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The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1685

Chapter 1685
It was late at night.
The gala was over.
The male assassin had also been arrested. However, it was unknown whether he died
of poison like the female assassin or was being interrogated by the sheriff’s
The top floor of an apartment in an upscale neighborhood near downtown.
There was a sudden banging on the door.
Wesley frowned before walking to the door and opening it.
No sooner had the door opened than several figures appeared outside.
One was Alfie, Dorodo’s biggest weapons dealer, and the other was Alfie’s son,
Lorenzo. Then it was a middle-aged man with a wrinkled face and crooked mouth and
The middle-aged man’s face was full of hostility, and the look in his eyes was even
Wesley’s expression instantly changed when he saw them.
“What are you doing here? Didn’t we agree to only contact each other by phone and
not meet directly?”
However, Alfie had already strode into the room, followed by his son and the middleaged man.
“My two companions who came with me have been captured and are probably dead.
We need to discuss what to do next.”
The middle-aged man continued saying.
Hearing this, Wesley’s expression looked even worse.
“Do you mean burning their food supplies?”
“Of course.”
The middle-aged man gave a hard nod.
Then he added, “Although my two companions were captured and even killed, they
succeeded in creating chaos and distracting the city’s defense army’s commander-inchief and Mayor Quentin. Next, we’re going to burn their food supplies and create
chaos so that Black Gold Flower Mercenary Regiment can seize the opportunity to
attack Dorodo!”
Hearing this, Wesley’s expression instantly became complicated.
Due to his son George’s death, Wesley was filled with hatred for Dorodo, especially
the city defense army and their commander-in-chief, Sean!
Since leaving the city defense army, Wesley had planned for revenge.
Now, it seemed the time for revenge had come!
“Think of your son. Don’t you want to avenge him? Wesley, do you think you have a
way out?”
The middle-aged man snapped.
Wesley hesitated for a moment before making up his mind and saying,” Yes, I’m
willing to cooperate!”
“Okay, tell us where the city defense army stores their food supplies. It would be
better if you could make us a map. That way, it will be easier for us to attack.”
The middle-aged man laughed sinisterly.
Alfie nearby said, “If this succeeds, Dorodo will belong to Black Gold Flower. You and
I will be Black Gold Flower’s top officials! Wesley, this is better than being a chiliarch!”
Alfie laughed after saying, as did his son, Lorenzo.
Just then, there was a sudden knocking on the door.
“Are you expecting someone else?”
Alfie and Lorenzo’s expressions changed dramatically. Though the middle- aged man
seemed composed, you could tell he was nervous from his clenched hands.
“I’m not expecting anyone. How would I know who it is…”
Wesley quickly explained. He did not want these people to misunderstand him.
Otherwise, the middle-aged man would have killed himself before his plot was
After all, he was the strongest assassin. At least he was famous in Crosac and was
the strongest man in Black Gold Flower Mercenary Regiment!

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