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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1678

“Why?” Mary asked in reply.
“Because you’re too stupid.”
Mary pulled a long face. She was about to say something when an army green jeep
sped over from a distance.
Needless to say, these two military jeeps were the commander-in-chief, Sean’s car.
When the military jeeps pulled up, two men got out. One was Sean, who wore a
military uniform with gold stars on his shoulders, and the other one was Zander.
“It’s Commander Lennon and Commander Young!” Mary said excitedly.
Then she ordered in a commanding tone, “Quick, follow me. Grab the chance! The
gala hasn’t even started yet. We have a few minutes left to interview him!”
With that said, Mary took the microphone and rushed to Sean. The cameraman had
no choice but to run along with Mary.
“It’s pretty grand.”
Sean got out ofthe car and sized up the crowded Central Square and the gorgeously
decorated stage.
“How extravagant and wasteful,” Zander said immediately.
“You can’t call it extravagant and wasteful. Since such a gala can soothe the people
and calm the tense atmosphere, it’s still useful. Besides, the people at the bottom of
the hierarchy are also involved, aren’t they?” Sean said with a smile.
Sean disliked parties, but what he disliked was high society’s parties meant for
In his opinion, those parties were extravagant and wasteful. However, this gala was
different. It was attended not only by many high society members but also by many of
the lower-class people.
Besides that, it could clear the previous panicked atmosphere and effectively soothe
the people, which was conducive to urban civilization development and the stability of
law and order. Thus, such a gala was useful.
Zander thought about it and agreed with Sean’s idea, so he nodded.
“Commander Lennon, this way, please. The gala is about to begin, and the mayor has
been waiting for you for some time.”
A smiling female usher in a red dress came up to Sean and Zander with a smile and
led them the way.
“Alright…” Sean nodded and followed the female usher to the seats arranged for
Just then, a small commotion broke out not far away.
Sean and Zander turned around together to look and saw several security guards
stopping a man and a woman.
The woman held a microphone in her hand. She wore a gray suit dress and white high
heels. Her outfit was spruce. One could tell at a glance that she was a professional.
The man carried a camera on his shoulder. His characteristics were more obvious.
Anyone could tell that such a combination was a reporter and cameraman.
“What’s going on here?” Sean asked.
The female usher glanced in the direction of the commotion before explaining with a
smile, “Because there are a lot of big shots here tonight. You and the mayor are
attending the gala, so many reporters came too. The mayor reminded us not to let
them enter, lest they bother you.”
“I see…” Sean nodded.
Sean had no intention of going against Mayor Quentin’s orders. He did not want to be
interviewed either.
Unexpectedly, he had just turned around when he heard a woman shout

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