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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1679

“Commander Lennon! Commander Lennon, don’t leave! Don’t go! I finally got to see
you. Don’t be so heartless…”
Sean’s expression changed slightly as the corners of his mouth twitched.
The way she put it would easily cause people to misunderstand. People would think
Sean had something to do with her.
“Let them through…” Sean said to Zander.
Zander nodded in acknowledgment and strode over. He soon led the beautiful
reporter and the cameraman over to Sean.
“Who are you?” Sean spoke first.
Blushing, the beautiful reporter looked at Sean excitedly and said, “Hello, Commander
Lennon. My name is Mary Holly, and we’re reporters from Dorodo’s local TV station.
Can you spare us a few minutes to interview you?”
With that said, the beautiful reporter, Mary, looked expectantly at Sean. Her
eyeshadow-lined big eyes blinked non-stop.
In Mary’s opinion, no man would refuse such a trivial matter when a beautiful woman
like her requested it herself.
However, Sean said flatly, “I refuse…”
“What?” Mary was instantly stunned.
She never thought Sean would reject her request for an interview!
“Hold on, Commander Lennon. I only want a brief interview. I’m not going to ask you
any tough questions…” Mary said quickly, inadvertently tugging at her collar so that
Sean could see more of her chest.
Unfortunately, Sean never gave her a second glance.
“Keep quiet and watch the gala. Yell again, and you’ll be kicked out of here,” Sean
said without emotion before striding off toward Mayor Quentin.
Zander said solemnly, “Did you hear Commander Lennon’s orders? Keep quiet and
don’t shout!”
With that said, Zander strode off too.
Watching the two walk off into the distance, Mary froze and was dumbfounded for a
long time.
The cameraman sighed and said helplessly, “I told you so… Oh…”
Mary came to her senses and snapped, “I’ve never seen such a heartless man! How
annoying! What Commander Lennon? What Guardian God of war? I don’t think he
knows anything. He’s only an idiot who became a commander-in-chief through the
back door!”
As soon as she said this, the surrounding security guards glared at her.
Mary instantly winced and explained with a shudder, “I… I’m just kidding… Don’t take it
Sean had already sat in front of the table. Zander was still standing aside.
“Have a seat too.” Sean said as he pulled a chair over.
Zander hesitated for a moment before taking a seat next to Sean.
Quentin looked behind Sean and saw no one behind him.
Therefore, he asked curiously, “Commander Lennon, you’re the commander-in-chief.
How come you don’t bring guards or bodyguards out with you?”
Sean was trying to figure out how to answer the question when Zander had already
explained it for him.
“Commander Lennon is the strongest man in the city’s defense army, so he doesn’t
need guards and bodyguards. Besides, who is capable or qualified to protect him?”
Hearing Zander’s speaking so highly of Sean, Quentin understood and nodded
Shania looked longingly into the distance and asked, “Commander Lennon, what
happened over there? I thought I heard a woman shouting about meeting with you
and calling you heartless…”

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