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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1676

Shania hurried in before snapping, “You’re my bodyguard. You must listen to my
orders. From now on, don’t do the things I tell you not to do, got it?”
“Miss…” Uriah was so touched that he was close to tears.
Sean and Zander had left the emergency room and were heading down the hall.
It was getting late. Sean wanted to go back earlier to get some rest. However, in the
eyes of the hospital director and Quentin, Sean seemed to have an air of relief.
“Please stop!” The hospital director suddenly shouted and ran after Sean.
“Is there something else?” Sean asked, turning around.
Unexpectedly, the hospital director suddenly bent 90 degrees and gave Sean a deep
The hospital director’s action was so sudden that no one anticipated it. Hence, Zander
was a little surprised.
Looking at the hospital director, who was proud earlier but had now bowed to Sean to
show his respect, he was pleased.
Sean remained expressionless.
“Commander Lennon, I was blind. To tell the truth, I used to look down on traditional
medicine and think it was a trick to scam people, but I’ve found how ridiculously wrong
I am. I will study traditional medicine and improve my medical skills to save people!”
The hospital director said earnestly.
“It’s good that you think that way.” Sean nodded and strode out of Dorodo People’s
Looking at the night sky, Sean let out a long sigh of relief.
Even though Killer X was caught, the assassin died too quickly to be interrogated, so
they failed to get a proper interrogation report. They also had no idea who Killer X
was, who sent her, and what her purpose was.
With the assassin’s death, everything was shrouded in a fog, hiding the truth.
However, would that be the end of this?
Sean did not think so.
Three days had passed since Killer X’s death.
The news that Killer X was arrested and died spread over Dorodo, finally easing the
panic earlier.
Dorodo residents were no longer scared and panicked.
Mayor Quentin held a grand gala to soothe the people’s moods.
Tonight, the gala would be held in Dorodo Central Square. All the important bigwigs in
Dorodo were invited by Mayor Quentin, and almost all members of high society
Ordinary people, who were not members of high society, could also go to Central
Square to watch the gala. However, there were no seats for them. They could only
stand and enjoy it from afar.
It was said that the commander-in-chief of Dorodo’s city defense army, Sean Lennon,
was also invited.
A reporter from Dorodo’s local TV station, Mary Holly, walked confidently toward
Central Square with a microphone while recalling the first-hand information she had
She could see big shots she rarely saw tonight. The first one was the commander-inchief of Dorodo’s city defense army, Sean Lennon. Maybe she could seize this
opportunity to interview the famous nine-star commander and Guardian God of war.
Her interview video would then become the local TV station’s most popular program,
and she could also get a huge bonus!
With that in mind, Mary was pleased from the bottom of her heart.

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