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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1681

Chapter 1681
Uriah was confused. He felt like he was listening to a complicated tongue twister.
“Let’s just say that when you fought Killer X, every attack was a prediction.* Sean
stopped at this point, giving Uriah time to think.
Uriah immediately nodded to show that he understood what he was saying.
Every attack Uriah launched on Killer X was a prediction of Killer X’s behavior. For
example, when Uriah saw that Killer X was about to dodge, he attacked her first.
However, Uriah never managed to hit Killer X with any of his attacks. Instead, he was
repeatedly wounded, leaving him covered in cuts after the fight.
“Your anticipated attack failed to hit Killer X because she predicted what you
Sean continued saying.
When Uriah heard that, something instantly clicked.
“And that’s what happened when Killer X attacked me. She predicted what I predicted,
but I thought further ahead. I predicted what she predicted I would predict, so I knew
what she would do and found an opening. And as you can see, she ‘ran’ into my hand
as I subdued her.”
Sean smiled once he finished speaking.
It was not some abstruse truth, nor was it difficult for him to do.
However, while Uriah could understand, he would never have been able to do that in
battle. Otherwise, it would have been Killer X who had been wounded instead of him.
“It feels so complicated. Predictions…”
Shania felt like she was listening to some gobbledygook.
Quentin was also confused. He almost dozed off.
Uriah was motivated. He looked at Sean with admiration and said, “I didn’t expect you
to predict what she predicted you would predict! I’m in level one. The assassin is level
two, and you’re level three!”
Sean waved his hand to show that it was not a big deal.
However, Uriah immediately added, “What if the female assassin was level four and
had predicted what she predicted you would predict she would predict?”
“Then she would have dodged my attempts and killed Ms. Lewis.”
Sean said slowly.
Shania’s expression changed instantly.
Quentin’s expression became ghastly too.
However, Sean added, “But she wasn’t that good and didn’t think that far, so I
defeated her.”
Sean said casually.
Shania exhaled gently as she was relieved.
Quentin’s expression looked a little better too.
Uriah thought about it and asked, ‘It’s too hard. If this goes on, the predictions will be
never-ending… I’m sure you have a better way of cracking these predicted attacks,
Commander Lennon.”
Sean nodded.
“What is it?”
Uriah asked excitedly, feeling like he was in touch with some supreme being.
“Just be faster, stronger, and more resolute than her. No need to predict or think.
Strength will conquer everything. No method or skill works in front of absolute power.’
Sean’s words drove Uriah into silence.
“Let’s watch the gala. Tonight’s shows were specially prepared for us.”
Shania quickly interrupted.
She was going to fall asleep if they continued predicting.
Quentin said with a chuckle, “Anyway, Killer X is caught and dead. We don’t have to
worry about that anymore. Hahaha…”

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