The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Chapter 130

The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Chapter 130

Chapter 130 

However, it made women have the illusion that they were loved. 

Loretta suddenly took off her sunglasses and stared at Rosalie with anger in her eyes, shouting. “Rosalie, Calvin is mine!” 

“Then you should say this to Calvin instead of to me, Rosalie said coldly 

“You Loretta snorted and finally turned around and walked away quickly 

Since Loretta could know nothing from Rosalie, she didn’t want to waste more time. However, she wanted Rosalie to pay for what she said today. 

What did Rosalie mean? Loretta was sure that she would be Calvin’s last girlfriend! 

In any case, Loretta would not give Calvin to others. 

That evening. Rosalie received a message from the organizer of the background actors, asking her to go to the shooting site from last time this weekend. 

[The director said that there were several shots of you last time, and they were great. The last group show hadn’t been shot. so it would be shot on the day after tomorrow. The background actors will be the same as the previous ones, so as not to confuse the roles.] The organizer Jeremy left a message for Rosalie and explained. 

Rosalie hesitated for a moment and replied, “I see.” 

If she didn’t go there this time after the last shooting, it would be irresponsible. Moreover, Rosalie was introduced by Yulissa. If Rosalie didn’t go there, she was afraid that she would probably cause some unnecessary trouble for Yulissa. 

“What do you see?” A voice sounded behind Rosalie. Rosalie suddenly turned her head and found Jonathan walking into the 


However, he didn’t come in through the door that connected the two rooms. Instead, he came in through the main entrance of the room 

“I just promised someone to be the background actress this weekend,” Rosalie said. 

“Are you going to be a background actress again?” Jonathan frowned slightly and said, “Haven’t you had enough of the last 


-Rosalie pursed her lips and said, “If I want to make money, I have to suffer. Moreover, Rosalie thought that when it was done 

this time, she would try her best to avoid the crew where Loretta was in the future. 

Jonathan stared at Rosalie and said, “So, you don’t care whether you will suffer as long as you can make money?” As he said, he propped his hands on the edge of the bed and bent down. His eyes met Rosalie’s directly. 

Rosalie was startled and leaned back subconsciously, trying to get a little farther away from Jonathan. 

But the farther she leaned back, the closer Jonathan approached. His beautiful eyes were shiny with some unfathomable 


“Rosie, is that so?” Jonathan whispered, and his breath brushed her face. 

Rosalie was stunned, and her back suddenly fell on the bed. 

The next moment, Jonathan’s body was already over her. “As long as I give you the money, you won’t care if you are suffering from me. Is that so?” 

Rosalie blushed and said, “I earn money in the right way!” 

Jonathan smiled lightly and rubbed Rosalie’s red lips with his fingertips, whispering, “What? Can’t you make money from 

Rosalie’s face blushed even more. She tried to avoid his fingers, but she couldn’t succeed at all 

“Jonathan, stop teasing me Rosalie gasped for breath. Her bright eyes were not as calm as usual under the light, but they were much livelier because of anger 

Jonathan looked into Rosalie’s eyes almost obsessively. He had seen many more beautiful eyes than hers, but Rosalie’s eyes were the only ones that could make Jonathan feel so obsessed. 

When looking at her eyes, Jonathan wanted to be the only person she could see, and he didn’t want her to look at other men with such gazes. 

Then his fingertips gently pried open her teeth and felt the warmth in her mouth Jonathan said in a low voice, “What if I am not teasing you? If I say that I will give you no matter how much money you want, will you be willing to suffer from me?” 

She could feel his fingertips with a touch of coldness, as if he was taking the warmth from her, making her shiver. 

“I only make money from my own labor, Rosalie said, but her heart was racing. 


She thought what Jonathan just said was just a trick. Even if he could really give her money, what price would she pay? 

Rosalie thought so, staring straight at Jonathan’s handsome face. 

Jonathan fixed his eyes on Rosalie under him. His eyelashes trembled slightly, then he loosened his grip on her and straightened up. “Then I’ll see how you can exchange labor for money,” Jonathan said. 

His voice was gentle as usual as if nothing had happened just now. 

Rosalie was stunned for a moment. What did he mean? 

In the next two days, everything was as usual. Loretta never came to Rosalie again, and Jonathan didn’t talk about the same. topic anymore. 

But every day the driver of the Youngblood family would drive her to and pick her up from work in the Environment and 

Sanitation Administration. 

Even if the car had been replaced with a BMW, it still cost more than 400 thousand dollars. In the eyes of the ordinary staff, it was still a high-end luxury car. 

So Rosalie had to get on and off the car at a distance of about 500 yards from the Environment and Sanitation. Administration when she went to and got off work. 

