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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1684

Chapter 1684
The assassin was good-probably better than the female assassin before him.
The few security guards present were no match for him. He defeated them one by
one. They fell to the ground, and they had difficulty getting up.
The male assassin rushed at Sean-as fast as lightning.
The beautiful reporter Mary was terrified and on the verge of tears as she looked at
the male assassin’s savagery.
The male assassin was now in front of Sean.
Sean suddenly raised his left hand and struck into the air as if anticipating the
assassin’s attack.
However, the male assassin made a ghostly sideslip that eluded Sean’s attack.
His prediction failed!
Uriah’s expression instantly changed as he watched.
He was just asking what if the assassin was in level four and predicted what Sean
predicted he would predict Sean to predict.
His fears had come true so quickly!
The male assassin was close at hand as he smiled sinisterly as if saying,” You’re
Just then, Sean’s left hand that had missed earlier swung sideways, and landed a
blow on the male assassin’s side temple!
It was a blow that even describing it as fast as lightning was insufficient! Sean was
moving so fast that the human eye could not capture it. Even a high-speed camera
might not be able to capture the entire picture.
There was a loud bang, and Sean instantly sent the male assassin flying, smashing
several tables as he flew.
The shock on Uriah’s face grew worse when he saw this!
The female reporter, Mary, looked dumbfounded.
The male assassin, who so many security guards could not even stop, was sent flying
by Sean with just one punch.
How was that possible?
Mary was cursing loudly at the back earlier, saying Sean was an idiot who got the
commander-in-chief job through the back door.
However, Sean’s strength shocked her!
No wonder he was the commander-in-chief of Dorodo’s city defense army!
He was so strong!
The chaos was quickly contained as the male assassin was arrested by personal
guards who arrived shortly after.
Sean turned around to look at Uriah and said with a smile, “Do you get it now? Any
prediction or any strategy is useless in front of absolute strength.
” 1
Uriah nodded heavily at Sean’s words.
Indeed, with Sean’s speed and strength, there was no way that the male assassin
could predict.
Even if he knew he was going to get hit with one punch, there was no way to dodge it,
let alone block it!
He was crushed with pure strength!
The beautiful reporter, Mary, quickly got up from the floor. She swallowed her pain and
came to Sean with her microphone in her hand.
“Commander… Commander Lennon… Can I interview you…”
Sean could not help finding the beautiful reporter’s messy appearance funny.
This woman was too persistent.
“Mayor Quentin’s right here. Interview Mayor Lewis. I’m only invited here to see the
performances. It’s inappropriate for me to accept an interview.
Besides, he has more to say than I do in this situation.’
Sean said and moved out of the way.
The beautiful reporter, Mary, hesitated for a moment before finally walking over to
She knew if she haggled over every ounce and insisted on an interview with Sean,
she would be kicked out.

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