The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Chapter 618

The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike Chapter 618

Chapter 618 

Her eyelashes fluttered slightly, and Rosalie slowly raised her eyes. Her clear eyes fixed on the utterly beautiful eyes in front of her. 

His gaze was not as charming and gentle as it used to be when Rosalie and Jonathan were together but was as dark as the night sky. 

In the past, Rosalie thought that she and Jonathan would eventually be like two horizons that would return to their original positions and never meet again. 

However, they were entangled in that way. 

They would have a child who was linked to them by blood. 

Rosalie took a deep breath and said slowly, “Okay. Let’s get married!” 

A black car stopped at the hospital where Lillian was. Carlos respectfully opened the passenger seat door and said to Rosalie, “Ms. Leighton, Mr. Youngblood says you shouldn’t stay here too long since you’re weak and pregnant now. Besides, the transfer of Ms. Quinn to another hospital should be done tomorrow.” 

“I understand,” responded Rosalie. Then, she walked toward the ICU ward while Carlos followed. 

After all, Rosalie was pregnant with Jonathan’s child. The child might be the heir of the Youngblood family in the future. 

When Rosalie came to the ICU, Stephen and Abigail stood outside the glass wall and watched Lillian as Rosalie had seen previously. 

Although they knew Lillian might not even be conscious at that moment, they kept staring at her, hoping for a miracle. They also feared Lillian’s condition would worsen before the second surgery. 

When the two saw Rosalie coming again, their expression instantly changed. 

“What are you doing here? Lillian is already in this state. Do you still want to disturb her? You being here only makes us even more upset. Go! Leave!” shouted Abigail hysterically. 

In those days, Abigail was at her limit because of Lillian’s condition and financial pressure. 

At that moment, she saw Rosalie again and felt as if the string in her mind had snapped. She vented all her negative emotions 

at Rosalie. 

As Abigail shouted, she rushed forward and tried to push Rosalie away but was stopped by Carlos. 

“Hello, I’m Mr. Jonathan Youngblood’s secretary. Mr. Youngblood has promised Ms. Leighton that he’ll cover all the medical. expenses of Ms. Lillian Quinn and transfer her to the hospital that has the best neurology department in Strico. At the same time, he’ll hire experts from Clusia and abroad to consult for Ms. Quinn,” said Carlos. 

Hearing that, Stephen and Abigail were stunned. They exchanged helpless glances and felt like they had won the jackpot out of the blue. They were bewildered. 

Rosalie did not say anything. She only walked forward and eventually reached the glass wall. She looked through it at Lillian, who was still lying inside with tubes on her body. 

Lillian looked the same as the previous time Rosalie came. With the best hospital and experts, Rosalie reckoned Lillian should wake up soon and recover well. 

Rosalie murmured inwardly, “Lillian, did you know? I’m getting married! You once said I’d be your bridesmaid. Unexpectedly, I’ll get married one step ahead of you. Then, next time you get married, I’ll be your matron of honor! And… I had a baby in my belly. I didn’t expect that one day, I could have my own child. Lillian, will you be happy for me?” 

Rosalie kept talking in her heart, thinking that if Lillian woke up and knew Rosalie could become a mother, she would be happy for Rosalie. 

As for her marriage with Jonathan, Rosalie would not regret it because it was the best choice at that moment. It was for the sake of Lillian and the baby. 

When Rosalie thought of that, a voice suddenly appeared in her heart as if asking, “What about yourself? Is it the best choice for you to marry Jonathan?” 

She wondered if the feelings for Jonathan in her heart had really vanished or if it was still in the depths of her heart. 

After Rosalie and Carlos left, Stephen and Abigail came to their senses. They looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes. 

No one expected that Rosalie would marry Jonathan. That was why Jonathan would help the Quinn family. 

However, it was too sudden. 

Stephen and Abigail pondered in unison, “Jonathan is the richest man in Strico. He’s someone who’s high and mighty in Stricò Is he really going to marry Rosalie?” 


After a long time, Stephen cleared his throat and said, “Next time when you meet Rosalie, don’t do that again. She has helped us a lot this time. Lillian has a better taste than us. She… didn’t make friends with the wrong person!” 

Although Stephen was unclear about what was going on between Rosalie and Jonathan, he had a feeling that the sudden marriage between Rosalie and Jonathan might have something to do with Lillian’s critical condition. 

Guilt flashed across Abigail’s face. She said, “Yes. Next time she comes to see Lillian, I… I’ll apologize to her! Lillian could be saved now. She’ll get better, right?” 

Abigail sobbed at the end of the sentence. 

Stephen patted his wife on the shoulder and comforted her, “She’ll be fine. Our daughter is not that fragile! Besides, she has to wake up and wait for Callum to marry her!” 

