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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1571

Chapter 1571

Ronald introduced his children to Sean and Zander when they were eating.

Ronald had many children. Sean did not remember them. He forgot about them after meeting them, but Sean remembered his eldest daughter, Lillian.

It was because Ronald chased the maid away and left Lillian pouring drinks for Sean and Zander at the dining table.

Ronald’s eldest daughter, Lillian, sneaked into his bed while he was in the shower. Besides that, she wore… such indescribable clothes. It was nonsense!

“What are you doing?”

Sean let go of Lillian and asked with a frown.

Lillian touched her throat in grievance and explained, “I… I didn’t want you to be bored, so I came to keep you company.”

Didn’t want me to be bored?

‘How considerate!”

Sean sneered and asked, “Is this your father Ronald’s idea?”

Lillian immediately knew Sean was angry when she heard Sean’s question and cold tone.

While helping Sean and Zander at dinner, Lillian already knew from their conversation with her father that these two men were special.

Especially Sean. Lillian was shocked to learn from the conversation that he was the new commander-in- chief of Dorodo’s city defense army.

After all, he was so young, but it was unimaginable that he had such a high position and great power.

Therefore, Lillian thought maybe she could put herself under Sean’s patronage.

Besides, her father Ronald hinted after dinner that she could look for opportunities to approach Sean. It would be great if this could happen, and the Townsend family would have a commander-in-chief as a son-


The Townsend family would have no one to fear in Dorodo.

Therefore, Lillian sneaked upstairs to Sean’s room after a shower.

When she heard Sean had gone to shower, she opened the door and climbed into his bed to surprise him.

Unexpectedly, she got into a chokehold for no reason.

“Talk! Is this your idea or your father’s idea?”

Sean was irritated.

If Ronald had arranged for his daughter to sleep with him, he would have been no different from a sharneless man.

If so, once he took over Dorodo’s city defense army, he would cut off the city defense army’s business dealings with Ronald and choose other weapons dealers to do business with.

Lillian immediately answered fearfully, “It’s not my father’s idea. I wanted to do this. My father only told me to take good care of you… Mr. Lennon, I didn’t have any other ideas. I just wanted to keep you


Lillian’s remark made Sean slightly relieved.

However, it did not soften his attitude.

“I don’t need you. Get out of here.”

Sean said coldly.

“Why? Am I not beautiful, Mr. Lennon?”

Lillian was shocked.

The City-State Union’s folk customs had always been open-minded. She approached Sean. Such a thing. might be embarrassing in Dragon Kingdom, but it was normal in the City-State Union.

However, she did not expect Sean to reject her so straightforwardly and even kick her out!

It was humiliating to a woman.

Throwing yourself at a man only to have him reject or even throw you out was a terrible shock to any


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