The Enigmatic Return By Juliana. Spicy Chapter 1304

The Enigmatic Return By Juliana. Spicy Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304 


Seeing that things were going awry, Rio became somewhat irate. Disregarding Neera’s presence, he raised his voice and began to scold Albert. 

“Albert, are you done? Are you not satisfied with how appalling your daughter’s behavior has been? Ms. Garcia didn’t come here to point fingers, so stop judging her with your petty mindset! Upon hearing that something happened to the Cox family, Ms. Garcia specifically came over to check on the situation and offer help!” 

After hearing everything, Albert scoffed in disbelief. He didn’t believe it at all. 

“Offering help? Ha, I bet you’re just here to enjoy the spectacle of our misfortune. Spare me your crocodile tears!” 

“You-” Rio was so furious he could barely breathe, wishing he could knock Albert out with a single blow. 

At that moment, Neera raised her hand, signaling him not to worry. 

Afterward, she narrowed her eyes, her expression thoughtful. 

“Mr. Albert, I truly don’t understand. How have I offended you? From the very beginning, you’ve been particularly hostile to me. Even now, it’s the same. I’m genuinely curious. Are you challenging me, or are you challenging your own head of the family?” 

Albert furrowed his brows. “What nonsense are you spouting!” 

Neera chuckled softly. “Am I talking nonsense? After all, I am a member of the Gordon family, the head, to be exact. As I’m a friend of Mr. Cox, you, as an elder of the Cox family, should be treating me with respect. Even if you are dissatisfied or look down on me, you should not show it. After all, the Cox family and the Gordon family are on good terms. Yet, you repeatedly show ill will. Your daughter did such a horrible thing, and not only did you not apologize, but you also side with her and continue to spout unreasonable words. I find it very puzzling. Are you -doing this on purpose? Perhaps as an act of slapping Mr. Cox in the face? Or maybe it’s to worsen the relationship 

between the Cox family and the Gordon family?” 

Albert didn’t expect that. His mouth opened and closed, his teeth clenched as he denied, “Of course not! It’s just that I-” 

Before he could even finish his sentence, Neera continued talking as if she hadn’t heard him. 

“Mr. Albert, anyone with eyes and a conscience can discern right from wrong. At your age, you’re still causing trouble without reason. Are you trying to use your age as an excuse? The Cox family might respect you and give you some leeway, but I won’t. If you utter one more word of nonsense, I won’t hesitate to settle the score with you and your daughter right now!” 

Her lips curled into a mocking smile, and her expression was as cold as frost. 

“Indeed, kindness is often taken for weakness. I’ve shown you respect, yet you’ve taken it as an opportunity to step all over me. have no intention of falling out with the Cox family because of your daughter’s foolishness. But if you can’t control that fool and she dares to provoke me again, I won’t hesitate to disregard Mr. Cox’s feelings. I’ve been patient with you all, but no more. She’s only lost an arm this time. Next time, I won’t mind turning her into a complete invalid, bedridden for life, never to cause trouble again!” 

After she finished speaking, she turned around and left without uttering a single goodbye. 

Meanwhile, Jean had been worried about her, so he had followed and waited outside. 

Seeing her walk out with an annoyed expression, the man’s eyes darkened slightly. 

“What’s wrong? Who bullied you?” he asked, his voice filled with concern. 

“Why are you here?” Neera was taken aback as she hadn’t expected to see him. 

“I was worried about you, so I came to check on you but didn’t go in.” 

Neera let out an “Oh.” Her usual good temper evaporated, and she couldn’t help but start complaining to him. 

“Isn’t it all because of that Albert? He’s utterly incorrigible. It feels like he’s wasted his entire life. His daughter did such a terrible thing, yet he shows no remorse and still has the nerve to blame me! The Cox family, as a whole, is quite reasonable. How did they end up with such an exception? If it weren’t for Avery’s sake, would his daughter be lying in there safe and sound? Perhaps in his dreams!” 

