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The Mans Decree Chapter 857

Chapter 857 Backing Him Up

After all, the fact that even a gangster in a small city like Tommy was one of the Dragon Sect’s regiments made it seem that the capabilities of the Dragon Sect were nothing special.

Although Phoenix was a Grandmaster later and was quite powerful, Jared still didn’t pay it much mind since Grandmasters abounded like fleas in the entire martial arts world.

Nonetheless, all that lasted until yesterday when Draco revealed the truth, and he learned of his own identity besides the fact that the ring was given by his father to his mother as a token of love. Furthermore, even a peerless martial arts expert like Leviathan was also part of the Dragon Sect—that shocked him greatly.

Right then, he really wanted to know who exactly his father was and how the man created the Dragon Sect. In addition, the reason the capabilities of the various regiments of the Dragon Sect differed so much.

Alas, seemingly no one could answer those questions he had, and he could only rely on himself to investigate and explore.

Anyhow, he had something to look forward to then, anticipating learning about the capabilities of the next regiment.

If there are a few more regiments with the same capabilities as Shadow Estate, perhaps I can wipe out the Deragons by using the Dragon Sect’s power and save my mother.

While he was absorbed in his thoughts, there was a shout from outside suddenly.

“Who is so bold to trespass on Dragon Island?”

When the two of them heard the bellow from outside, they both reckoned that it was the Deragons.

“My Lord, it’s probably the Deragons. I’ll go out and have a look,” Leviathan said to Jared following the commotion.

“I’ll go with you. Keep my identity a secret,” Jared ordered.

Leviathan nodded in acknowledgment before going out with him.

At that moment, a titanic cruise ship was idling a stone’s throw away in front of them. Godrick stood proudly on the deck of the cruise ship with several members of the Deragon family behind him. At the sight of the initial icy and biting snow on Dragon Island gone, only to be replaced by a blanket of brown soil and rocks, he frowned deeply.

It’s clear as day that this change on Dragon Island transpired because someone took the draconic essence away. Although it’s only a legend, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. The thing I’ve got to do right now is to figure out a way to seize the person in possession of the draconic essence. Of course, it’s best if everyone who came to the island perishes.

“Mr. Deragon, I’m Leviathan Zare from Shadow Estate. I have no intention of trespassing on Dragon Island. It’s just that my son sailed here to play, so I came to retrieve him,” Leviathan stated, his eyes trained on Godrick, who was standing tall and proud.

The moment Leviathan walked out, Godrick discerned his capabilities. Right then, he was secretly wondering whether the man was the one who took the draconic essence on the island. If that were the case, he wouldn’t be able to capture the man with his current capabilities.

“Ah, it’s you, Mr. Zare. You should have informed the Deragon family when you came in search of your son. After all, if anyone with capabilities such as yours is allowed to land on the island as he pleased, Dragon Island will become a barren island soon,” Godrick drawled, neither servile nor overbearing.

He had the Deragon family backing him up, so he wasn’t really panicked despite facing such a formidable expert as Leviathan.

“Noted, Mr. Deragon. I’ll definitely inform you when I visit Dragon Island the next time. It’s late, so I’ve got to rush back. We’ll talk another day.”

After saying that, Leviathan waved a hand at his subordinates. The yacht promptly whirring to life and sailed into the distance right before Godrick’s eyes.

Godrick’s expression darkened frightfully as he watched the man leave. However, he didn’t make a move to stop him, for he knew that he wouldn’t be able to do so with his capabilities.

Regretfully, he didn’t pay Jared, who was standing beside Leviathan, any mind. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined that Jared was the one who obtained the draconic essence, much less the person the Deragons were hunting.

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