The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 847

Chapter 847 Old Man

Floyd then reacted, “Who’s Aida?

Kai was keen on gossip. “Grant’s dream girl, his first love and current girlfriend, the woman he loves the most besides Nicole!!!

julie suddenly recalled. “The most popular girl in school before Nicole? When sy broke up with Grant, she seemed to have left the country.”

Kai nodded, “Yaby because of her family’s bankruptcy. She has no choice but to go abroad. The feed thing is that Aida is still quite ambition and didn’t beg Grant for help or milk for people’s sympathy. She was willing to sitter to advance and start over again by establishing a securities company abroad That small company is also going very well. What’s more, although many people chased her, she hasn’t had a boyfriend during these years, just like Grant!”

Kai simply said everything he knew. He even wanted to make this into a script because this kind of plot would certainly sell well!

After a short silence, Floyd suspiciously said, “You investigated her?!”

“Of course! This is my brother’s happiness, so how could I not be worried? I won’t allow any random woman to tämish my brother’s innocencel As soon a sI heard that Aida had retumed to Mediania, I immediately had someone check her out.”

Kai’s protective look was so irritating and funny

Floyd was so angry that he wanted to kick Kai.

“Why did you investigate her? Your brother is in a relationship, and you want to check the girl’s entire family history. Who would dare to date him in the future? You’re really stupid!”

Kai felt aggrieved and went to sit further away from Floyd.

  1. L. How could I sit back and do nothing?”

“Isn’t this something that Dad should do? Why did Dad not appreciate it when I did i t for him? Is he really my father?’

Nicole rolled her eyes. “Do you think that someone like Grant will be interested in a random woman? You really think too Inilchi…!

Julie also nodded along. That’s right!”

Kai’s face was red and white. Even Julie was not on his side, so he was angry.

Ncole then took her phone and went upstátrs. When Julie saw this, she cheerfulg followed.

“Nicole, your family is so lively!”

Julie stayed in the Stanton Mansion for a few days. Floyd treated Julie as if she were his daughter and wasogt at alla stranger to her, so Julie was opite happy here

The sense of family happiness was addictive

Nicole smiled. “Kai’s life goal is to mess u p this family. He always takes the opportunity to find some drama, but every time, my dad will teach him a lesson. He’s just asking for it.”

Julie laughed. “I have to go on a business

trip for a while starting tomorrow. Roman has also disappeared recently, so I won’t move back again after tomorrow

What’s the rush? Just stay here…”

Julie shook her head. “It’s been too long TE’s not good to keep living here. You know, I’m afraid that this will give K somelusion that’ll make him ever more persistent

“You can reconsider your relationship with Kai. Know third brother, he must be serious about your bus time.”

Nicole still had to speak up for her third brother

After a long time, Julie nodded and smiled. “I’ll think about it.”

Nicole smiled. “Okay, then I’ll move with you tomorrow.”

The two ladies looked at each other and smiled.

Nicole’s phone rang. She picked it up and saw that it was Eric’s message. She frowned and clicked into it.

[Nicole, liking you is my decision, so you don’t need to feel pressured. Otherwise, I’ll be heartbroken.]

Nicole wrinkled her eyebrows and read it. She instantly felt her throat tighten.

Great, Eric succeeded in making the little bit of sympathy for him in her heart. dissipato Her sleepines also vanished!

Nicole sneered and replied.

[Eric Ferguson, can’t yord Lust talk like a normal person?)

Məlepon sale

Eric replied in seconds. [I’ve already been Very restrained.]


Nicole typed. [Don’t you find it disgusting for an old man to say such words?]

After a long time, Eric still did not reply.

Nicole speechlessly chucked her phone aside, washed up, and went to bed.

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