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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1572

Chapter 1572

“I’m not interested in you.”

Sean’s tone brooked no negotiations.

At the same time, footsteps came from outside.

Sean grabbed the covers from the bed and wrapped them around Lillian. Zander was soon at the door, followed by Ronald.

*Commander, what’s going on?”

Zander asked, looking at Lillian in bed in shock.

“Nothing It’s just a small issue.”

Sean said casually

Then Sean looked at Ronald outside the door and snapped, “Take your daughter away. I don’t need her


“I’m sorry…”

Ronald was smart. He knew what happened as soon as his eyes scanned the room.

He rushed in, grabbed his daughter’s hand, and pulled her out of bed. Then he nodded and apologized to


I’m sorry I’m sorry. I think my daughter misunderstood me. I only wanted her to be friends with you. Of course, if it turns into a relationship…”

I’m tired I need rest”

Sean interrupted Ronald

Ronald had no choice but to say, “Alright, Mr Lennon Get some rest. You won’t be disturbed again


With that said, Ronald grabbed his daughter Lillian’s hand and left Sean’s room.

At the end of the hall, Ronald looked down exasperatedly at his eldest daughter, Lillian, and said gloomily, “How could you be so stupid? Since when did I ask you to seduce Commander Lennon? Is a man like Commander Lennon someone you can seduce?”

“What should I do then…”

Lillian was so aggrieved that her voice was tearful.

“You should treat him politely before slowly developing your bond. Don’t you understand that the more honorable the man, the more he looks down on easy women? I taught you for nothing!”

After a pause, Ronald said again, “But I’m sure there will be another chance. Once Commander Lennon takes over, I’ll take you to the city defense army’s base more often. You can keep your eyes open and observe, got it?”

“Got it, Dad.”

Lillian nodded heavily, and the indifferent man’s figure appeared in her mind.

After Ronald left with his daughter Lillian, Zander entered Sean’s room and locked the door behind him.

“Ronald probably meant no harm.”

Zander said as soon as he entered.

Sean nodded and said in agreement, “He doesn’t mean any harm to me, but he’s blinded by greed and dedicated to pleasing me. We can’t get too close to a man like him.”

“It’s just business anyway.”

Zander said flatly.

Zander’s statement made sense, and Sean did not contradict him.

Zander continued saying, “We’re going to Dorodo’s city defense army’s base tomorrow. Commander, what do you think of it?”

Sean smiled at Zander’s statement and said, “The chiliarchs, Gregory and Anthony, have no problem with me, but not Wesley. Since he can get his son George to join the city defense army and take him under his wing shows that his loyalty cannot be guaranteed.”

Zander’s eyes turned hard after hearing Sean’s statement.

Sean went on saying, “Don’t worry. It’s pointless for Wesley to mess with me. He’s no match for me!”

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