The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 843

Chapter 843

Quinn braced herself and wanted to teach her son a lesson.

She cried and looked at Eric, then looked a E the othens.

“My husband still has some shares in his handlofficially endorse the Chairman’s decision on my husband’s behalf.”

Instantly, the conference room was

**It looks lilor it’s settled then!!

*Eric probably has no other choice. This Eime, I’m afraid Ferguson Corporations Icadership is really going to change **What can we do? Will Mr. Ferguson really be removed

Quinn’s apputrance was almost the decisive factor

No one in the entire Ferguson family stood out to say a word for Eric

At this time, Eric looked abnormally relaxed with only a slight frowni. When he heard Quinn’s words, he suddenly laughed.

The surrounding people did not find it

  1. Instead, they got roasphumbs

In an instant, the pressure in the conference room was inexplicably low, and the temperature plummeted accordingly.

Eric raised his hand. Next to him, Mitchell handed over a document,

Without even looking at it, Eric threw it directly on the table

It was quite a big move.

Eric loosened his tie. His voice carried a chill as he said, “Look at this. That is the share transfer contract signed by my father, so no one can express his opinion on his behalf.”

Quinn’s face chauged slightly. Her eyes were affixed to the contract on the table

The several large letters were clearly visible, and Charles Ferguson’s signature was on it

Quinn asked Charles for help when she was abroad, but Charles ignored her.

When Quinn returned to Mediania to go against Eric, her husband secretly transferred his shares to Eric.

Her husband and son were united to target her alone?

Quinn’s expression suddenly turned ugly as she choked with panic.

“Then what did I come back for? For others to see me as a joke?! Quinn thought

She instantly turned to look at Old Master Ferguson, who was also caught off guard. Old Master Ferguson did not expect Charles to give hifchares to Eric without a word.

It looked like Charles had already chosen her side in the battle between oft Master Ferguson and Eric.

Charles did not show up because he did not want to have a fallout with Old Master Ferguson

Old Master Ferguson thought, ‘Hah! My stupid wimpy son went this far for his own son?

Eric did not leave them any room for maneuver and threw down a second document.

Originally, I didn’t plan on making things too unpleasant since we’re family, but since you’re all here, let’s just make it clear.”

Eric’s eyes were cold and stern as he glanced at them, with ruthlessness and playfulness under his eyes.

Back then, when I first took over Ferguson Corporation, I found problemas with the company’s accounts as well as several contracts which were signed by several shareholders. Just as well, I don’t mind taking this opportunity to have the relevant departments come over and thoroughly investigate this. Accounting problems certainly aren’t trivial matters. I believe that under the leadership of Old Master Ferguson, everything must be done with a clear conscience.”

When Eric finished speaking and stood u P, his chair slid to the back with a harshi and creepy sound

Eric swept a deep glance at the crowd and walked out without mercy.

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