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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1565

Chapter 1565

Sean was strong and charismatic. He was also good at seizing opportunities. His rigorousness enabled him to seize the enemy’s openings.

Someone like him was born a leader and the perfect commander!

It was a no-brainer that Sean became a nine-star commander and the youngest Guardian God of war!

Zander’s admiration for Sean grew stronger.

Ronald suddenly walked up to Sean and asked respectfully, “Are you Dragon Kingdom’s nine-star commander who came to Dorodo to assume the position of commander-in-chief?”

Sean nodded at this.

He was a little shocked. This news was supposed to be kept behind closed doors. How did Ronald know?

He had no idea that Hanson had announced that a nine-star commander would soon come to Dorodo to pave the way for Sean.

Therefore, not only did 3,000 of Dorodo’s city defense soldiers know about this, but all of Dorodo’s citizens too!

All of Dorodo, from three-year-olds up to eighty-year-olds, knew that a nine-star commander from Dragon Kingdom would be assuming the position of commander-in-chief!

“Thank you for saving my life, commander-in-chief! I will forever remember your kindness!*

Ronald knelt on one knee with a thump and saluted Sean with his right hand placed over his heart in a fist.

“Get up.”

Sean said with a nod.

Then Ronald got up from the floor and returned to his old smiling self.

“Commander-in-chief, how should I address you?”

“My name is Sean Lennon.”

Sean said indifferently.

“Commander Lennon, I didn’t know you’re Dorodo city defense army’s new commander-in-chief, so please forgive me for offending you!”

Ronald said quickly.

Ronald had been dismissive of Sean and Zander earlier. He was also sarcastic after getting into the taxi.

Thinking about what he had done, Ronald was terrified.

What if the new commander-in-chief bore grudges?

He relied on the city defense army to make a living. The new commander-in-chief of the city defense army could easily give him a hard time if he wanted

With that in mind, Ronald gritted his teeth and took a bank card out of his wallet

It was all black with a string of pale gold numbers below on the front. It was a black card issued in the City

State Union

The black card was equivalent to a bearer bank card. There was no deposit limit, and you could deposit

as much money as you liked.

The black card also had no password. As long as you had it, you could withdraw money, whether were the owner or not. Since the black card had no owner, it was the equivalent of an unsecured electronic wallet.

“Commander-in-chief, this card has 30 million dollars. Consider it a little token of appreciation…” With excruciating pain in his heart, Ronald handed the bank card in front of Sean with both hands. Ronald sold weapons for a living, making about 300 million dollars a year.

30 million dollars was equivalent to 10% of his annual net income. How could he not feel pain? After all, he was a rich yet stingy businessman. Stinginess was his unchanging nature!

The Mexican driver’s eyes lit up at the sight of the bank card.


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