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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1682

Chapter 1682
The beautiful reporter, Mary, and the cameraman were at the edge of the crowd.
It was already the closest they could get to the big shots near the stage. Even so, they
could not get any interview opportunities.
Several security guards were watching the two of them not far away. If they harassed
the high society members, they would be thrown out of the venue.
That way, their interview mission would be a complete failure.
“D*mn it. How dare that stupid commander-in-chief reject my interview!”
Mary said bitterly, her white teeth almost shattering from clenching.
“I told you so.”
The cameraman also looked shocked as he spoke helplessly.
“Am I not beautiful? Am I not young? Is my figure bad? Am I not attractive? But he
didn’t even look at me. It pisses me off!”
Mary said and stomped.
Fortunately, she wore high heels of good quality. Otherwise, her heels would have
broken after that stomp.
“Save it.”
The cameraman sighed.
Mary tiptoed to look at the table at the front and saw Sean, Quentin, and Shania
chatting. Frost instantly covered her pretty face.
However, her eyes grew more determined.
“No, I have to do the interview! I will interview him even if he rejects me!”
Mary said solemnly.
Hearing Mary’s words, frustration and annoyance instantly appeared on the
cameraman’s face.
“Forget it. There are so many security guards here that they’ll kick you out
immediately if you go near any of the so-called big shots. Of course, that’ll include
“So let’s find a way.”
Mary said.
As soon as Mary finished speaking, she saw several female ushers in gowns, holding
tea or drinks as they walked toward the big shots.
Seeing this, she immediately had an idea.
“I got it.”
Mary said.
“What is it?”
The cameraman asked, confused.
“I’ll find a female usher and ask her to take a break. I’ll help her serve the tea and
drinks. That way, I can sneak up on the commander-in-chief.”
Mary said with a smile, her face still full of eager excitement as if satisfied that she
had come up with such a “brilliant idea”.
However, the cameraman’s expression changed dramatically when hearing what she

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