Two days later, Rosalie came to the gathering place of the background actors as appointed. The driver of the Youngblood family drove her there. 

But when she arrived, there were already some background actors waiting over there. So when Rosalie got out of the BMW, many of the background actors were stunned. 

After the car left, a background actor came to Rosalie and asked curiously. “Who are you? Are you from a rich family? That car is really cool.” 

“How could she be rich? If she is, how could she kneel down like that again and again last time?” someone else said. 

Rosalie looked at the speaker and found it was a beautiful young woman dressed in fashionable clothes with exquisite makeup. 

There were two kinds of people who came to be the background actors. Most of them lived a poor life. So they came here to make money. But some background actors were not poor. They came here for opportunities so that they could be favored by some directors. If they were lucky, they would have an opportunity to enter the entertainment circle. 

This young woman obviously belonged to the latter.

The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

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The Ceo's Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike" A CEO romance novel is a subgenre of romance fiction that typically features a romantic relationship between two main characters, one of whom is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO Jennifer Mike ) of a company or a powerful businessperson. Powerful and Wealthy CEO Jennifer Mike : One of the main characters is a successful and influential CEO, often portrayed as wealthy, ambitious, and driven... Read More Novel: Love’s Cunning Ruse ( Mr.Kieran And Julie )

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When the wealthy tycoon, Jonathan Youngblood, lost his fiancée in a tragic mishap, the driver behind the wheel, Rosalie Leighton, was incarcerated for three years. Emerging from prison, Rosalie's path unexpectedly intertwined with Jonathan's once more. Pleading for mercy, she received an enigmatic response: "You'll never escape me, Rosie. Surprisingly, despite his ruthless image, Jonathan showered the once-imprisoned sanitation worker with endless affection. Yet, the truth behind the accident shattered her love for him, leading her to make the difficult decision to flee. Years later, he knelt before her, entreating, "Rosalie, return to me, and I'll do anything."Regrettably, her retort was as frigid as ice: "Then, go to hell."Rosalie and Jonathan confronted their past as their lives converged, compelling them to face haunting truths. Could love heal their scars, or would shadows forever cloud their path? Read More Notes of Destiny: A Musical Odyssey by Neil Grant  

The Ceo's Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

People also Ask Question And Main Character

The main character in the story is Rosalie Leighton. She is a sanitation worker who became entangled in a tragic accident that led to her incarceration for three years. Despite the harsh circumstances of her past, Rosalie's life becomes intertwined with the wealthy tycoon, Jonathan Youngblood. She experiences unexpected affection from him, but as the truth behind the accident emerges, her love for him shatters, leading her to make the difficult decision to flee. Years later, when Jonathan pleads for her return, Rosalie responds with icy resolve. Throughout the narrative, Rosalie is at the center of the story, and her choices and experiences drive the plot's emotional and dramatic tension. Read More novel The Return Of His Unrivaled Ex-Wife By Zara Gibbon   Q1: Who was the wealthy tycoon mentioned in the story, and what happened to his fiancée? A1: The wealthy tycoon mentioned in the story is Jonathan Youngblood, and his fiancée was involved in a tragic mishap. Q2: What was the punishment Rosalie Leighton received for her role in the accident? A2: Rosalie Leighton was incarcerated for three years as a result of her involvement in the accident. Q3: How did Jonathan Youngblood initially react to Rosalie after her release from prison? A3: Jonathan Youngblood unexpectedly showered Rosalie with endless affection despite his ruthless image. Q4: Why did Rosalie eventually decide to flee from Jonathan? A4: Rosalie decided to flee from Jonathan after discovering the truth behind the accident, which shattered her love for him. Q5: What was Jonathan's plea to Rosalie when he knelt before her years later, and how did she respond? A5: Jonathan pleaded with Rosalie to return to him and promised to do anything. Rosalie responded with a frigid retort, telling him to go to hell. Read More novel Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter  


In the novel's closing chapters, Rosalie Leighton, having confronted her past and the haunting truths surrounding the accident, finds herself at a crossroads. As the shadows of her history with Jonathan Youngblood loom large, she must make a pivotal decision. The culmination of her character arc reveals a woman who has grown stronger, more resilient, and unburdened by the weight of her past. Whether she chooses to reconcile with Jonathan or continues forging her own path independently, the narrative leaves readers with a sense of closure and hope. The final pages bring resolution to Rosalie's journey, allowing the story to end on a poignant and satisfying note, leaving the reader with a lasting impression of her transformation. Read This Novel Complete The Ceo's Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike  

The Ceo's Convict Wife


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