The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 846

Chapter 846 Hes Never a Coward

The sky wis dark, and all was silent.

Stanton Mansion

Kai was peeling an apple for Julie while Julie and Nicole were nestled on the sofa reading gossip

Floyd was dealing with some fish that he had just gought. When Nicole Low Ferguson Corporation’s public announccouent, she was slightly stunned for a moment Julie also saw it and could not help but say, “Some time ago, it was metgred that Ferguson Corporation changed Rouds. I didn’t expect it to be Chairman Ferguson’s resignation.”

This was certainly not a light move. The challenges behind were unimaginable.

Nicole felt a little heartache for Eric.

She suddenly remembered that after Ingrid’s farce, Eric said that Old Master Ferguson was directing it behind the scenes and would certainly give her an explanation.

At that time, Nicole thought, ‘What explanation can be give with his own relatives?

However, this piece of news was the answer to her question.

This was his explanation.

Nicole’s heart suddenly trembled slightly and ilised a beat.

The price of this was incomparably heavy.

Kai sneered and looked unconcerned. Ferguson Corporation has long been Eric’s anyway. I’m afraid old Master Ferguson is no longer a march for his grandson.”

Julie nodded. “Yeah, Eric underestimated. I’m afraid his assets aren’t only limited to Ferguson Corporation. All the forces dared not offend him, so there must be a deeper background story.”

Nicole was silent and did not make a

Floyd walked over, heard their discussion, and sat down on the sola.

Nicole handed over a cup of tea to Floyd, who took a sip and breathed a sigh of relief.

i Speaking of which, I’ve long disliked Old Master Ferguson. What. Eric did really relieved my anger!”

Only Floyd, like Nicole, immediately noticed the point of this.

The two of them looked at each other ind immediately understood the main purpose Floyd frowned slightly t’I heard that the board of directors and even his mother and sister came forward to accuse him, hoping that he’ll step downi. Old Master Ferguson really doesn’t show any mercy t o do something hurtful like that…”

Kai paused. “Right… Now everyone in Ferguson Corporation knows that Eric is a cold-hearted and unreasonable person. They only complimented him on the surface. In fact, their gossiping words are very harsh.”

Nicole was not in the mood to listen. She walked barefoot to the floor to the

window and looked out at the setting

No one in the Ferguson family was a good person

However, every time someone offended Nicole, Eric was always impartial to the situation and taught his family a lesson.

It was rightfully so that Nicole hated the Fergusons, but what gave Eric the right to hate his family?

Eric had offended everyone in the Ferguson family, so on sich an occasion, no one was on his side

He was never a coward and was even more disdainful to be between the two


Nicole thought, ‘What if this happened to me? I probably wouldn’t have made it this far!

Floyd looked at Nicole and the chattering Kai, then stared at Kai speechlessly.

What rumors are you trying to spread now? No matter how bad Eric is as a person, he has saved your sister several times, so don’t go and stir up the

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