindedly. Caitlin asked while picking up food for her dear daughter, “Why are you eating at home these days? Don’t you have to stay with Calvin?” 

“Stay with Calvin?” Loretta complained in her mind. Calvin hadn’t called her these days. She went to Calvin’s company to look for him, but she was also blocked outside and they said that Calvin was busy working. 

Calvin’s suddenly changed attitude scared Loretta, and she had a vague guess that it was because of Rosalie. 

Loretta thought. “Is it because Calvin saw me treat Rosalie like that, so… Is Calvin angry with me because of Rosalie now?” 

Thinking of this, Loretta was even more upset. She gritted her teeth and thought, “When did Rosalie meet Calvin?! Why haven’t I heard Calvin or Rosalie mention it before?” 

“You have to grab Calvin tightly!” Caitlin reminded Loretta. 

“Yeah, don’t make a big mistake and lose everything like your sister, Gordon echoed. 


was so angry at the thought that his eldest daughter’s great marriage was ruined by a car accident. 

Gordon thought, I could have become the father-in-law of the CEO of the Xanthos Group. 

But now is better. My little daughter’s boyfriend is Calvin Gunner, a big shot in the entertainment industry! The Gunner family is much better than the Xanthos family. That’s a really powerful and wealthy family 

“I got it,” Loretta suppressed her anxiety and said. She could only ask Rosalie about it now. 

Loretta thought, “I have to figure out the relationship between Rosalie and Calvin!” 

Aker Rosalie washed up and went out of the bathroom at night, she saw some light come from the gap in the door connecting to the other side. 

Rosalie thought, ‘Is Jonathan… back?” 


Rosalie raised her hand and was about to knock on the door. Being escorted by the chauffeur could be a problem for Rosalie, so she was trying to talk with Jonathan about it. 

However, as soon as Rosalie knocked on the door, it directly opened since it wasn’t closed. Then she saw a huge projection at the front left. It could be clearly seen from the projection that Jonathan was having a video conference, and there were many foreigners on the screen. 

At this moment, those people in the video conference spotted Rosalie and all looked at her. 

“A woman showed up. Oh my, why is there a woman here at this hour?” Someone was surprised. 

“Jonathan, is this your lover?” 

“Why don’t you introduce her to us?” 

“Is this the lady who called at the last conference?” 

All kinds of voices filled the room for a moment. After Jonathan cut off the sound directly, the room finally became quiet. 

But on the screen, it could still be seen that those people in the video conference were still looking at this place curiously. 

“What’s wrong?” Jonathan turned around, looked at Rosalie, and asked. 

“Well… Sorry to interrupt your conference” Rosalie stood there at a loss. She didn’t expect Jonathan to have a video. conference in his room right now. 

“It’s fine,” Jonathan said. “Just tell me if you need anything” 

“Well, you don’t have to ask your chauffeur Jarvis to drive me to work tomorrow. I can take the bus,” said Rosalie. 

“Why? I don’t see any difference between taking a bus and taking a car.” Jonathan raised his eyebrows slightly. 

Rosalie thought, ‘Of course they’re different!” 

“It’s too rye-catching Rosalie hesitated for a moment and said. 

Jonathan pondered for a moment and asked, “Which car did Jarvis use to pick you up today?” 

“The silver Maybach,” said Rosalie. 

“Okay, I’ll talk to Jarvis later and let him pick you up with an unobtrusive car,” said Jonathan 

Rosalie suddenly felt speechless. She thought. “That’s not the point at all. 

“I’m thinking… 

“Do you want me to pick you up in person, Rosie Jonathan suddenly stood up and walked to Rosalie step by step. He bent down with a faint smile, and his face approached her at once. “If you want it, I can also do that” 

Rosalie’s face suddenly blushed, and she caught a glimpse of the person in the video conference on the screen. They all looked curious and gossipy

The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

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The Ceo's Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike" A CEO romance novel is a subgenre of romance fiction that typically features a romantic relationship between two main characters, one of whom is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO Jennifer Mike ) of a company or a powerful businessperson. Powerful and Wealthy CEO Jennifer Mike : One of the main characters is a successful and influential CEO, often portrayed as wealthy, ambitious, and driven... Read More Novel: Love’s Cunning Ruse ( Mr.Kieran And Julie )

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When the wealthy tycoon, Jonathan Youngblood, lost his fiancée in a tragic mishap, the driver behind the wheel, Rosalie Leighton, was incarcerated for three years. Emerging from prison, Rosalie's path unexpectedly intertwined with Jonathan's once more. Pleading for mercy, she received an enigmatic response: "You'll never escape me, Rosie. Surprisingly, despite his ruthless image, Jonathan showered the once-imprisoned sanitation worker with endless affection. Yet, the truth behind the accident shattered her love for him, leading her to make the difficult decision to flee. Years later, he knelt before her, entreating, "Rosalie, return to me, and I'll do anything."Regrettably, her retort was as frigid as ice: "Then, go to hell."Rosalie and Jonathan confronted their past as their lives converged, compelling them to face haunting truths. Could love heal their scars, or would shadows forever cloud their path? Read More Notes of Destiny: A Musical Odyssey by Neil Grant  

The Ceo's Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

People also Ask Question And Main Character

The main character in the story is Rosalie Leighton. She is a sanitation worker who became entangled in a tragic accident that led to her incarceration for three years. Despite the harsh circumstances of her past, Rosalie's life becomes intertwined with the wealthy tycoon, Jonathan Youngblood. She experiences unexpected affection from him, but as the truth behind the accident emerges, her love for him shatters, leading her to make the difficult decision to flee. Years later, when Jonathan pleads for her return, Rosalie responds with icy resolve. Throughout the narrative, Rosalie is at the center of the story, and her choices and experiences drive the plot's emotional and dramatic tension. Read More novel The Return Of His Unrivaled Ex-Wife By Zara Gibbon   Q1: Who was the wealthy tycoon mentioned in the story, and what happened to his fiancée? A1: The wealthy tycoon mentioned in the story is Jonathan Youngblood, and his fiancée was involved in a tragic mishap. Q2: What was the punishment Rosalie Leighton received for her role in the accident? A2: Rosalie Leighton was incarcerated for three years as a result of her involvement in the accident. Q3: How did Jonathan Youngblood initially react to Rosalie after her release from prison? A3: Jonathan Youngblood unexpectedly showered Rosalie with endless affection despite his ruthless image. Q4: Why did Rosalie eventually decide to flee from Jonathan? A4: Rosalie decided to flee from Jonathan after discovering the truth behind the accident, which shattered her love for him. Q5: What was Jonathan's plea to Rosalie when he knelt before her years later, and how did she respond? A5: Jonathan pleaded with Rosalie to return to him and promised to do anything. Rosalie responded with a frigid retort, telling him to go to hell. Read More novel Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter  


In the novel's closing chapters, Rosalie Leighton, having confronted her past and the haunting truths surrounding the accident, finds herself at a crossroads. As the shadows of her history with Jonathan Youngblood loom large, she must make a pivotal decision. The culmination of her character arc reveals a woman who has grown stronger, more resilient, and unburdened by the weight of her past. Whether she chooses to reconcile with Jonathan or continues forging her own path independently, the narrative leaves readers with a sense of closure and hope. The final pages bring resolution to Rosalie's journey, allowing the story to end on a poignant and satisfying note, leaving the reader with a lasting impression of her transformation. Read This Novel Complete The Ceo's Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike  

The Ceo's Convict Wife


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