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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1677

“Stop smiling. Your saliva’s going to flow out if you continue smiling…” The
cameraman, who had been with her for years, said as he looked helplessly at the
beautiful reporter, Mary.
As the cameraman, he did not think that tonight’s interview could go smoothly. After
all, as the commander-in-chief of Dorodo’s city defense army, Sean did not have the
need and obligation to accept their interview.
Maybe even if they arrived at Central Square, they could not meet Commander
“What do you think of me? Am I beautiful?” The beautiful reporter, Mary, asked
“You’re okay!” The cameraman curled his lips.
Then Mary unbuttoned her collar and pulled her top down so her chest could look
larger and more eye-catching.
Perhaps Commander Lennon would agree to an interview because she seduced him
with her beauty?
“Do you want to seduce Commander Lennon? I advise you to forget about it.
Commander Lennon is Dragon Kingdom’s nine-star commander and Guardian God of
war. He’s not the type who can’t move because he sees a woman,” The cameraman
However, the beautiful reporter, Mary, did not take his words to heart.
Instead, she confidently said, “We haven’t tried yet. Who knows what will happen?
What if Commander Lennon got his eyes on me?”
“Stop daydreaming!” The cameraman curled his lips again.
They arrived at Central Square.
The gala had not officially started yet, but the lights on the stage were already on.
Besides that, the banners hung around Central Square were jubilant, sweeping away
the gloom that previously enveloped Dorodo.
Many high society members came to the square and took their seats with guidance
from the female ushers. However, the table at the front was still empty.
The table was reserved for Mayor Quentin and Sean, the commander-in-chief of
Dorodo’s city defense army.
Besides the members of high society, countless Dorodo regular residents at the
bottom of the hierarchy also came to Central Square, but they had no seats. They
could only stand on tiptoes in the square to look at the stage.
Just then, a luxury car slowly drove over.
It was Mayor Quentin’s car.
Immediately after the car pulled up, two bodyguards got out. One of them was Uriah.
The car door opened, and Quentin exited the car, flanked by bodyguards and his
daughter, Shania.
Quentin and Shania got out of the car. A female usher led them to the table closest to
the stage, and they took their seats. Uriah and the other bodyguard stood beside
Quentin and Shania to keep them safe.

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