Carlos drove Rosalie to the Youngblood residence. When the car stopped at the entrance of the Youngblood residence, Rosalie felt like she was in a different lifetime. 

She did not expect that she would step into the place again. 

“Mr. Youngblood is waiting for you inside,” said Carlos respectfully. 

Rosalie took a deep breath and walked toward the house while Carlos stood outside. Watching Rosalie walking into the main house, he could not help touching his nose. 

When Carlos knew that Jonathan was going to marry Rosalie, he was shocked but also felt it was expected. 

After all, Rosalie was the only woman Jonathan would possibly marry. Carlos had never seen Jonathan care about other women like that before. 

He could not forget that when Rosalie fainted, Jonathan shivered with Rosalie in his arms and yelled on the phone. 

It was completely different from his usual composure. 

Rosalie would marry into the Youngblood family and become the lady of the Youngblood family. She would become Strico’s most distinguished woman in the future. 

Rosalie entered the main house and saw Jonathan sitting on the couch with a book on his lap. He should have been reading. At that moment, he heard Rosalie coming in and raised his head to look at her.

The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

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The Ceo's Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike" A CEO romance novel is a subgenre of romance fiction that typically features a romantic relationship between two main characters, one of whom is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO Jennifer Mike ) of a company or a powerful businessperson. Powerful and Wealthy CEO Jennifer Mike : One of the main characters is a successful and influential CEO, often portrayed as wealthy, ambitious, and driven... Read More Novel: Love’s Cunning Ruse ( Mr.Kieran And Julie )

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When the wealthy tycoon, Jonathan Youngblood, lost his fiancée in a tragic mishap, the driver behind the wheel, Rosalie Leighton, was incarcerated for three years. Emerging from prison, Rosalie's path unexpectedly intertwined with Jonathan's once more. Pleading for mercy, she received an enigmatic response: "You'll never escape me, Rosie. Surprisingly, despite his ruthless image, Jonathan showered the once-imprisoned sanitation worker with endless affection. Yet, the truth behind the accident shattered her love for him, leading her to make the difficult decision to flee. Years later, he knelt before her, entreating, "Rosalie, return to me, and I'll do anything."Regrettably, her retort was as frigid as ice: "Then, go to hell."Rosalie and Jonathan confronted their past as their lives converged, compelling them to face haunting truths. Could love heal their scars, or would shadows forever cloud their path? Read More Notes of Destiny: A Musical Odyssey by Neil Grant  

The Ceo's Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

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The main character in the story is Rosalie Leighton. She is a sanitation worker who became entangled in a tragic accident that led to her incarceration for three years. Despite the harsh circumstances of her past, Rosalie's life becomes intertwined with the wealthy tycoon, Jonathan Youngblood. She experiences unexpected affection from him, but as the truth behind the accident emerges, her love for him shatters, leading her to make the difficult decision to flee. Years later, when Jonathan pleads for her return, Rosalie responds with icy resolve. Throughout the narrative, Rosalie is at the center of the story, and her choices and experiences drive the plot's emotional and dramatic tension. Read More novel The Return Of His Unrivaled Ex-Wife By Zara Gibbon   Q1: Who was the wealthy tycoon mentioned in the story, and what happened to his fiancée? A1: The wealthy tycoon mentioned in the story is Jonathan Youngblood, and his fiancée was involved in a tragic mishap. Q2: What was the punishment Rosalie Leighton received for her role in the accident? A2: Rosalie Leighton was incarcerated for three years as a result of her involvement in the accident. Q3: How did Jonathan Youngblood initially react to Rosalie after her release from prison? A3: Jonathan Youngblood unexpectedly showered Rosalie with endless affection despite his ruthless image. Q4: Why did Rosalie eventually decide to flee from Jonathan? A4: Rosalie decided to flee from Jonathan after discovering the truth behind the accident, which shattered her love for him. Q5: What was Jonathan's plea to Rosalie when he knelt before her years later, and how did she respond? A5: Jonathan pleaded with Rosalie to return to him and promised to do anything. Rosalie responded with a frigid retort, telling him to go to hell. Read More novel Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter  


In the novel's closing chapters, Rosalie Leighton, having confronted her past and the haunting truths surrounding the accident, finds herself at a crossroads. As the shadows of her history with Jonathan Youngblood loom large, she must make a pivotal decision. The culmination of her character arc reveals a woman who has grown stronger, more resilient, and unburdened by the weight of her past. Whether she chooses to reconcile with Jonathan or continues forging her own path independently, the narrative leaves readers with a sense of closure and hope. The final pages bring resolution to Rosalie's journey, allowing the story to end on a poignant and satisfying note, leaving the reader with a lasting impression of her transformation. Read This Novel Complete The Ceo's Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike  

The Ceo's Convict Wife


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