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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1683

Chapter 1683
“What do you think of the gala’s performances today?”
Shania asked suddenly.
“It’s pretty good.”
Sean nodded.
“All that matters is that you enjoy it, Mr. Lennon.”
Shania said with a smile.
Just then, Zander suddenly said, “Commander, look over there.’
Sean looked in the direction Zander told him to look and saw a female usher in a red
gown coming this way with tea and drinks in her hand.
Of course, a female usher was nothing to worry about.
However, the problem was that the female usher was the beautiful reporter, Mary, who
had been clamoring for an interview with him!
Besides, Mary put the microphone on the tray she was holding without any
concealment, which indicated her identity even more.
“This darn woman…”
Sean could not help frowning.
“What happened?”
Shania looked in confusion toward where Sean was looking, but she did not find
anything wrong with the female usher after looking for a while.
“She’s the female reporter who wanted to interview me earlier. I just don’t know why
she’s dressed as a female usher.”
Sean said immediately without holding anything back.
Mary was only 20 meters away from Sean and the rest’s table.
Anger immediately appeared on Quentin’s face after hearing Sean’s words, and he
said, “That woman has a lot of nerve… Uriah, kick her out.’
Uriah nodded and was about to go over to stop her.
Just then, Mary dressed as a female usher suddenly bumped into another female
The clumsy Mary instantly fell on the floor. The tea and drinks spilled all over her,
making a mess out of her.
“What’s the matter with you? Don’t you look where you’re going when you walk? You…
Huh? Are you a man?”
Mary’s shouting made Sean and Zander’s expressions change.
‘A man?’
The female usher who bumped into Mary turned out to be a man!
“Why is a grown man like you wearing women’s clothes? What’s wrong with you?’
Mary rubbed her bottom as she yelled.
The man dressed as a female usher looked furious as he removed his wig and kicked
“F*ck you. You’ve ruined my plans!
As soon as the man said this, he dropped the tray in his hand, pulled out a dagger
from behind his waist, and rushed toward Sean and the others.
The acrobats on stage were the first to notice before letting out a scream.
The scene under the stage was instantly chaotic as the crowd ran in all directions.
Many people even fell onto the ground.
The security guards in the distance wanted to stop them but could not make it in time.
“Protect them.”
Sean ordered.
Zander nodded before standing in front of Quentin and Shania.
The male assassin ran toward Sean with a dagger in his hand.
Finally, security guards arrived and hurriedly pulled out their self-defense sticks as
they blocked the male assassin’s way.
However, the security guards were instantly knocked to the ground by the male

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