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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1680

Hearing this, Sean’s face darkened. Although they stopped Mary in time, it seemed
the female reporter named Mary caused him trouble after all.
“It’s just a female reporter asking me for an interview, and I rejected her,” Sean said
“I see. I thought… Sorry….” Shania began laughing in the middle of her sentence.
She thought that woman was a poor soul Sean had abandoned, so she was begging
him to see her again.
“Commander Lennon’s a righteous man. How could he have behaved shamelessly
like a playboy?” Quentin said with a laugh as he touched his daughter Shania’s head.
“You’re right..” Shania nodded heavily.
Sean’s expression looked much better now that he had cleared the misunderstanding.
The singing and dance performances also began, and Central Square started
becoming lively and joyful. Although the gala was prepared at short notice, the singing
and dance performances on stage were good. At least most of the people were happy.
Feeling the harmonious and lively atmosphere, Sean nodded with satisfaction.
“Mayor Lewis, I didn’t think you’d try to soothe the crowd with a gala. It’s a good idea.”
Quentin instantly smiled when he heard Sean’s compliment.
“Hahaha, it’s actually my daughter’s idea. She suggested that I hold a gala.”
“I see…” Sean nodded and glanced approvingly at Shania.
Shania instantly felt embarrassed.
Though Uriah nearby did not do anything, one could tell he looked slightly nervous. It
seemed Uriah still had a crush on Shania and saw Sean as a love rival.
However, Uriah also knew he was too far behind Sean in terms of strength and status.
If Sean was going to do something, there was no way he could stop him.
It was why he was restrained and not as aggressive with Sean and even drew his
sword as he did in front of the supermarket.
“How is Uriah’s wound?” Sean asked.
“Commander Lennon, my injury is almost healed. I’ve almost recovered.” Uriah
answered immediately.
“Oh, that’s good.” Sean nodded.
Uriah continued saying, “Commander Lennon, thank you for rescuing me. Without
you, I would have died on the operating table.”
“It’s nothing much.” Sean waved his hand casually.
Uriah did not give a long thank you speech either. It was enough to express his
gratitude. Saying too much seemed empty. Besides, as Shania’s bodyguard, he could
not repay anything to Sean, let alone make any promises, so she might as well say

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