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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1570

Chapter 1570

Though Sean saved the girl and helped her pay off her debt, there was no way Sean would take her with


Therefore, he handed over the girl to Ronald.

Although Ronald was not a good man, he had no problem choosing between major issues of principle. Perhaps he would devour the girl if she stayed by his side, but it was much better than her being a prostitute and soliciting. At least she would have a more stable life.

The girl was sound asleep in bed, and neither Sean nor Zander disturbed her.

Ronald’s wives cooked, so they went to the dining hall on the first floor to eat.

The City-State Union’s food culture was close to that of the west. The table was full of steaks. Sean and Zander had not much of an appetite. They ate while listening to Ronald explain Dorodo’s current situation.

Dorodo’s mayor was Quentin Lewis, a Dragon Kingdom native who had been in office for eight years.

Quentin managed Dorodo fairly well. At least there had been considerable economic progress. Dorodo’s economy had grown substantially, especially in the last few years.

Besides the mayor, Quentin, Ronald also explained the city defense army’s situation to Sean and Zander in great detail.

Since there was no commander-in-chief, three of Dorodo’s chiliarchs managed the city defense army.

These chiliarchs were Wesley Jokerman, Anthony Laurent, and Gregory Killian.

Each of these chiliarch led 1,000 city defense soldiers. They managed Dorodo’s city defense army pretty well. At least there had not been any trouble recently.

According to Ronald, Anthony and Gregory were all right, but the chiliarch, Wesley, was a little problematic.

Wesley himself was doing well, but he had a son, George Jokerman, who was in his early twenties.

Perhaps to pave the way for his son, George, Wesley enlisted George in Dorodo’s city defense army and promoted him to a centurion, putting him in charge of 100 city defense soldiers.

However, George spent his days drinking and fooling around in Dorodo. He lingered in entertainment clubs and even used his power to get involved with some of Dorodo’s criminal underworld forces.

Therefore, many of Dorodo’s city defense army soldiers and top brass had a problem with George as well as the chiliarch, Wesley.

After listening to Ronald’s brief introduction, Sean finally got a general idea of the city defense army.

He already knew what to do next.

Sean and Zander had planned to head immediately to the city defense army’s base to assume the post of commander-in-chief once they reached Dorodo.

However, it was quite late, so Sean prepared to stay at Ronald’s place for the night.

It was already midnight before he knew it.

After taking a cold shower, Sean left the bathroom wrapped in his bathrobe. Unexpectedly, he saw a bulge in his bed when he returned to his room.

There was someone in the bed!

The room was dimly lit, and it was hard to tell what was going on in bed.

Sean did not make much noise and walked quietly toward the bed.

He had no idea who was lying in bed, ready to attack him, but it was a pretty childish trick.

There was no way Sean would be successfully assassinated by such a naive killer when he could see through such an obvious ambush.

Once he reached the bed, Sean suddenly asked, “Who are you?”

With that said, he yanked back the covers and seized the person in the bed by the neck like lightning!

However, Sean’s brain shut down once he grabbed the person’s neck.

It was because it was not a killer in the bed. It was Ronald’s eldest daughter, Lillian Townsend!

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