The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Chapter 617

The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Chapter 617

Chapter 617 

Many women in Strico wanted to become part of the Youngblood family by giving birth to Jonathan’s child. However, they didn’t even have a chance to get close to Jonathan, let alone give birth to his child. 

“Rosalie is so lucky!” Carlos thought. 

Carlos couldn’t help but marvel at it silently in his heart. He then gently patted the doctor on the shoulder and left the ward. with the doctor. 

As Jonathan’s personal assistant, Carlos naturally understood that his boss needed some time to calm down and spend some alone time with Rosalie. 

In the otherwise quiet ward, the only sound that filled the air was the breathing of the two people. 

Jonathan tenderly raised his hand and, through the white bedding, caressed Rosalie’s abdomen. 

Having accompanied her to the Department of Gynecology in the past, Jonathan naturally knew about her previous womb injury. Even with a fully healed womb and or methods like in-vitro fertilization, getting pregnant was still going to be a challenging process for Rosalie, let alone getting pregnant naturally. 

The chance of that occurring was extremely small. 

As a result, even after they parted ways and even when Jonathan witnessed her vomiting miserably that day, he never considered the possibility of Rosalie being pregnant. 

However, she was currently pregnant. There was a child belonging to them in her womb! 

“Is our child a boy or a girl? What would the child look like in the future?” mused Jonathan inwardly. 

His hand moved from her abdomen to her cheek, and his long fingers delicately caressed Rosalie’s tanned skin. There was a faint chill where Jonathan’s fingertips touched. 

“Do you know that you’re pregnant?” he whispered. “I was afraid you wouldn’t have chosen to bear my child if given the option. But now that we’re going to have a child together, you…” 

Jonathan paused as if thousands of words were caught in his throat. Finally, he asked, “Will you leave me again?” 

His question was met with silence as Rosalie continued to sleep, unable to respond. 

Rosalie did not know how long she had slept for. When she woke up, a white and unfamiliar ceiling appeared in her line of sight. 

“What is this? Where am I?” she wondered. Blinking in confusion, Rosalie gradually recollected that she had gone to the Youngblood Group to request a loan of 400 thousand dollars from Jonathan, who had rejected her. After that, it seemed like she had been planning to leave. However, she had no memory of what happened next. 

“What happened? Did I faint?” she wondered. 

“You’re awake.” A magnetic and cold voice sounded in the room. 

Rosalie shuddered and abruptly sat up. Her eyes widened in surprise as she glanced around the room and saw Jonathan. She started to ask, “Why are you…” Thereafter, Rosalie noticed the room’s furnishings and medical equipment, and realization dawned on her. “Am I in the hospital?” 

“You fainted, so you were brought here. You’ve been unconscious for seven hours. What would you like to eat?” Jonathan inquired. 

Rosalie moistened her dry lips and replied, “There’s no need. Thank you for getting me to the hospital. However, I’m afraid I can’t immediately cover the medical expenses. I’ll repay you gradually in the future.” 

After saying that, Rosalie lifted the sheets and got out of bed. 

However, due to her just gaining consciousness and having gone without food for a long time, Rosalie felt weak when she tried to get out of bed. She stumbled, on the verge of falling, but Jonathan quickly extended his arm to catch her. 

Just then, she fell into his arms instantly. 

Rosalie instinctively wanted to pull away from Jonathan’s embrace, but he held her a bit tighter. He breathed in her scent deeply, almost greedily. Now that Jonathan held her in his arms, he was unwilling to let go. 

How long could she keep affecting him like this? All of his logic and determination seemed to shatter easily every time he encountered Rosalie. 

Rosalie was the one currently in a pathetic state, but why did he feel as though he was the one defeated by her? Why did it seem as though he wanted to surrender to her? 

Jonathan simply held onto her, burying his face in her shoulder as if he wanted to keep her in his embrace for a lifetime. Rosalie was taken aback. “Doesn’t he despise me? He hated me so intensely that he seemed willing to disregard everything 


else. Yet, why is he holding me so tightly now?” she thought. 

“I… I can provide you with 400 thousand dollars.” Jonathan finally spoke, his voice hoarse. “I can also arrange for a better hospital for Lillian. I’ll ensure she receives top-notch medical care. I’m even willing to cover all her future treatment expenses.” 

Rosalie widened her eyes and could not believe what she was hearing. 

Was he saying that he was willing to save Lillian? 

“Do you mean that?” Rosalie’s lips quivered, and she sobbed, afraid that Jonathan was once again offering her hope only to later push her into the depths of despair.. 

“If you’re truly willing to sacrifice everything for Lillian, then… Let’s get married,” he whispered. Jonathan could never have believed that one day, even proposing marriage to her would have come with conditions. 

Rosalie stared at Jonathan in a daze, feeling as though everything was surreal. “What did he just say? Marriage? Does he want to marry me?” she wondered. 

“You want to… marry me?” she asked in bewilderment. 

“Aren’t you willing to do anything for Lillian? So, marrying me in exchange for helping her shouldn’t be too difficult,” said Jonathan calmly. 

