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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1566

Chapter 1566

If it were not for Sean and Zander, perhaps the Mexican driver would have been tempted to snatch the


However, Sean and Zander did not even glance at the bank card.

“Are you insulting me?”

Sean asked with a smile.

Ronald broke out in a cold sweat, and his hands shook as he held out the bank card.

“No, no, no. It’s just a gesture. I don’t mean anything else.”

I’m not interested in money.”

Sean said flatly.

Hearing this, Ronald quickly corrected himself. “Then I will donate the thirty million dollars to the city defense army when I get home.”

“Sure. Good idea.”

Sean nodded.

Ronald breathed a sigh, finally relieved.

Sean glanced at Ronald. He would admit that the overweight guy was smart. He knew what to do and what to say

Sean said he was not interested in money, so he immediately donated it to the city defense

a smart move

No ordinary person would think of that so fast!

“Now, hop in. Let’s hurry to Dorodo before it gets dark”

Sean said

Several people got into a taxi and headed in Dorodo’s direction.

army. It was

After the mercenaries blocked their way, the Mexican driver got frightened and sped all the way.

They reached Dorodo just as night fell.

Dorodo was bustling at night, but it lacked the modern atmosphere of Dragon Kingdom’s Saint Sea City and North Thorn City.

Dorodo’s style was similar to that of Dragon Kingdom’s cities in the 70s and 80s. It felt like a backwater. Sean and Zander followed Ronald down the street and looked around at Dorodo’s streets.

Since Dorodo was under Dragon Kingdom’s control, the city was much safer than Crosac’s. At least there were few mercenaries seen roaming the streets, with no street fights in sight.

However, it was not Dragon Kingdom but the chaotic City State Union after all. Therefore, Dorodo had something more unique than Dragon Kingdom’s mainland cities, and that was prostitutes.

As he stood on the street looking around, he could see prostitutes dressed in revealing clothes and seductive makeup no matter which direction he looked These prostitutes showed no shame. They gathered in small groups, laughing and chatting while soliciting.

Some unsociable prostitutes stood quietly in the dark corners, waiting for customers to approach them themselves

These prostitutes would quickly negotiate a price with the occasional customers who approached them. Then they would lead them into the shops along the street.

It was arguably the biggest difference between Dorodo and Dragon Kingdom’s cities.

At least, it was impossible to see anything like this in Dragon Kingdom.

“We’ll reach my home soon. I’ve called my wives. They have prepared good wine and food and are waiting

for us…”

Ronald said as he walked ahead.

Just then, a cry rang suddenly

Sean and Zander looked over and immediately saw a young girl of about fifteen or sixteen sprawled on the ground, being violently beaten with a belt by a man with a stubbly face.

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