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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1569

Chapter 1569

Sean pulled out his wallet, took out a bank card, and thrust it into Zander’s hand once he finished speaking.

Just down the street was a self-service bank. Zander withdrew half a million dollars in only ten minutes.

Fifty bundles of cash notes were crammed into a plastic bag until it could barely fit any more. The onlookers looked on, transfixed at the money in Zander’s hand.

Several bulky and stubbly men even rubbed their hands, thinking of robbing him.

However, when they saw the loan sharks lying on the ground, who had not yet risen, they gave up on the


After all, they had seen who their target was.

If these two people were their targets, they would probably end up on the ground like the loan sharks.

“This is the money that girl owes you. I paid for her. Now get the f*ck out of here!”

Sean said bluntly, taking the money from Zander and slapping it over the loan sharks’ heads and faces. The men bared their teeth as they climbed up from the ground. They endured their pain as they took the money and ran away. No one dared to stay.

The loan sharks were gone in the blink of an eye.

Sean and Zander did not stay any longer. They soon headed for Ronald’s house with Ronald, who was carrying the girl.

Ronald grumbled on the way.

“Is it necessary to spend so much money on a girl you don’t know? Half a million dollars. That’s half a million…”

Sean looked at Ronald and asked, “Are half a million dollars a lot?”

“Half a million isn’t much, of course. But no matter how little it is, it’s still money, isn’t it? There’s no need to waste it on strangers.”

Ronald was the typical wealthy yet stingy man. Although Sean was not affecting his money, he was still distressed.

Sean was unbothered.

He was not a compassionate man, but he would not reject spending half a million dollars to save a life.

They finally reached Ronald’s house.

Ronald’s home was a small four-story villa with no yard, but it looked exquisite.

Ronald greeted once he entered the villa’s living room, and two women of similar age with several children of different ages ran down the stairs.

These two women were Ronald’s wives.

The City-State Union had different laws from Dragon Kingdom, where their marriages were optionally


If you were a man, you could marry as many women as long as you could afford them.

Similarly, if you were a woman, you could have as many boy toys as you wanted as long as the men were willing.

Due to this reason, many wealthy businessmen in Dragon Kingdom would secretly arrange for their lovers to live in the City-State Union. That way, not only the secret would not be secret but also legitimate.

Of course, these were not the point.

Ronald put the wounded girl in a room and found a doctor to treat her.

The injuries on the girl’s body looked serious, but most of them were bruises. Her bones were not broken.

Therefore, the doctor prescribed some medicine for consumption and external application after the examination and left.

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