It was not difficult, but she couldn’t comprehend his motives. “Shouldn’t he hate me profoundly? Didn’t he just tell me there’s no room for regret? So, why is his attitude entirely different now that I’ve merely awakened after fainting?” she pondered. 

“W-Why… Do you want to marry me?” Rosalie stammered. 

“Because you’re pregnant now. You’re 13 weeks along. I don’t want our child to be illegitimate,” replied Jonathan, unwilling to admit that he couldn’t let her go. 

When Roaslie fainted before him, he experienced an unprecedented panic. At that moment, Jonathan’s only concern was that nothing could happen to her, and she had to be fine. 

“What should I do if something is seriously wrong with her? How can I go on living?” wondered Jonathan. 

He believed he could forsake her entirely in his heart. However, it proved exceedingly challenging to cease loving Rosalie after opening his heart to her, even when Jonathan wanted to stop loving her. 

Rosalie was completely stunned. 

It felt like a series of continuous shocks for her. 

“I’m pregnant? Is there a baby in my belly now?” she wondered. 

Rosalie’s eyes were wide open at first, and they widened even further presently. She gazed at Jonathan and then lowered her head to look at her abdomen, completely immersed in the overwhelming shock. 

“Will I become a mother and bear my own child?” she wondered. 

“Am I… Am I truly pregnant?” Rosalie asked in a quivering voice, terrified that she might have misheard.” 

“Is there a need for me to lie to you? Or do you believe I would fabricate a lie about your pregnancy just to compel you into marriage?” Jonathan retorted with a hint of sarcasm in his tone.

The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

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The Ceo's Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike" A CEO romance novel is a subgenre of romance fiction that typically features a romantic relationship between two main characters, one of whom is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO Jennifer Mike ) of a company or a powerful businessperson. Powerful and Wealthy CEO Jennifer Mike : One of the main characters is a successful and influential CEO, often portrayed as wealthy, ambitious, and driven... Read More Novel: Love’s Cunning Ruse ( Mr.Kieran And Julie )

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When the wealthy tycoon, Jonathan Youngblood, lost his fiancée in a tragic mishap, the driver behind the wheel, Rosalie Leighton, was incarcerated for three years. Emerging from prison, Rosalie's path unexpectedly intertwined with Jonathan's once more. Pleading for mercy, she received an enigmatic response: "You'll never escape me, Rosie. Surprisingly, despite his ruthless image, Jonathan showered the once-imprisoned sanitation worker with endless affection. Yet, the truth behind the accident shattered her love for him, leading her to make the difficult decision to flee. Years later, he knelt before her, entreating, "Rosalie, return to me, and I'll do anything."Regrettably, her retort was as frigid as ice: "Then, go to hell."Rosalie and Jonathan confronted their past as their lives converged, compelling them to face haunting truths. Could love heal their scars, or would shadows forever cloud their path? Read More Notes of Destiny: A Musical Odyssey by Neil Grant  

The Ceo's Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

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The main character in the story is Rosalie Leighton. She is a sanitation worker who became entangled in a tragic accident that led to her incarceration for three years. Despite the harsh circumstances of her past, Rosalie's life becomes intertwined with the wealthy tycoon, Jonathan Youngblood. She experiences unexpected affection from him, but as the truth behind the accident emerges, her love for him shatters, leading her to make the difficult decision to flee. Years later, when Jonathan pleads for her return, Rosalie responds with icy resolve. Throughout the narrative, Rosalie is at the center of the story, and her choices and experiences drive the plot's emotional and dramatic tension. Read More novel The Return Of His Unrivaled Ex-Wife By Zara Gibbon   Q1: Who was the wealthy tycoon mentioned in the story, and what happened to his fiancée? A1: The wealthy tycoon mentioned in the story is Jonathan Youngblood, and his fiancée was involved in a tragic mishap. Q2: What was the punishment Rosalie Leighton received for her role in the accident? A2: Rosalie Leighton was incarcerated for three years as a result of her involvement in the accident. Q3: How did Jonathan Youngblood initially react to Rosalie after her release from prison? A3: Jonathan Youngblood unexpectedly showered Rosalie with endless affection despite his ruthless image. Q4: Why did Rosalie eventually decide to flee from Jonathan? A4: Rosalie decided to flee from Jonathan after discovering the truth behind the accident, which shattered her love for him. Q5: What was Jonathan's plea to Rosalie when he knelt before her years later, and how did she respond? A5: Jonathan pleaded with Rosalie to return to him and promised to do anything. Rosalie responded with a frigid retort, telling him to go to hell. Read More novel Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter  


In the novel's closing chapters, Rosalie Leighton, having confronted her past and the haunting truths surrounding the accident, finds herself at a crossroads. As the shadows of her history with Jonathan Youngblood loom large, she must make a pivotal decision. The culmination of her character arc reveals a woman who has grown stronger, more resilient, and unburdened by the weight of her past. Whether she chooses to reconcile with Jonathan or continues forging her own path independently, the narrative leaves readers with a sense of closure and hope. The final pages bring resolution to Rosalie's journey, allowing the story to end on a poignant and satisfying note, leaving the reader with a lasting impression of her transformation. Read This Novel Complete The Ceo's Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike  

The Ceo's Convict Wife


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