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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1567

Chapter 1567

The burly man whipped the girl with his belt while swearing loudly in a language Sean did not understand.

Nearby, several burly men were watching, laughing, and pointing at the girl being beaten.

Sean’s brow instantly furrowed at the sight of it

He thought Dorodo was pretty safe a moment ago, but he was proven wrong so quickly.

Then again, Dorodo was indeed safer than Crosac but not nearly as safe as Dragon Kingdom’s cities.

At least, nothing like this would ever happen in Dragon Kingdom.

“Come on. Let’s check it out.”

Sean said to Zander

Ronald glanced over and quickly tried to persuade, “Commander Lennon, Commander Young, it looks like that girl owed those men money. That’s why she’s getting beaten. This sort of thing happens dozens of times a day in Dorodo. We’d better stay out of it lest we get into trouble.”

Hearing Ronald’s words, Sean was unfazed as he continued to stride in that direction. Zander said exasperatedly, “Do you want us to stand by and watch that girl get beaten?” Ronald was so embarrassed that he was speechless.

Once they arrived, Sean and Zander did not rush to help but observed the situation first

The burly man in the tropical print shirt beat the girl on the ground with a belt while shouting in a language the two did not understand. It was as if he was venting his fury.

The girl pleaded for mercy as she cried. She also had bruises all over her face and head.

“What are they talking about?”

Sean asked.

Ronald immediately replied, “The woman kept begging him to stop. It would kill her if he continued. The guy wants her to pay him back, and it seems she owes him half a million dollars.

Half a million!

Half a million dollars was not a small amount in the City-State Union, where prices were about the same as in Dragon Kingdom’s cities.

Half a million dollars was almost the living cost of a family of three for about ten years.

The girl would never be able to pay back so much money.

After all, if she could afford half a million dollars, would she still be a prostitute for a living?

“The girl said she had spent all her money to treat her mother and could not pay it back for the time being. so she begged for some time. The man refused and said he would sell the girl to Ucroda…”

Ucroda was the southernmost city in the City-State Union,

Of all the cities in the City-State Union, Ucroda was the most chaotic. It was almost lawless there. You could kill or rape at will. No one could do anything to you if you were strong.

Therefore, you could imagine what awaited the girl if she was sold to Ucroda.

Sean frowned and planned to get Zander to save the girl.

Unexpectedly, the man hit the girl in the cheek with the metal buckle end of the belt.

The belt had two ends. There was no metal buckle at one end and a metal buckle at the other.

The end without the metal buckle would leave a bruise on the body at most and hurt for a few days.

However, the end with the metal buckle was different. If you hit too hard, you might make hideous scars or even kill them on the spot.

Sean could not stand it anymore. He immediately grabbed the man’s wrist.

The girl had closed her eyes as if she were awaiting her doom.

The girl opened her eyes after the pain was delayed for a long time. She saw Sean standing before her, and her eyes immediately glistened with tears.


The man yelled angrily at Sean.

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