The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 841

Chapter 841 What a Big Net

Nicole frowned, then laughed. Yvette’s words reflected her temper – straightforward but also sharp.

What’s more, perhaps last night I was only so sad because I was drunk and lost. the contract. Luckily you were by my side and didn’t let me embarrass myself. Otherwise, how can I meet people in the future?”

Whether what Yvette said was trung not, Nicole could hear that Yvette testly intended to let go of her love for Grant.

Nicole went over to log Yvette and sighed. “Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you t o a better mag There are millions of men in the world. Besides, making money is the most important. It’s not worth wasting your time on such things!”

Yvette was speechless, but what Nicole said seemed quite reasonable.

She needed time to digest these on her OWT, 50 Nicole left early to go to the office.

Nicole had spare clothes in her office.

ATter she changed into a new outfit and put on light makeup, Nicole looked refnished and stunning

Logan knocked on the door and came in. He reported the latest situation to Nicole a susual.

“There seems to be some movement at Ferguson Corporation. I heard that many shareholders can’t sit still anymore.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. This was expected

Old Master Ferguson would not just let go so simply because he still had the ability i o fight to the death. “Where’s my brother?” Nicole thought of Yvette and unconsciously asked

Logan smiled. “President Grant gave himself a half month vacation and handed over all the company affairs to

*Half a month?!” Nicole widened her eyes i namazement, ‘So suddenly?!

“He… He didn’t tell me!”

Logan said, “He’s just afraid that you won’t agree.”

Nicole was speechless. ‘He’s throwing such a big mess of things to me? Grant’s going too far to act first and report later!

agan looked like he knew a little secret and blurted a rare gossip “I heard that Presidu Grant went abroad to help his girlfriend’ deal with some things, but in fact, he’s going on vacation!” Even Logan knew that Grant had a girlfriend, which meant that Grant must like Aida so much that he wanted the whole world to know about it. %

Logan saw Nicole’s uninterested loood thought that she already knew about it

After all, they were siblings.

Nicole sighed. ‘Forget it, Grant’s happiness is also very important. I won’t make a mess.

Alright then, bring me all the work that. needs to be done.

Logan nodded and retreated

Early in the morning, the employees of Ferguson Corporation sensed that something was wrong.

Today was extraordinarily calm and quiet. There were even fewer people gossiping

Eric got out of the car and raised his hand to straighten his suit. He walked into the lobby with his long legs. He was followed by Mitchell and some others,

The atmosphere was very solemn and cold.

As usual, there was a moring meeting today.

Eric did not go to the President’s Office and went directly to the conference room.

Mitchell went to the front to open the door. When Eric looked up, he saw Old Master Ferguson sitting on the main chair with a gloomy face.

There were also shareholders sitting on one side as well as relatives of the Ferguson family

All of them were Old Master Ferguson’s

All of them were Old Master Ferguson’s people

In just a few days, Old Master Ferguson had reached out to many shareholders. Old Master Ferguson was filled with confidence and used a lot of means.

Eric hooked his lips into a cold smile, walked straight inside, and sat across

from Old Master Ferguson

Eric’s presence seemed weak in comparison with old Master Earguson

Behind Eric, several department chiefs sat one after another op the other side. This scene looked lila. two opposing powers ready forjattle.

Eric’s hawk-Tike eyes swept sharply over the people present. Everyone dared not even look up.

What a big net!” Eric thought.

In the end, Eric laughed. His voice was slow and deep

Good morning, Old Master Ferguson.”

Although the shareholders present were

Mers, in terms of ranking in the company, Eric did not need to greet each and every one of them.

Eric was always domineering, so no one dared to accuse him of being supercilious.

Old Master Ferguson coldly snorted. A sinister look flashed in Old Master Ferguson’s eyes when he saw Exfc’s arrogance.

He had single-handedly brought up an ingrate who was disobedient in every way, so Old Master Ferguson wanted to teach Eric a lesson.

Old Master Ferguson thought, ‘I must let Eric know that he only has his status today because of my charitable heart!’

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