This was the first time Jean had seen her complain so much, and he inexplicably felt like laughing. But when he thought of Albert, his face turned serious again. 

“What did he say?” His eyes were fixed on the direction of the mansion as he asked in a low voice. 

Sensing that he seemed ready to rush in to stand up for her, the alarm bells in her mind started ringing, and she quickly pulled him into the car. 

“Zephyr, let’s go. We’re heading back.” 

Zephyr was bewildered, but he obediently started the car anyway. 

Jean looked at her. “What are you doing?” 

“Well, I was worried that you’d rush in and cause trouble for Albert. Let’s forget about it. The Cox family has enough on their plate right now. I don’t want to fall out with them because of him. Besides, I just gave him a piece of my mind that left him utterly speechless.” 

As if trying to dispel the gloom in her heart, she finished speaking and smacked the seat, appearing somewhat childish. 

Jean watched with interest, leaning back to prop up his forehead as he focused his gaze on her. 

“Oh, really? I thought you didn’t want to sour your relationship with the Cox family. How come you couldn’t control yourself?” 

Neera snorted. “These are two different matters. I’m only targeting Albert, not the entire Cox family. I was the one who was almost harmed, yet Albert dared to try and steamroll over me. If I don’t fight back, where’s my dignity?” 

Jean chuckled. “I actually missed my wife losing her temper. What a pity…”

The Enigmatic Return ( Nancy’s )

The Enigmatic Return ( Nancy’s )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 10/07/2023 Native Language: English
"The Enigmatic Return ( Nancy's )" What’s better than a classic romance novel? How about a romance novel set in outer space? With the same tropes that you might recognize from contemporary romances, and set in a world that’s nothing like our own,  romance takes everyone’s favorite genre to a whole new level.

The Enigmatic Return ( Nancy's ) Series In Order

Nancy's reputation was forever ruined after meeting up with three men at a hotel room. She's exiled from her family as a result of that. When she returned five years later, her beauty was unrivaled and every woman instantly became very protective of their husbands from her. However, she surprised everyone when she married the wealthiest man in the capital. Everyone were lamenting the fact that the man was a fool. However, Nancy shocked everyone further when she revealed herself to be... a legendary healer, the boss of a secret organization, the founder of a designer jewelry brand. A lady said, "No matter how talented she is, she's still a wench! The father of her child would be a mystery to all, right?" The wealthiest man of the capital said, "I am the father of her child, so who was it that claimed that the father of her child is a mystery?  

The Enigmatic Return ( Nancy's )


About the Novel

  • Title: The Enigmatic Return
  • Author: ( Nancy's )
  • Publisher: Noveljar
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: Romance
Name of the Novel: 1 The Enigmatic Return ( Nancy's )
website : 2
Genres: : 3 Billionaire, Hot Romance, Romantic, Marriage, and Billionaire, Hot Romance
Chapters: 4 From 1 to Latest
Status So Far: 5 Ongoing
Updare Time : 6 morning
Rating: 7 9.7 Stars Out of 10
Language : English

The Enigmatic Return ( Nancy's ) Novel Definition and Characteristics

A heartfelt and hilarious read about Novel, sisters, and writing your own love story.

The Enigmatic Return ( Nancy's )  writes steamy romances like no other: with detailed worldbuilding, emotional storylines, and heroes and heroines that you’ll love rooting for. Her beloved Ice Planet Barbarians series is one of the buzziest romance series out there, and readers are quick to understand why — they’re addictive and unputdownable.
  ( Nancy's ) ) is actually a pen name, and no one knows who is behind it! Not that Ruby’s readers mind the mystery: they just love how dedicated she is to her fans. Beyond the fact that it’s breathtakingly s**y, her writing is also deeply moving and impressively plotted. With multiple interconnecting series, Ruby Dixon is the master of giving her fans what they want — which is, of course, more to read!


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