The Kiss That Sparked it All Chapter 2906

The Kiss That Sparked it All Chapter 2906

Chapter 2906 

“What’s the matter? You don’t like the design? If you’re not into it, I’ll have the designer start over. There’s no problem.” 

Regina hurriedly shook her head, “It’s not that I don’t like it. This place is amazing. I adore every little detail. I really do, but…” 

“But what?” Nolan asked, his anxiety creeping in. He’d gone above and beyond, all to make sure Regina would be blown away the moment she stepped in, hoping she’d find living here incredibly comfortable. 

“It’s just that… South Hill Community is not mine.” 

Through Regina’s eyes, Nolan could see a glimmer of loss. 

Despite her feigned stubbornness, she still uttered those words, leaving Nolan puzzled about her reasoning. 

“We’re married; this is our home together. Why would you say it’s not yours?” 

“It might not be mine, but it’s definitely yours, Nolan. I know you married me under duress, and I’m willing to divorce once the dust settles. So, you really don’t have to put on a show for my dad. South Hill Community will eventually welcome its true mistress.” 

Nolan’s expression darkened instantly, and even the smile Regina forced seemed entirely 


She was holding back her pain as she spoke those words. If it were up to her, why wouldn’t she wish to be the true mistress of South Hill Community? 

“Are you joking?” 

Nolan reverted to his impassive demeanor, which, oddly, gave Regina some relief. Sh should be used to this version of Nolan, shouldn’t she? 

The one who smiled, the one that held her hand… those were someone else’s husban 

not hers. 

If she got used to his warmth now, how would she manage when they part ways later? She’d always miss him. 

He was such a good man; she shouldn’t claim his life just because of her overbearing 


Thinking this, Regina realized if she truly loved him, she needed to consider his future. Only if he’s happy could she find true happiness. 

“I never expected you to be so thoughtful, even planning for my future wife.” 

Nolan crossed his arms, looking down at Regina with a mix of scrutiny and something 



Chapter 2906 


Regina managed a bitter smile, not daring to meet Nolan’s gaze. She could feel his eyes on her. 

But what could she offer him? 

With a family like hers, she’d only be a burden. 

Regina dreaded thinking about what her father might demand from Nolan in the future, 

not to mention Imogen’s unborn child and Madeline’s unyielding schemes against Nolan. Just the thought made her head spin with troubles. 

Her presence would only drag Nolan into endless family squabbles, something she desperately wanted to avoid. If her being around brought nothing but trouble, how was he supposed to cope? 

“Do you really think that way? If you’re truly considering my welfare, then tell me, what kind of woman do you think would suit me?” 

Nolan watched as Regina took a deep breath, then, trying to muster some semblance of cheer, she looked up and managed a weak smile, “Well, someone who matches your social standing, for starters. Someone who can support you in your endeavors. Most importantly, someone with a simple family background, ideally a girl who’s grown up surrounded by love.” 



The Kiss That Sparked it All

The Kiss That Sparked it All

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/07/2023 Native Language: English
"The Kiss That Sparked it All" What’s better than a classic romance novel? How about a romance novel set in outer space? With the same tropes that you might recognize from contemporary romances, and set in a world that’s nothing like our own, romance takes everyone’s favorite genre to a whole new level.

The Kiss That Sparked it All Series In Order

Summary Ellinor was desperate to escape her trashy blind date, so she impulsively kissed a handsome stranger. To her surprise, the man proposed to her on the spot! Ellinor scoffed, "You want to marry me after just one kiss? What if I kissed you again?" The man, Theo, smirked and challenged her, "Try it and see what happens." Ellinor seized the opportunity and demanded that he close his eyes. But instead of kissing him, she ran away. Little did she know that Theo was not easily deterred. Soon, he found her and began to shower her with affection day and night. Ellinor tried to flee from his grasp, but he chased her relentlessly. It seemed that she couldn't escape from his love, no matter how hard she tried.  The Kiss That Sparked it All  

About the Novel

  • Title: The Kiss That Sparked it All
  • Author:   (Ellinor )
  • Publisher: Noveljar
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: Romance
Name of the Novel: 1 The Kiss That Sparked it All
website : 2
Genres: : 3 Billionaire, Hot Romance, Romantic, Marriage, and Billionaire, Hot Romance
Chapters: 4 From 1 to Latest
Status So Far: 5 Ongoing
Updare Time : 6 morning
Rating: 7 9.7 Stars Out of 10
Language : English
  • FAQs: 

    Is The Kiss That Sparked it All a pen name?

    Yes, The Kiss That Sparked it All  is a pen name, although the author hasn’t publicly released her actual name.

    What order should I read The Kiss That Sparked it All ?

    The best order to read The Kiss That Sparked it All impressive bibliography is listed above, although readers hoping to start somewhere else can do so without any problem. As long as you read each series in its set order, you should be fine!

    How many IceAbracei Henriques books are there?

    There are twenty-two books in the series, as well as a few related novellas.

    What are the The Kiss That Sparked it All ?

    The Ice Planet Barbarians series is intended for mature audiences, as it deals with difficult subjects such as abduction, sx trafficking, murder, rape, and death.

    Will there be more The Kiss That Sparked it All ? 

      ( Ellinor ) ) has not officially announced a book as the series “finale”, which means that most likely there are more on the way. However, nothing is yet official.


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